Carteret County reports 10th COVID-19 death, 17 additional cases

This Carteret County map shows confirmed COVID-19 cases by zip code, with deaths shown in parentheses. (Carteret County map)

CARTERET COUNTY — The County Health Department reported Tuesday afternoon a 10th Carteret County resident has died from COVID-19 as the number of confirmed cases continues to rise.

County officials said in a Tuesday news release the individual, who reportedly died Oct. 5, was in their 80s and had preexisting health conditions. To protect the family’s privacy, no further information about the patient will be released.

“The Health Department sends our condolences to the family and loved ones of this resident,” County Health Director Stephanie Cannon said. “Over the last two weeks, the County’s percent positive has doubled and is now around 7%. The power to slow the spread of this virus rests in our community’s hands. We all need to do our part to protect ourselves and others in our community from further illness or loss of life.”

Ms. Cannon encourages residents to continue following COVID-19 public health guidelines, including the three Ws, wearing a face covering, waiting at least 6 feet from others and washing hands frequently.

The county reported 17 additional confirmed COVID-19 cases Tuesday, bringing the total to 1,015 cases since March. Of the total cases, 124 are considered active, while 881 people have recovered from the disease caused by the novel coronavirus and 10 have died.

In addition, nine COVID-19 patients are currently hospitalized at Carteret Health Care in Morehead City.

To date, health providers have reportedly conducted 10,696 COVID-19 tests, with 130 pending results Tuesday afternoon. 

The county said health care providers in the area continue to test individuals suspected of COVID-19, even those without symptoms. Contact your medical provider or visit for testing locations.

For more information about COVID-19 in Carteret County, call the citizens inquiry hotline at 252-726-7060, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Monday through Friday.

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David Collins

10 whole deaths in a county of this size . How many have died from the virus ONLY ? Yup , will NEVER hear that number . Not news worthy and lacks the scare factor . Sure the Covid is not a good thing and affects different folks differently but it is not the Black Death or Ebola . Take precautions , be smart and live your lives . The news media needs to grow up and stop trying to scare us to death .


It seems using a consistent definition of a death attributed to covid 19 makes for reasonable comparisons of metrics. A person would be a live now if they hadn't contracted the virus seems a reasonable definition, and one the world has normalized on.

The media doesn't create these metrics, doctors and scientists do. These numbers are generated by health departments, not news desks.

The media is just passing along the information so we can all be informed.

Always A Teacher

David Collins - There are 10 families grieving. How can you say such a thing? Maybe, the next death will be a relative of yours. Wow...just one more death! How does that feel or do you even care? You, sir, need to get a real life instead of commenting on every article on the News-Times.

David Collins

Ha , ha , ha . Just trying to get to the facts . The more Covid deaths the more money flows your way . More than a few of these have turned out to be bogus cause of death reports . Seems like the number 7000 was quoted due to a “ software glitch “ recently . When there is money involved strange things seem to happen . You are already on deaths door and Covid is the banana peal that hastens the inevitable . Please , no more righteous indignation for it falls on deaf ears . Just the way it is .


Have you folks not read about the fuzzy, sometimes extremely inaccurate, math numbers due to Covid from our health officials? Sometimes stated as reporting errors. Whoever said we are using a consistent definition of a death on all death certificates? Really?

The numbers are still extremely low for a county of 70,000. Just shows most of us are following the rules, but you just can't shut down the whole county.

You might be singing a different tune if all grocery stores, gas stations, food outlets, fire departments, etc were shut down.

The 80 year old may or May Not be alive today if he didn't have Covid. We weren't told what his underlying condition was.

You don’t think that a person could have a major heart attack, stroke or stage 4 cancer and die from these issues even with covid? What about folks that don’t have Covid symptoms, but other severe medical conditions that are the cause of death?

Those that can do, those that can’t………...


Yes I do post comments on a lot of articles. My prerogative, not yours. If you don't like it, don't read it.

David Collins

As far as commenting , I am trying to do my part , as a public service , to limit my exposure and to others as well , by sheltering in place . Should get a attaboy for this endeavor . The NT is diversion and a gateway to the outside world without having to endure endless political adverts about the latest antics of Cunningham and Tillis . Sorry if it offends but in reality that is just too bad . I live here too . No limits on whom can comment unless you are deemed a “ jerk “ . Yes , I have resembled that description but enjoy good company . Have a nice evening !

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