Marcel W. Lesesne, 35, and Sara L. Grant, 38, both of Newport, were taken into custody by narcotics detectives with the Morehead City Police Department. They were arrested on Bay Street, which is a block from the police station.

MOREHEAD CITY — Marcel W. Lesesne, 35, and Sara L. Grant, 38, both of Newport, were taken into custody by narcotics detectives with the Morehead City Police Department. They were arrested on Bay Street, which is a block from the police station.

An investigation was opened that led to the discovery of 118 grams of meth, which was seized, along with money and a vehicle.

According to police, they seized 118 grams of methamphetamine, a car and money during the arrest.

Police say that the two both were charged with trafficking methamphetamine by sale, trafficking methamphetamine by delivery, two counts each of trafficking methamphetamine by possession, two counts each of trafficking methamphetamine by manufacturing, two counts each of trafficking methamphetamine by transporting, conspiring to traffic methamphetamine, and maintaining a vehicle for the sale and storage of a controlled substance.

Lesesne and Grant are in the Carteret County Jail being held with a $500,000 secured bond.

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Arrested one block from Police Department. You can't fix stupid.


Hope they have a good time in bft hilton


I can't believe how many people would risk everything they own, and their freedom, to sell this garbage. Quit now!


It has been said “we are a product of our environment”. So sad, because selfish adults are responsible for creating that negative environment for those innocent young minds. Always praying a relative, a neighbor, a friend or a teacher creates a positive environment to where these young people know they have choices and will walk tall, smile and know,”No, you are not judged, nor do you have to be a product of any negative action or environment created by others. Drugs have never, are not now and never will be a positive influence on the life of anyone.


I'm afraid it's not as black and white as most people think. Some Drugs are good, some drugs are awful, and some drugs can be both depending on the person taking them.

We need to quit grouping all drugs into one evil category.

"There is some evidence in animal studies to show that psilocybin, the psychedelic compound found in “magic mushrooms,” may act by stimulating nerve cell regrowth in parts of the brain responsible for emotion and memory. A 2013 study from the University of South Florida. Opens in a new tab found that psilocybin stimulates neurogenesis—the growth and repair of brain cells in the hippocampus, which is the brain’s center for emotion and memory. In the study, mice that were given psilocybin overcame fear conditioning far better than mice that were given a placebo. The study supported the hypothesis that psilocybin can help break the traumatic cycle that occurs in patients with PTSD." - Just a snippet pulled from

We have to be careful to not let emotions affect our ability to reason. This can be hard with the topic of drugs. We all have had friends and family who've fallen victim to addiction. So I understand where some knee jerk reactions may come from.


Why do ppl take illegal drugs? Why do ppl drink alcohol? binge on sugar? Have you noticed that a large drink from fast food is 32 or 40 oz? What do folks think happens to that massive load of sugar. A different approach rather then prohibition is overdue. We are not stopping anything, the scale of the problem is hidden, The costs of prohibition are well known. Petty crime, incarceration, the prison industrial complex.. Why then do we continue in a failed policy?

Who profits?


Well drewsii, politicians and attorneys, judges, bail bondsman all profit and have done very well for themselves doing so. Until the system is fixed there won't any other changes. It starts high up and trickles down then floods. If you're in the food zone you're out of luck in this and any other trickle down system. The top don't want an answer other then what they've given us.


I'd have to agree with drewski on the drug issue. No way people are going to stop using drugs or anything that is a pleasure at the start. Once addicted the dealer owns you and your future. So far in my 72 years making drugs and putting people in jail does nothing but make it worse for the person. Nobody wins. We don't teach the real truth to young people about drugs or sex. Somehow we have to let people buy the drugs without going to a drug dealer. Some places let people smoke pot. Okay. Let them grow their own pot for their own use. Just an example. What we do now doesn't work. Bankrupting families paying for rehab doesn't work most of the time either. My family is not exempt from losing family from drugs. Nothing worked for us.

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