Murphy opposes impeachment, use of 25th Amendment against Trump


WASHINGTON, D.C. — U.S. Rep. Greg Murphy said Friday he will oppose any Congressional action seeking to remove President Donald Trump from power.

In a statement from his office, the second-term congressman, who represents Carteret County, said calls to exercise the 25th Amendment or forward impeachment proceedings are “unnecessary.”

“Thankfully, President Trump has committed to a peaceful transition of power. He spoke to the nation last night asking for peace and unity and support of the new administration,” Rep. Murphy’s statement read, in part. “Speaker (Nancy) Pelosi’s intention to prematurely remove him from office is an unnecessary and partisan act which will only further divide our nation. I will oppose any such efforts to remove the president prior to the inauguration on January 20th.”

Rep. Murphy was among a group of pro-Trump objectors who announced plans early this week to oppose the Electoral College win of President-elect Joe Biden.

After a pro-Trump mob laid siege to the U.S. Capitol Wednesday, wreaking havoc and forcing members of Congress into lockdown, Rep. Murphy said he was “ashamed” of the behavior.  

Five people have died as a result of the assault on the Capitol – one rioter shot by Capitol Police, one police officer and three others who reportedly died from medical emergencies. In addition, several explosive devices were found by security forces.

In Friday’s statement, Rep. Murphy called the activity an “utter embarrassment.”

“Those who participated in the riot should be held responsible and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,” he said.

In addition to Democrats, including House Speaker Pelosi readying a possible impeachment path Friday, several members of Congress have called for House and Senate Republicans involved in the objections to be held accountable.


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Big Fat Drunk Republican

Weed good for Dr Murphy, He wants to make sure he’s safe from Trumps terror group.

Why give Murphy a platform. At this point, unless he’s talking about actual policy, facts and things that have to do with actually running our country.

There is really nothing to report on Murphy.

Thank you you Gregg Murphy got embarrassing North Carolina. Job well done.

Maybe Murphy will get lucky enough to get invited to okay golf with Trump sometime.


Open primaries. vote for a none-of-the-above option. tax political contributions 75% or what ever it takes to stop this spoils system.pick a number. Why should we unwashed masses subsidize this mess.

mhc vet

enjoy your term Dr. Murphy. I don’t think you will have a second


Perhaps elect Twitter. They got one right.

morehood city res

of course he would, he probably loves the guy, and how do you say it? thinks he is special


Of course he does, Murphy is 100% straight party. Check his record.

David Collins

I agree with Dr. Murphy , what on earth is the point of doing that ? Perhaps it is the desire for one last turn of the screw to remind all that supported Mr. Trump during the last five years of relentless persecution and mindless obstructionism . To remind one and all that only certain selected political insiders will be allowed to even aspire to become president and those that fall outside of that realm will be punished till they perish . In a matter of hours the great orange satin will be relegated to the dustbins of history and all signs of his being there will be erased . But then there is one other issue remaining and that is what to do with all those pesky supporters left behind ? Hummmmmmm........

The final paragraph may well give insight to what is a coming down the pike . Holding members of Congress “ accountable “ for objecting ! Accountable for doing their jobs and speaking their minds in what is supposed to be the country of FREE SPEACH . Think about that folks , should scare the bejesus out of you . Should .


Debating policy and beliefs, and discussion and disagreement between policy and beliefs are quite ok and should be encouraged. What is sad is when we can’t agree on or accept facts and truths.


Trump, his son, Guilliani, and others should be held accountable for their incitement of their rally/mob attack on our Capitol. If not impeachment or the 25th, then thru the courts. I don’t believe Trump and the radical white mob of thugs he enabled are true Republicans, and they do not represent real Republican values. Murphy and other Republicans would gain a lot more clout by denouncing the source - Trump, instead of waiting until Jan 20th for him to go away.


Define "white thug". The mob was only a display of political power - a common tactic used by the Democrat Party.


What are the Communists going to do with people like Maxine & other D's like her encouraging harrassment and one could make the case for violence? That's right she's only a member of Marxists in congress whose free speech is protected & if you are not of a like mind you are not entitled to free speech right? Suspect Dr. Murphy will continue to practice medicine as well as be our representative until eastern NC turns Communist like the big cities where people like Maxine wallow in communism and other filfth.

Big Fat Drunk Republican

... Got keep that scary talk up.

They are coming for your guns

They are coming for you property

They are coming for your religion

Gonna raise your taxes




It’s gonna be one of those ism’s, but it’s scary and it’s not democracy, I mean, I mean republic boy! Don’t want to scare the white supremacy groups with terms like democracy, I say, I say racism boy!

Never mind that orange man behind the curtain!

It’s Antifa, yeah, yeah that’s it! I say Antifa!

What Anteefa (from the looks of the crowd) didn’t do BLM did. Yep, BLM spray painted themselves white, put on a bunch of Trump gear, grabbed some Trump flags and headed to Capitol building.

Everything was peaches and cream until those Anteefa/Spray painted BLM people showed up.

I’m gonna go order a pizza now, is Dr Murphy okay with pizza eaters or is all pizza now part of some conspiracy to sell kids and usher in an ism?

(Edited by staff.)


It shouldn't be lost on anyone that Greg Murphy received the highest percentage of Republican votes in the 2020 election at 73.19% beating (by percentage and not office) the ideological and impeached game show host at 70.33 percent. Murphy was only surpassed by the position of Agriculture Commissioner (Steve Troxler-R) at 73.87%. Feigning surprise that you elected yet another right wing kook is laughable.


You nailed it. Mr Murphy will obey If only we could choose "none of the above." Or better yet open primaries.

David Collins

In these days of censorship and half told story’s just how does one flesh out any real truth ? All we seem to see and hear are snippets of heavily edited videos and sound bites followed by endless talking heads spewing forth obviously biased analysis and opinions . They All do it now and will get no better over the next 4 years . Already cracks forming and infighting amongst the next administration .


Murphy is a medical Dr so likely not lacking in both education and critical thinking skills, has agreed by his actions and told his constituents that the election was rigged, a bald faced lie which has not been supported in the courts, now registers surprise when as a consequence of lying to people they invade the capitol, desecrate it, threaten to hand the VP, kill a cop, and try to overthrow the people’s house. Note that not even the confederacy was able to overtake the capital. Now Murphy is embarrassed. Go all in Greg! Stand by your vote to recall the election! Let people know what a craven politician you are so you can Ben remembered at the next election. A true embarrassment to NC who helped foment and enable a invasion of the capital. What exactly did you think would happen?


What if we had standing in the court system? Certain elections were rigged AND credibility IN THE PROCESS was lost Evidence is there. but the justice system is broken - badly broken. A simple audit would have put all this to bed. ALL OF IT.


I think I remember Maxine Waters, .. Harris and quite a few other Dems telling their protestors to fight! Don’t stop fighting! Oh wait I’m sorry that has been forgotten!

I can’t wait to here these Demos crying in 2021.

(Edited by staff.)

David Collins

Actually did see some humor , gallows humor , but humor just the same watching these stuffed shirts and corsets donning their plastic bubble hats fleeing what they were assured was impenetrable , or so they were told . The Barbarians were not only at the gates but they were HERE . NOW ! So off they scurried to yet one more SECURE SAFE location . Suspect that some are already having their writers crafting a book or two , to be sold for fame and profit and perhaps some speaking engagements that will put even more jingle in their pockets . Never let a crisis be wasted !

Now we have an unscalable fence surrounding the complex . If it is so unscalable , then how do folks manage to breach it ?


I saw an actual gallows at the capitol, and did not see the humor.


You can always count on a Democrat to lie to the point that any chance of common ground is destroyed.

Who did the Dems call first when protesters hit DC? You guessed it, the Cops.

The Democrat Party’s talking point on the issue that if the folks who rioted in DC had been black, the police would never have allowed it to happen. Ridiculous Statement! But yet, the lie was repeated by Biden and Harris.

There isn’t a Republican who didn’t condemn what happened Wednesday. There isn’t a Democrat who has condemned the months of riots from BLM. One side is consistent, and the other is a bunch of hypocrites.

Bottom feeding Democrats, willing to label a murdered police officer as racist, really are the worst people ever.


You might want to find a different news source, you dident see 3 martini " judge " Jeanie latest? Talk about bottom feeders. Sheesh!


Bottom line there was pretty much total security failure. The hoodlums will be prosecuted. Security and Intel failures and hoodlums disguised as professional govt authorities going back at least 5 years also need prosecution.

David Collins

Did anyone happen to see Leslie Stahl ‘s interview with Nancy Pelosi yesterday ? And They call Donald Trump obstructive , unhinged and dangerous ? !

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