NEWPORT — The N.C. Department of Public Safety notified the Carteret County Health Department Thursday of a COVID-19 outbreak at the Carteret Correctional Center in Newport.

According to a release from the county, the health department was notified of 30 COVID-19 cases at the correctional center. NCDPS is in the process of mass testing the entire offender population in state prisons.

Inmates at the center were tested July 21, and NCDPS officials expect additional test results over the next two days.

The cases at the correctional center account for 30 of the 35 additional confirmed COVID-19 cases Carteret County reported Thursday afternoon update. Of the 228 total cases in Carteret County, 84 are considered active, and the death count remains at five.

The county said in its release offenders who test positive for COVID-19 are removed from the overall correctional center population and placed in medical isolation to better ensure they do not spread the virus. The housing units where COVID-19-positive offenders are housed are placed under medical quarantine for close observation and twice daily temperature checks.

The county says any offender who subsequently shows symptoms of COVID-19 is moved into medical isolation. These protocols are in keeping with guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services. All prisons in the state have advanced treatment protocols in place.

According to the county, test results are posted and automatically updated at 3 p.m. daily at the NCDPS website, The website shows other related information, as well.

The county has administered 4,051 tests as of Thursday, with 3,396 negative results and 425 pending results. Two test results to date were inconclusive.

In addition, one person is hospitalized at Carteret Health Care as of Thursday. The county provides a daily coronavirus update via its website at

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It’s time to give hydroxychloroquine to jails rather than free criminals. You not only need to keep criminals safe but law-abiding citizens, too!

If Dr. Facis...Fauci‘s latest whim is that a piece of cotton will stop a virus, make all of the inmates wear masks, too, just like everybody on the outside.

We are being told that if you wear masks this virus will all be behind us in only a matter of weeks! i’d love to have the prison system test that idea out for us.


The statement from the correctional center about testing started on July 21st is not entirely accurate.

My son-in-law is a guard at the correctional center, and as was not aware of testing on the 21st. They should have been tested way before July, but were not.

My son-in-law found out about the 30 positive cases on Thursday, July 23rd just before the public was made aware of this. As a matter of fact, he is getting tested, on his own, Friday, July 24th.

The only thing the center did was a temperature check of guards before beginning their shifts each day. As we all know, not everyone that has covid-19 shows any signs of symptoms.

Not a good job by our prison system.


20 more cases in the correction center today, July 24th.

The correction center brought in 100 inmates not too long ago from outside and this is probably where the covid came from.

Originally they said no inmates from other facilities would be brought in. Another lie. They also said their website is update daily at 3pm. Another lie.

Where is Coop hiding?


Thanks Jeep for sharing. That's very interesting. I suspect there are lots of things that are inaccurate and that we're not being told about. No wonder the virus spreads like wildfire. Obviously the state, county may not be doing a good job either since there seems to be some type of error every week. From the beginning, it was stated that test results can be false positive or false negative and not sure why that happens unless the test isn't being administered correctly, or the lab isn't doing a good job either. I have to agree with Lynn, that perhaps the prison system should have been the ones testing the mask theory. If the state/county had monitored the prison to make sure they were doing what they were suppose to be doing instead of just doing temperature checks on guards only, there might not be 30 positive cases in that facility. I saw on the news this morning that once someone so called "recovers", they can get the virus again. It happened to a 29 year old. So should the recovered ones get re-tested periodically?


All inmates or as they like to be called now (offenders) Are made to wear face mask. The state has made masks for every inmate (offender) in the prisons!!


Not true, Sheep. You actually think they are wearing masks 24 hours a day? Right!

sick and tired

Sooooo, all those cases in one confined area. What about the staff that is going in and out every shift every day? Delivery people, you know food and supplies,? When did they stop the visitations? Pre Covid when I was out and about on the daily, if you drove by the prison the parking lot was full, on certain days, as well as the area out front. When did this stop or has it? Wearing mask? Seems like if the inmates were following the rules they wouldn't be in jail, would they? Either way they are confined. It's all the people that work there that are going in there every day, being exposed, then leaving work to go out into the world possibly exposing others.


Well mpJeep being that i work there, i know what they do!! So a Monday morning quarterback like yourself who know nothing but hear say and guessing that calls the ones who know not true. And i bet you cant sleep with a mask on ether, But a lot of them do go to sleep with one on. But in the night as they turn or what ever it does move. I know you dont have that problem. But they are made to wear there mask at all times when in the dorms, or on the yard. And it is hard to wear when you eat. So yes i do know what i am talking about. I been doing this for well over 15 years now.


Yes Sheep, my information is second hand from an employee there at the Center.

The ACLU and Prison Policy Initiative did a study in late June to see how each state fared in taking steps to save incarcerated people and facility staff from Covid-19. North Carolina got an F+.

They also said the NC criminal justice system has not done enough to protect these folks and is disorganized or ineffective.

Thus your 50 and counting cases at Carteret Correctional Center.


(Edited by staff.)


mpjeep You are right The ACLU and Prison Policy Initiative did a study in late June to see how each state fared in taking steps to save incarcerated people and facility staff from Covid-19. And North Carolina got an F+. But do you know why they got an F. How can you isolate a person in a open dorm which it what we have here and all over the state. See the closed custody prisons are all single cells for the most part. And all the Medium, and Minimum custody prisons are Dorm types. With open floor plan so they are on bunk beds. SO how can you isolate a inmate or offender in a open dorm? You cant! And these prison have been this way for 50 or more years. So it is not the staffs fault that the inmates or offenders cant be isolated. So now with all this where will the money come to fix all the prisons across the state that are dorms. Now on the (they say) it is easy to sit in a office and never go in a prison and say all kinds of thing about how messed up it is and how bad it is run. It s kinda like people they believe all the paper and TV tells them. It is kinda funny to sit back and see how all the people who dont have a clue believes all the reporters and news. Only on some things. They dont want to tell the public well we told them what to do and they did, but it was not good enough.


SH, the good editors here wouldn't let me finish my thoughts. ...

(Edited by staff.)


Even though I have responded to Sheepshead, with no real derogatory remarks or foul language, the editors of this site decided to violate my freedom of speech rights. They have deleted part of my OPINION comments.

Of course they say they reserve to right to do that. Sounds like something CNN does!


We can agree on one thing Sheep.....We really shouldn't believe all the reporters and News Reports. If they are not out and out lies, they certainly can be misleading.

Thanks for your follow up. I appreciate it and what you do to make things better. I know money is a big issue for ALL.


Hey Sheep, I hope you get this. I don't mean to get carried away about safety at this Correctional Center.

I have a vested interest in the Center and just want to ensure things are okay. I know money is a big issue and understand.

Thanks for all you do in protecting staff and inmates.

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