CARTERET COUNTY — The Carteret County Health Department Monday reported the first COVID-19 associated death in the county.

According to a release, the individual died March 28 from complications associated with the virus. The patient was a Virginia resident, in their 80s, and had several underlying medical conditions.

The confirmed case and death of this person will be reported in the county in which they resided in Virginia and will not be reflected on the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services case count for confirmed cases and deaths in Carteret County.

To protect the family’s privacy, no further information about the patient will be released.

“We extend our deepest sympathies to the family and loved ones,” Health Director Stephanie Cannon said in the release. “For high risk individuals, this virus can cause serious illness and in some cases be fatal. It’s time for everyone to stay at home and slow the spread of this virus in our community.”

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David Collins

This was a staph report . So the patient died in the county but was from VA , so the death will not be counted as a N.C. fatality . That’s a bit weird . Thought you were counted where you dropped . Is this standard for all deaths ? Did the deceased contract the virus in N.C. or did he import it ? How will any potential folks that had contact with this person know that they may be in danger if this is being held on the QT for privacy matters . Must be missing something here , again .


Isn't a death certificate filed in the county/state the person died in? If so, this is a bit puzzling.


Not naming names is understandable but total opaqueness?

David Collins

You reckon that this report could be spun into a darn good conspiracy theory ?


I was watching channel 12 WCTI this morning and they showed a county map of eastern NC with confirmed covid-19 cases. This was highly beneficial to viewers to see how your county and state has been affected. It would be a very helpful addition on your Corona virus update each day. Keeping their names private is a must and understandable but just for curiosity would be great to ask where these people have been in the last two weeks. Because now everybody they have been in contact with since confirmation of virus could possibly be infected. Our area could jump quickly in covid-19 cases. Having a county map with updated numbers will allow us to follow along. Just a thought.


All the public figures named is because they are public figures? If memory serves article in N&O said some counties & states provide more info than others. E.g. an infected city bus driver on a given route. How is providing that info different than say an infected person was in a given place (e.g. ER) at a given time?


In all states they are doing the same thing. If the virus is contracted from that state then the person goes into another state and dies then the death will be counted (only for the Covid-19 virus) in the state it was contracted from. If the person was tested in that state previously before transporting to that state.

No conspiracy theory. Just facts


Eastern Beacon website article "Carteret Reports First COVID-19 Death, Victim Not County Resident" , dated March 30th, includes some eye-opening details. It is regarding the "several underlying conditions" of the person who sadly passed away as reported by the health department in their Press Release 28. I hope everyone will read it. It never hurts to be informed by all souces of information and then decipher for ourselves the facts from the fiction.

David Collins

Eastern Beacon . Read , read , read . Hmmmmm , sooooo , just whom do you believe ? Did I mention conspiracy theory earlier ? Trust me , I am from the Govt. .


@David Collins, yes, I and many more believe there is something fishy going on.

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