HAVELOCK — Officers with the Havelock Police Department have arrested a suspect in connection to the overdose death of a Carteret County man that occurred in April.

Police arrested Lyndsey Annette Haynes, 35, of Havelock, Tuesday following a warrant obtained by the Carteret County Sheriff’s Office, according to a release sent later that afternoon. Detectives say she was taken into custody Tuesday morning while visiting her probation officer in Havelock.

Ms. Haynes is accused of selling the heroin and fentanyl to Russell Lee Write, 38, of Newport, who died at his home April 23 following a drug overdose, the release states.

Officials charged Ms. Haynes with one count of death by distribution. She is being held in the Craven County jail under a $100,000 bond.

Her first court appearance was scheduled for Tuesday in Carteret County.

“Drug dealers better take notice. In cases where we can establish who provided the drugs to victims who die from drug overdose we will be filing criminal charges against them and holding them accountable for these deaths,” Sheriff Asa Buck said in the release. “These deaths are tragic and completely unnecessary and the dealers need to be held responsible and sentenced to prison.”

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Thank goodness,hope she has the rest of her lifetime behind bars to think of harming a Wonderful friend of Many🏖..

David Collins

He did it to himself by choice . Friend or not it was his decision . If there was not a market for this stuff there would be no dealers . Pure economics !


I’m sorry for your loss but I’m pretty sure the deceased harmed their self.


I have to agree on the personal responsibility point. Did Sherri buck ask for a warrant for members of the Sackler family who likely can be traced as the original authors of the addiction? Do they arrest the ABC employee who sold a half gal of vodka to someone at 9 am and they died at 11 in a wreck. The whole war on drugs is a dismal failure, sadly too many politicos are vested in it.

Addiction is a medical problem, medical problems are best addressed by dr., not deputies.

David Collins

Ridiculous ! Pretty sure you know where the heroin and fentanyl originated . OK with Joe and he proves that every day .


Lord, have mercy.

heroin does not come from China. Joe is not ok with addiction.

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It's legal to sell Vodka, but no so much Heroin.


Perhaps you are unaware of the opioid crises in this country, it's recent origins, who profited and walked away free of criminal charges. Perhaps you don't know that the Dea clamped down on total production. A cpl yrs age fueling an explosion in heroin and synthetic use to fill that gap.

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A big talking point recently is “personal responsibility”. It was his choice to put those drugs in his body. He knew the consequences of what he was doing.

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