Beaufort planners table hearing on special-use permit for gas station on Lennoxville Road

The blue outline on this map marks the proposed site for a Jim Dandy gas station and convenience store on Lennoxville Road in Beaufort. The town planning board tabled a hearing on a special-use permit for the project Monday. (Carteret County graphic)

BEAUFORT — Residents and property owners have more time to prepare statements ahead of a hearing for a proposal for a Jim Dandy gas station and convenience store at 1550 Lennoxville Road in Beaufort.

The town planning board met virtually Monday via Zoom for its regular meeting, with board member Aaron Willis absent. The board was scheduled to hold a public hearing on Jim Dandy Stores’ application for a special-use permit for the lot at 1550 Lennoxville Road. However, the board chose to table the hearing until the next regular meeting, scheduled for Monday, July 19.

Town planning and inspections director Kyle Garner requested the board table the hearing.

“A letter went out with some information that’s not accurate,” Mr. Garner said. “There was also a question as to the amount of information that was properly posted on the (town) website.”

Officials did not specify what the incorrect information was. 

The lot at 1550 Lennoxville Road is currently the site of the Austin Veterinary Animal Hospital. While the lot is zoned light industrial, the surrounding property is residential and transitional.

Planning board Chairperson Ryan Neve asked those attending the meeting to hold any comments for the public hearing in July, but three individuals spoke on the matter during the public comment period Monday.

Resident Logan Louis said he’d recently driven by the lot to reexamine the location.

“This is not the correct location for a gas station,” he said. “This is clearly a residential neighborhood, a gas station wouldn’t be appropriate.”

Resident Laurie Cunningham also said she doesn’t think a convenience store would be appropriate for the lot in question.

Meanwhile, Jim Dandy Stores representative Sam Barnes said the company asks officials and the public “please don’t make any blanket judgments on the concept being presented or envisioned.”

“All I’d ask is for the applicant to be able to present his whole idea, his whole vision and commitment to the neighborhood, as well as go over the details and get that input at the appropriate time,” Mr. Barnes said.  


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There was a gas station there for over 40 years. Millions of people used it over its life, even though it changed hands several times. I do not recall anything negative happening there, so, no idea why anyone would not want this.


This site was originally a gas station. I believe it was open for over 25 years. This town only has one gas station and a second one is greatly needed. Many people probably get gas in Morehead because the one gas station is on the other end of town. With the boathouse, 34 degrees North, and the boat ramp all on Lennoxville, it would make sense to have a gas station on Lennoxville Road.


I believe that it was Mr. Logan that said he drove by and stated that this was clearly a residential area. Well, I understand that this location is residential, but I also lived in the house on Briar Patch, directly across Lennoxville, with older siblings. They would walk across the street to the gas station all the time. We eventually moved down the road past the old shad factory (currently boathouse marina). My family has lived on Lennoxville since before my mother was born. I remember riding my bike up to the Tee Pee (name when it was a gas station). It remained the Tee Pee until I was around 22 years old. Paid for many Gallons of gas and many other things from Mr. Roy at that location. So, the point is I’m now 38 years old, and that location was a gas station for over half my life, and it was there before I was born in ‘83. It would be beneficial for the residents, the tourist who have boats at the boathouse, and others who use the boat ramp to be turned back into a gas station. The argument of, “it’s clearly residentially” is pointless because it was originally a gas station:


I sure am glad to know that most of the people that were interviewed or commented for this article are actual local residents..... of lengthy tenure anyways. FYI..... 10 years ago there used to be a gas station in that exact same spot. Had some of the best coffee in town. And if any of you have lived in Beaufort for any real length of time you would know that.

On top of all that.... there is only 1 gas station left in Beaufort now. 10 years ago there used to be 5 of them. Heaven forbid you would appreciate some diversity, some competition, some convenience, and some common sense in your world. Look at the recent fuel shortage..... wouldn't have run out quite as fast had there been more in tanks in the town. Start thinking about generator season..... aka hurricane season.

You people are all the same. You are all of the N.I.M.B.Y. class of life style...... Not In My BackYard. Take your affluent lifestyle attitude somewhere else and quit telling others how we need to live ours.


This property was a convenience store years ago before it was Austin veterinary. Anybody who's been around town for a few years knows that. While I agree Beaufort NEEDS more than 1 gas station, I can't see this as a viable location. Years ago there several in town, but all but 1 survived for different reasons. And to clarify, I don't really have a dog in this, because I don't live in town and haven't in several years.


It’s the most viable location in Beaufort! Really cannot understand the issue here, there had historically been a gas station/store at this location…..


So it’s 6:00 on Thursday and the only gas station in Beaufort has no gas. Seriously. There are people against establishing a new gas station in the exact same location another gas station stood for decades. Lol!!!


Why would anybody not want another gas station in Beaufort? Beings that there is only 1 in town and it is either packed to the gills with people in line gassing up everything or it is out of gas because there aren’t enough drivers to deliver gas on a regular basis. I mean come on, it’s night like they are opening a bar or nightclub on Lennoxville so regardless of a residential neighborhood or not, it would be beneficial for both the residents and tourist alike.

sick and tired

It was a gas station FOREVER. I would prefer to have the gas station back, and not all the houses that are crammed into the Oaks. It was ok to cut down those hundreds of year old Oaks to cram all those houses in there but not to have a Gas station on a property that had been a gas station for DECADES.

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