Carteret County reports uptick in active COVID-19 cases Monday

This map of Carteret County organized by zip code shows the total number of confirmed COVID-19 cases in the county since March 2020. The numbers in parenthesis indicate COVID-19 deaths associated with each zip code. (Carteret County map)

CARTERET COUNTY — With the addition of 11 new confirmed COVID-19 cases since Friday, Carteret County health officials reported active cases in the county have increased from nine to 16, as of Monday afternoon.

The 11 new cases bring the county’s overall total to 5,280 confirmed since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic in March 2020. Of those, officials reported Monday 5,205 have recovered and 59 people have died.

Despite the slight uptick in active cases, COVID-related hospitalizations at Carteret Health Care in Morehead City remained at zero Monday. The facility hit zero COVID-19 hospitalizations for the first time since April Friday after reporting daily numbers of between two to five patients for several weeks.

The County Health Department continues to offer the COVID-19 vaccine and encourages everyone who is eligible and age 12 years and older to receive it. To schedule an appointment for one of the health department’s Friday vaccination clinics, call 252-728-8550, option 2, or visit and select “Carteret County Health Department.”

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David Collins

Cases come and go , just like anything else .


Look at what's happening in St Louis Mo.( and currently 3 other states as well) ICU's are full 90% on ventilators, and the ages include lots of ppl in their 20's and 30's. It is not too late to get a vaccine. Or tune in the fox opinion hosts and be told yet again its your right not to get vaccinated.


I hear the J&J vaccine might be a good option.

David Collins

CBS , ABC , NBC and even NPR are sowing doubt over the possible side effects of the various vaccines all day , every day so cut the BS . They are scaring the nervous nellies pure to death . It is your right to chose to jab or not . At least for now but the Biden bunch is working on that too . Just because you and I have done it is no reason to demonize those that do not . Opinions are like b** holes , we all have one .


Public health is not " optional". If you think that is bs, get diagnosed with an active case of TB refuse to take your meds and see what happens to you.

Likewise, you can refuse childhood vacs for your children, and public &private schools will refuse them entry. I am not demonizing the unvaccinated, merely pleading with them to turn off fox news opinion hosts and instead use common sense. IE get vaccinated.


Right now there is a well over a 90 percent chance that the unvaccinated the ones coming down with the disease. I understand the high risk of the side effects, it’s a big decision. But as they say, things just come and go.


What high risks. 0.05% of the people vaccinated die of covid. Look at the numbers of people who have not been vaccinated that are now coming down with covid 19. There are some people who have been who have been vaccinated that have shown symptoms or come down with Covid 19, however the severity is far less and virtually no hospitalization. Even Agent Orange and his wife have been vaccinated even though they did catch Covid 19.

David Collins

Every CHOICE comes with consequences . Life with it or die from it , still your choice .

The purpose of childhood vaccinations is so you Will Not catch the disease if exposed . Has worked out pretty darn well over the years . Sadly , letting all these criminal illegals enter and roam about at will is exposing us to all kinds of diseases that were formerly eradicated in Our Country . Such is the wisdom of liberal politics . A disease in it’s own right .


Can you provide examples of these illegals and their diseases? Your remark reeks of knee jerk….Americans, for the most part, refused the polio vaccine until Elvis got vaccinated on the Ed Sullivan Show…then its use skyrocketed…..


The purpose of vaccinations is so you Will Not catch the disease if exposed . Has worked out pretty darn well over the years

And yet the trump branch of the gop faithful are not vaccinated in alarming percentages. Deflecting to illegals and imaginary smallpox and typhoid outbreaks? Sheesh ..did I miss the bubonic plague outbreak in swansboro?

Getting health information from TV opinion hosts is not a disease, it's a sign of gullibility. Quite common that, in certain circles since 2016.


The talking heads on Trump TV and Anon TV use the vaccine as a political football to rile up their base followers. Why these people are proclaiming not to get vaccinated is there variation of do as we say and not as we do. Case example Agent Orange and his wife have both been vaccinated against Covid 19 even though they both were infected with it.

David Collins

TB is rampant, not the outward signs but the latent virus . You can have it but not be personally sick but still spread it . Then the little horrors attend our schools and potentially spread it to the unvaccinated . Plenty of them these days . That is why I was advised to stay out of international imports by my physician years ago . Do not listen to social media or talking heads . Get my advice from real Drs. . They should know . Make light of it if you wish , until it comes home to roost . You might be lucky , might not . By the way , just where did the Covid come from and how did it get here and around the world ? Laugh that one off . Better yet Think .

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