Beach commission asks county for bonus for Rudolph


EMERALD ISLE — The Carteret County Beach Commission voted unanimously Monday to ask the county commission and County Manager Tommy Burns to give Carteret County Shore Protection Office manager Greg Rudolph a $5,000 bonus on top of his 2021-22 salary of $113,275.

Mr. Rudolph’s salary is paid entirely with county occupancy tax revenue, as would be his bonus, if it is approved.

The vote came during public session after a closed session during the beach panel’s meeting in the Emerald Isle commissioners’ meeting room and on Zoom.

Mr. Rudolph’s salary in the 2021-22 fiscal year, which began Thursday, is the same as it was in the 2020-21 fiscal year. He didn’t ask for a raise in the shore protection office budget he turned in to county officials.

However, beach commissioners, who advise Mr. Rudolph’s office, thought he deserved something for his performance in guiding beach nourishment and dredging projects worth millions of dollars in the past year, and more than $100 million in just the past three years of his long tenure in the position.

In a letter to Carteret County Chairperson Ed Wheatly and Mr. Burns, beach commission chairman Jim Normile said, “The Shore Protection Office is literally a one man operation that, in the last three years, has successfully managed over $100 million worth of environmentally-sensitive infrastructure projects to protect, preserve, monitor, and maintain the County’s beaches, inlets, and waterways.

“The funding for these projects comes from a variety of Federal, State, and Local government sources, non-government organizations and private individuals, each with their own rules and standards for procurement, project design, permitting, implementation and accounting,” the letter continued.

Mr. Normile added Mr. Rudolph is the only individual in the county with the knowledge, experience, expertise and ability to navigate the complicated environmental and institutional procedures.

 “Rudi has consistently performed at a truly outstanding and exceptional level for an extended period of time, and … his superior performance should be financially rewarded,” Mr. Normile concluded.

Mr. Rudolph said Tuesday he was a “little embarrassed,” but appreciative of the value the commission placed on his work.

Editor's note: This article was updated at 1:13 p.m. Friday, July 2, 2021, to add a clarification about the source of Mr. Rudolph's salary.


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David Collins

Gets paid pretty darn well as it is . A bonus for doing his job ? Welllll , doing one’s job is rather uncommon these days so bring it on . Too bad the job is the waste it is .


They dident mention the 40k in benefits. Tell me again how many of the 13 coastal counties have a shore protection office with a 450k annual budget?


Did the ninja turtle who went through the dredge live? . Duke was to save the brave tortoise but his fate is not known. Did this astronaught tortoise live to lay another egg? We should strike a medal for this tough little marine reptile

Pat McElraft

Well deserved. Not a week goes by that I don’t see the fruits of Rudi’s labor. His grant writing has brought in tens of millions of dollars to the county from the feds and the state. The beach towns up and down the coast have commented that they wish they had a shore protection officer like Rudi. I was involved in the first shore protection/ beach maintenance efforts 20 Yrs ago can see the progress that has been made during those years. Carteret county beaches and Beach Commission are the envy of the state. Thank you Rudi for your tireless efforts to make Carteret County’s beaches the healthy goose that laid the golden eggs. Our tax rate is so low because of the beaches and the businesses that support the tourism economy of Carteret County. A big thank you. Pat McElraft


I agree with you 100%, Pat. And thanks for all you do for us in Carteret County!


One wonders what tax rates are so low as compared with the rest of the state?

Sales tax figures are here

Property tax? Sand tax? All very close outside of urban areas.

Millions spent on sand that gets washed away. Feeding the golden goose of tourism.

Perhaps the millions spent in local funds over the last 20 yrs might have been better spent on diversifying the local economic engine.

The golden tourist goose lays all her eggs in one basket.

115k salary.. is that so locals can get menial jobs serving the seasonal tourist bonanza?

No answer on how many of the 13 beach counties have a shore protection office, but be assured we are the envy of them all. How is that legislation coming to keep the lions share of tax revenue in the beach towns ? Clearly keeping emerald isle taxes low is a priority for SOME reason.

David Collins

All it takes is tons and tons of other people’s money . Grants come from the Great Money Tree in the state of Cashola . Politicians worship that tree .

What a waste , the use of the money that is .

live bottom

... Congrats Rudi. Well deserved!

(Edited by staff.)


Dear Pat. The regulatory actions that have followed these types of 'free money grants', turn out to restrict the ENTIRE COASTAL COMMUNITY of inhabitants. We really wish that you would discourage people who want to come here and 'change' our county! These 'changes' and useless attempts at 'keeping things like utopia' are burdensome and COST the public more then you know. Currently, the 'local cabal' of servants is running a nickle and dime strong-arm operation in several towns known as the 'parking scam', go figure! So, while you were away, (for umteen years), and , on occasion do drop by, We the people would really like to ask that you remember us lowly taxpayers , you know, the ones who actually BUILD INDUSTRY here way back, and who liked a bit more freedom , like say with basic things like PARKING FOR AN HOUR to walk on OUR BEACH! Going forward, well, these 'salaries' you GOVERNMENT servants have deemed as petty are enough to split in half and let 2 family's live comfortably. They continue to exceed the family checkbook economic outlook! DUE TO BUDGETARY CONSTRAINTS we are asking that you servant types take a second job in the county, or off somewhere, because our belts got alot tighter WITH THE RECENT, SHAKEDOWN YOU LET HAPPEN LAST YEAR, AND THAT FACE DIAPER WEARING CREATURE OF A SO CALLED GOVERNOR IN POWER. The one light at the end of the tunnel, is the Lt Gov, who will hopefully replace that IDIOT Cooper. Because , i don't know if you noticed , but, with ALL THE MONEY WE THROW AT SCHOOLS, thinking our kids are at least maybe gonna learn a thing or two, well, you crowd allow REAL RACISTS IN THE MIX!?! Thanks for COSTING US TONS OF MONEY. PS... THE SHOW'S OVER, PLEASE FOLD THE TENT AND DESTROY ANOTHER AREA. [yawn]


Lets recap, county money from all of us pays a portion of the annual millions to pump sand on the beach to bring the tourists, some portion of the shore protections 450k budget also comes from all of us. The tourist tax dollars are then horded by the beach towns, despite all of us paying to bring them here, and suffering their presence ( tried to take your family to our beach lately?)

Meanwhile an attempt to recalculate how that tax money is distributed, is tabled by Mr. Comer who represents the western area of the county. A hue and cry ensues, and our state rep takes the heat off the county commission by saying she will introduce legislation to 'provide a fair formula, phased in over time" Now the commission can say ' well no sense dealing with that the state will decide" ( someday) I don't see any such legislation pending. Meanwhile Mr. Comer gets 65k from the county (again from all of us) for a sidewalk in cape carteret. Somehow I cant imagine the down east residents or the majority of the western towns benefiting from a walking path/ sidewalk in cape carteret. You all might want to go walk on it since you paid for it even though it was shot down as a bond issue / tax increase by the cape carteret residents, It seems they didn't want to pay for it.

Elections are coming be sure to vote for more of the same.

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