MOREHEAD CITY — A local woman owes the federal government and the state of North Carolina nearly $35 million due to medical fraud.

The civil case involved the U.S. and the state against A Perfect Fit For You Inc., a now-closed specialty bra and medical supply store that was located in the Plaza Shopping Center in Morehead City.

Margaret Gibson, former owner of the store, and Shelley Bandy, a sales representative, are also listed as defendants on court documents.

The case was decided in U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of North Carolina Nov. 15 by Judge James Dever in Raleigh. Judge Dever said in the default judgement Ms. Bandy owes $34,708,954.42, “because she knowingly caused false statements, caused false claims, and engaged in a fraudulent scheme to obtain federal funds.”

According to the Nov. 14 decision, Ms. Bandy “failed to appear in court, plead, or otherwise defend this action.” Court documents do not list any legal representation for Ms. Bandy.

Ms. Bandy, who lives in Morehead City, declined to comment.

The court found Ms. Bandy violated the False Claims Act by submitting hundreds of false claims to Medicaid and Medicare. The court document states she was the store’s primary salesperson, medical equipment fitter and Medicaid biller, and had “acted with actual knowledge, reckless disregard, or deliberate ignorance of the falsity of APF4Y’s (A Perfect Fit For You) Medicaid claims submissions for products APF4Y never provided to its Medicaid patients.”

The court document goes on to state multiple people interviewed all said Ms. Bandy was the individual responsible for submitting claims to Medicaid, and investigators found evidence, such as emails, to support the claims.

Investigators found Ms. Bandy had submitted claims for items never received by the listed Medicaid beneficiary, among other fraudulent acts. Ms. Bandy also admitted she had submitted claims listing billing codes she was unfamiliar with.

The court said between about March 5, 2015, and June 11, 2016, Medicaid paid A Perfect Fit For You $10,082,815.14 for 811 false claims comprised of 1,779 claim lines identified as part of the fraud scheme.

Because she violated the False Claims Act, Ms. Bandy is responsible for damages and penalties totaling nearly $35 million.  

Don Connelly with the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of North Carolina said the plaintiff can’t comment at this time because the case is still ongoing.

According to court documents, the U.S. and the state of North Carolina filed the civil complaint against A Perfect Fit For You, Ms. Bandy and Ms. Gibson Dec. 13, 2017, but the store’s legal troubles began before then.

The News-Times previously reported Ms. Bandy filed a lawsuit in May 2016 against Ms. Gibson, alleging the bra store owner hadn’t given her half of the business’ shares and had shredded pertinent business documents. Ms. Gibson denied the allegation and others, including that she had submitted false Medicaid claims.

The state intervened in the case Feb. 15, 2017, and North Carolina’s Medicaid program intervened about a month later. At the time, the local bra store was accused of defrauding the state of around $12 million.

The state said in its February 2017 filing, “APF4U (A Perfect Fit For You) has received more than $12 million in payments from the North Carolina Medicaid Program for services and products it allegedly provided from October 2014 to present day.”

Another document from  early 2017 reads, “An audit commissioned by the receiver found the APF4U does not have the necessary documents to support its claims to the Medicaid Program.”

Although Ms. Gibson was originally named as a co-defendant in the civil case, the plaintiff’s investigators later determined Ms. Bandy acted alone. The court does not say Ms. Gibson is liable for any of the damages.

Ms. Gibson’s attorneys with New Bern-based Ward and Smith PA declined to comment on the matter except to say, “…the recent judgment in favor of the Government was against Shelley Bandy only, not against Margaret Gibson.”

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Core Sounder

Perhaps I read the article wrong but appears to me that an individual that has ripped off tax payers over the years for millions of dollars is still walking around free but folks that got caught with a few ounces of illegal drugs are still behind bars.


Maybe the MORE you steal makes the difference? Only reason I can see? Guess that would be a "high crime"?

Core Sounder

wonder why criminals like this do not spend time in prison while those in this area that get caught with some illegal weed on them often do go to prison. Just thinking since we already know the answer.

Always A Teacher

I had some business with this store and brought this "double-billing" to my insurance company to the manager's attention back in December, 2015/January 2016. There was no reaction, just "I'll check into it."

Core Sounder

One would think that someone should be spending some time behind steel bars but as we all know justice is not blind especially when one has enough money

David Collins

Doubt that anyone will ever see a dime . Still out and about , it is a nonviolent white collar crime . Happens every day . Bet when the IRS gets involved things just might change a bit .


Does anyone know this women and is she living the life of a millionaire or what??Millions of dollars obtained by fraud and shes out and about.I hope if shes found guilty she will lose EVERYTHING and have to live in a cardboard box if not jailed.

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