RALEIGH — U.S. Sen. Thom Tillis, R-N.C., has voiced his support for funds to protect wildlife, especially species in danger of extinction.

The N.C. Wildlife Federation, a nonprofit dedicated to conserving wildlife, restoring habitat and promoting outdoor activity, announced Wednesday Sen. Tillis is co-sponsoring a bipartisan bill to fund locally led efforts to help prevent extinction and help wildlife thrive nationwide.

Sen. Martin Heinrich, D-N.M., introduced Senate Bill 2372, known as the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act, July 15. The bill is currently before the Senate Committee on Environment and Public Works.

N.C. Wildlife Federation CEO Tim Gestwicki said in the Wednesday announcement North Carolinians and others are “facing a looming wildlife crisis.”

“This is by far the most important piece of wildlife legislation we’ve seen in the past half-century,” Mr. Gestwicki said. “We thank Sen. Tillis for cosponsoring this fiscally responsible effort to help at-risk wildlife with collaborative, voluntary measures across every state, territory and tribal nation.”

The Recovering America’s Wildlife Act would send approximately $25 million to North Carolina each year to help the state’s 500 species of concern, including the Carolina northern flying squirrel, red-cockaded woodpecker and Appalachian cottontails.

The National Wildlife Federation’s Collin O’Mara said in the announcement saving the thousands of at-risk species “will require bold, bipartisan leadership and unprecedented collaboration.”

“We’re so grateful to Sen. Tillis for leading the way on the historic Recovering America’s Wildlife Act that will have an immediate impact saving species and creating jobs in North Carolina and all across the country,” Mr. O’Mara said.

Nationwide, the Recovering America’s Wildlife Act dedicates $1.4 billion annually to restoration efforts. At least 15% will be used to help species already considered endangered or threatened. Federally recognized tribal nations would share $97.5 million annually to fund wildlife conservation efforts on their lands.

Mr. Gestwicki said the NCWF hopes Sen. Richard Burr, R-N.C., will also support the bill.

He said Sen. Burr “previously led the charge for permanent funding for the Land and Water Conservation Fund” and the federation hopes he “will demonstrate that wildlife conservation is an issue that unites North Carolinians by joining Sen. Tillis in cosponsoring this commonsense bill.”

More than 100 North Carolina businesses and organizations signed a letter supporting the bill to our state’s congressional delegation.

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David Collins

Let’s see . One hand wants to throw money at reestablishing wildlife habitat while the other promotes growth that leads to habitat degradation . Hummmmm , must be an election coming up . A man of all seasons .


Thillis was re elected and sworn in on 1/6/2021. His term ends on 1/3/2027. So he is not running for re election any time soon. Git your facts straight.


Maybe some lobbyist - Wildlife Federation Dark Money - out there for Senator Tillis? He is known for enjoying "special interest groups"


Spot on. Tillis agenda is Tilli$ first.

David Collins

Facts are straight , Adam . There is still a looming election and Tillis is not alone in this venture , they never are . Just the poster boy , whom I voted for ! The big picture is often clouded and out of focus to those on the outside . Just politics .


What does the looming election have to do with tillis and enlighten me on the out of focus and clouded big picture....

(Edited by staff.)

David Collins

First of all everything . Those compatriots that are running again need a win of some sort to bolster their chances . So , hitch a ride on a bill sponsored by a proven winner like Tillis who has nothing to lose come what may . Hence poster boy .

The big picture refers to what actually is in the bill and all the ramifications pro and con . Passing anything requires a bit of give and take in the best of times so until finalized things can be murky and out of focus . Winners and losers always occur at the end of the day . Nothing in politics is cut and dry , always wiggle room provided .

And yes , there are the eternal lobbyists ………………. .

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