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County commissioners unanimously passed a resolution Monday in support of 2nd Amendment rights. (Dylan Ray photo)

BEAUFORT — Monday, Carteret County became the latest local government to double down on 2nd Amendment rights, approving an ordinance in support of gun ownership.

County commissioners unanimously passed the ordinance as part of the consent agenda at their Monday evening regular session at the administrative building on Court House Square. Items within the consent agenda are typically housekeeping items that do not require discussion. Individual commissioners reserve the right to remove an item from the consent agenda to be discussed.

The ordinance’s primary purpose is to declare support for the 2nd Amendment.

“The Carteret County board of commissioners recognizes that the Constitution of the United States of America is the supreme law of our nation,” reads an excerpt from the ordinance. “The Carteret County board of commissioners supports the United States Bill of Rights, which enforces guarantees of individual’ rights and limitations of federal and state governments.”

Commissioner Mark Mansfield said this part of the ordinance is particularly important.

“The Bill of Rights (was) put in…to keep governments from violating the will of the people,” Mr. Mansfield said, later adding that while all aspects of the Bill of Rights are important, the 2nd Amendment in particular has been under scrutiny.

“It’s been a statewide outcry from the public. We’ve received numerous emails from the public to support a resolution,” he continued.

Mr. Mansfield said public input was one of the motivating factors behind the county adopting the ordinance. He added that some legislative activity from Virginia was another key factor.

“We worked together to craft a resolution that we all could support,” Mr. Mansfield said. “I think a lot of it started from concerns from what was going on in Virginia with some gun control issues.”

Mr. Mansfield referred to Virginia’s now-defeated legislative effort to limit the sale of certain assault-style weapons. He said some county residents were concerned North Carolina’s Democratic governor, Roy Cooper, might pursue similar legislation.

“If you remember the oath that we took when we took office, we swore to uphold the constitution of the United States,” Commissioner Ed Wheatly said. “That includes the constitution of North Carolina. There was an outcry from the public that we pass a resolution and say that we do support the 2nd Amendment, which we do.”

Mr. Wheatly said he believed Monday’s resolution accomplished their goal.

“I was fine with the resolution,” Mr. Wheatly said. “I think the resolution that we passed was a well-written resolution and I was happy to do so. I had no problem with it at all.”

Mr. Mansfield said he and other commissioners understand the issue is very much a balancing act.  

“We also believe in safety,” Mr. Mansfield said. “You shouldn’t have things where you can have school shooting and mass murderers and other stuff too. But a gun is just an instrument. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people. And a lot of times when you have these unfortunate things go on, we tend to focus on the instrument and not the cause.”

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Thank You!


"Mr. Mansfield referred to Virginia’s now-defeated legislative effort to limit the sale of certain assault-style weapons. He said some county residents were concerned North Carolina’s Democratic governor, Roy Cooper, might pursue similar legislation."

Some county residents? Lock you doors and hide your children. The ghost of Cooper is everywhere.

armed citizen

Thank you Board of Commissioners! It is an outrageous thought that those officials we elect to represent We the People, turn on us, and all of the values that we hold dear. Protections such as this are merely a starting point. With 95% of all mass shootings occurring in gun free zones (since 1950), wouldn't it make perfect sense to do away with gun free zones? Just a thought.


Thank you Commissioners as we all know 2nd Admendment helps protect the 1st Admendment and the rest.


This does not equate to being a Second Amendment Sanctuary county. There are too many undefined items, and wiggle room in the declaration. Additionally, the county already enforces gun confiscation via the NCGS 50-B LAW, that includes ex-parte hearings and confiscation, constitutional rights suspension, and lower standard of proof than mandated in criminal proceedings (which the 50-b law is civil), but confiscates your rights without due process or guarantee of legal counsel. Carteret has a pre-existing condition unaddressed by this resolution.


I find it funny that the Commissioner’s listen to the will of the people about this issue. I understand that the gun holders of Carteret County have a strong opinion and misguided belief the Government wants to remove your guns. That is ludicrous as Mr Mansfield repeats the good old Republicans sound bite “guns don’t kill people, people kill people”. Well Mr Mansfield how do you think people get the guns? They just wish for them and poof they appear? What are you going to do to stop the mental unstable from getting their hands on these guns, what about these parents that have loose views of securing their guns yet their kids still get their hands on them. Well I found something else very interesting that he said as well. “The Bill of rights (was) put keep governments from violating the will of the people” well were was that when you voted to turn the Board of Education Election into a political based election? Mr Whearly stated there was an outcry from the public about the need of this resolution for this 2nd Admendment right, there was an outcry about the Board of Election but yet you Boys sat quiet as if nothing was said. Mr Wheatly you stated” if you remember the oath that we took when we took office, we swore to uphold the constitution of the United States?” Just another example of how there are different codes for different situations. I say stand up for your truth, oh no you might risk the party turning on you like Romney? He is a true example of Courage.


Um, NO MAN OR BEAST HAS ANY RIGHT TO TAKE ANYTHING FROM ME. I think i can prove it. The Constitution has no mention of any form of education, does it? ps. i would also like to ask the pickle weasel's in the peanut gallery to sit down, and worry about their rights, simply do not infringe on mine, not so hard eh???????[wink]

Capt Grumpy

Arm every nut!!!!!!!!!

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