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July 13, 2018


I read the Carteret County News-Times for multiple reasons, one of which is edification. So, as I read Marc Thiessen’s brilliant “Contempt … reelect …” piece in this edition, I was struck by a phrase, “coastal liberal elites.” A few years ago, a politician (who was vying for the U.S. presidency), stated in a television interview a similar phrase, to refer to another politician of opposing political ideology. The words “snob” and “elite” were used then. Of course, the word elite was used quite frequently then by some folks, to refer to folks with leftist political views. At the time of watching that TV interview, I thought, based on the context, that elite meant “highly educated” or even “intellectual.” On the other hand, “snob” did not have a positive ring and so was not deemed a good word by any stretch of my imagination.

I consulted my New American Webster Handy College Dictionary and found that “elite” is defined as “a superior or choice part, especially of a human society; select.” So, what is wrong with that?

Elite, is by definition not a bad word. We humans like to pride ourselves on desiring, even if not achieving “choice” things. “Choice/select” food like steak, 93% lean hamburger meat, home in “choice” neighborhoods, “choice”/Ivy League schools and so on.

So why does “elite” sound like a curse instead of “a cut above the rest? Why is it aimed at folks with liberal leftist political views? Are we to believe that only folks with leftist liberal views are “choice?” I will not say superior, even though the dictionary does because then it would suggest that if one is not a political leftist then one is inferior. The opposite of superior. The “not so choice” part of the human society?

What is wrong with labeling other folks? Who exactly are the snobs or elites? More specifically who or what are the “coastal liberal elites?” Are they liberal minded folks to happen to live on the coast? Are all the folks that live on the coasts of the United States liberals and/or elitist? Are all the Ivy League schools coastal?

I am hard pressed wrapping my thoughts around this category. I refuse to think though, that living on the coast automatically makes one a liberal or even elite. Neither can I wrap my head around the notion that being educated makes one a liberal, snob or elite, putting all these ideas together.

So why are these terms used so frequently with reference to left leaning political viewpoints or ideology? Should one believe that there are no elites or snobs for that matter, on the ideological right side of the political spectrum? I wonder. Should one deduce then, that all smart, choice, superiorly intellectual folks are ideologically liberal leftists? Plus, they live on the coast? I hope not, for diversity’s sake. Or, is elite just a bad word?


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maybe these terms are used for people who are not easily lead by right wing propaganda; therefore, are seen as a threat.



Your reading this paper for an 'education'?

Well, you will like the tide chart, sunrise and sunset, obit's, and a few select things pointed out in the paper related to public events. ie: the majority is opinion related to whomever wrote the actual article. (this paper is often referred to as 'RIGHT LEANING' , and the editor may well be , however, i suspect that he is probably an actual 'liberal' from way back, just a hunch, as the word has been manipulated by people multiple times in the recent past).

Id ask you to consult your dictionary on the exact 3 words you linked together, and see the definition, however, i doubt there is an answer, or a even a clue to point you right to the 'meaning'.

This is your basic conundrum, your using someone's phrase , in an article , which is 'THEIR OPINION'.

Personally i don't know of the person who penned the article, well, not enough to make conclusions on his motives for the 'phrase' he used allegedly , nor does anyone else round here i suppose.

Their are idiots on both sides of the political spectrum, as to their ideaology's , well that's their business, and quite frankly as a member of a generation gone by, it's quite frankly disturbing that people even share their most sacred things they do in private, but, again that's my opinion.

ie: the right to vote for whom you want was always considered something we did, and it was done the day after, then everyone went back to work.

The coastal issue, well, 80% of the entire population of the planet lives near a body of water i think, regardless of if its fresh rivers or salt water, so, different subject.

As to your question about 'education' , or level's of subjects, etc, i think this is where we , or you are most pointing, unless your simply looking to garner a political viewpoint, and possibly debate others?

You see, i need your definition of 'education' , because lets face it, if your a trained Pilot, and i'm a ditch digger, we both may have High School Diploma's , however, you would be operating on a much higher educational level then i would on a technical level, regardless of our political viewpoints.

There is nothing wrong with being highly educated , conversely , there is nothing wrong with being under educated either, lets fact it, we only need so many pilots.

Manipulation of education is a different topic, which is what a majority of Ivy League schools are using their so called PHD's and educators for nowaday's.

So, i suppose i'd need to know , f your not a politician, who really cares what phrase you chained as a potential insult, etc, but you?

I'll leave ya with this clip, its very short.



Milton Friedman on Classical Liberalism

Milton Friedman Schools Young Idealist - 2 (Stanford)

Why Do The Elites Lean Left?

Thomas Sowell - The Arrogance of Intellectuals

Why Do Elites Like Socialism?

All of these links are to very credible sources , and each speaker has credentials that far surpass yours or mine i suspect, heed their warnings.

Or not, your choice, either way, the clips are not that long, and feel free to check their names if you have issues with their explanations. (which is a whole other topic for someone link the last link i posted who is a Trained Clinical Psychologist with over 25 thousand hrs added to his Teaching merits . ) [wink]


Oh, almost forgot, in an effort to expand 'education' i took 2 seconds and found the Arthor's contact information you were referring to!

See, now you don't even have to wonder about this 3 word mish mash, you can actually communicate with HIM via e-mail, and ask this question, and get his response, because , after all, EDUCATION and KNOWLEDGE , are key here!

ps...... please holler back w/his response, thus we strive to continue education .........[wink] (also, who better to ask then the source?)


Almost forgot, you don't have to be a MATH TEACHER in any college to reply to my comments. (i'll simply leave ya with this ........ VERNA) [wink]


"The Fallacy of Elitism" by John Watson.

David Collins

Ok, could you share the acronym VERNA please DeadBolt? Would surely make my day or at least a few minutes of it. At my age it really does not take much so please shine a little light on my life.


Um, well, tbh, it just reminded me of somebody , whom i used to argue with some wayyyyyyy back. (argue meaning having agreements to disagree)

No as in enemy argue, throw rocks, etc.

So, , nothing important , sorry if this disappointed ya.

ps..... the type of disagreement that the person in question should not have to even ask given their level of education. [wink]

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