BEAUFORT - A decorative millstone cast with a Bible scripture was anonymously left in front of a local bar that supports the LGBTQ community Tuesday, Feb. 28 in Beaufort.

The concrete stone weighed several hundred pounds, was painted with rainbow colors and inscribed with the words "Luke 17:2," a verse that references throwing a person who leads children astray into the sea with a millstone tied around their neck.

Cru Bar & Wine Store Manager Ash Harrell explained the incident appears to be a targeted attack that is being considered by employees as a death threat.

"We are taking it very personally," Harrell said.

Harrell first noticed the stone as she showed up for her shift around 2:30 p.m. Tuesday.

After reviewing surveillance camera footage from the business, Harrell was able to determine the stone was actually delivered around 5:55 a.m. by two older men and women in an SUV.

"It took the two men with a moving cart to wheel it over, and they dropped it right in front of Cru," Harrell said. "The women took pictures, then everyone held hands around it and prayed. We opened at 6:30 a.m., so they made sure it was there before we opened."

Harrell and the staff at Cru took the millstone's presence as a threatening gesture and immediately called the police to report the incident. Officers quickly responded and removed the millstone as it was on town property.

Cru has been a supporter of the LGBTQ community in Beaufort for many years and is viewed as a welcoming space for local youth who are finding their identity.

Harrell explained there are very few outlets for LGBTQ individuals in Carteret County, and that places like Cru are essential for providing a sense of belonging and community for individuals who may feel isolated or rejected by society due to their sexual orientation.

The bar previously hosted an LGBTQ club with resources for the youth, but it has been months since they've had a club meeting.

Harrell noted there has been a resurgence online of people talking about the club, which may have sparked the threatening gesture.

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David Collins

So much for live and let live .


The staged Jessie Smollett incident came into mind. Is this real or a staged event designed to gain sympathy and guilt to both advance and suppress opposition to the agenda of the few handfuls of cultural Marxists in the county?


I know the people who work and manage this place. I know a lot of the patrons… this narrative may support your desired truth and apparent bigotry, but it simply isn’t true. And giving young people a safe space to figure themselves out without condemnation or judgement, a place where they can be around people who will show them dignity and respect, is exactly what Jesus would do. I stand in loving support of safe spaces for all people… including those who live different lives and uphold different beliefs than I.

Peace. Kindness. Compassion. It is very simple… I wish this for everyone. Even you… ❤️


Figure them selves out?? Well you are either a boy or a girl. You either stand to take a leak or you sit. Most of us figure that out by the age of 3. And for the Jesus comment. Jesus would say go and sin no more. Not hang out here and sin all you like until you figure out if I made you a man or a woman.


Me when im a troll who uses random buzzwords that dont apply to the situation at all LOL Focus man


Whoosh, it flies over ya. Also, did you just assume my gender?


a bunch of old people praying around a rock is considered a death threat ?


How cute! You know, and all of know, that they old people didn't just pray around the rock, which was not a rock, but a heavy, worked millstone: the kind of thing that gets put around a person's neck to drown them, as the bible verse they quoted on that millstone references. No, these old people were invoking murder upon the owner of Cru, a very specific kind of murder. They were cursing him. Actually, what they were doing is known as black magic, and there's nothing "Godly" about it, or them.


no but me putting a rock that details throwing people in the ocean to kill them with rainbows on it in front of a lgbt friendly place kinda intimidating.


Jesse Smollet? While such things do happen on rare occasions this seems legit. A few misguided individuals who likely sincerely believe this "gesture" was the right thing to do. Perhaps they should reflect more on the mote and the beam?


My comments were on my behalf and not of the business or staff.


Cru is a safe place or EVERYONE in the community, not exclusively youth. Say no to hate!

Bob Barnes

Always strikes me as odd when groomers are offended by defensive actions towards them. Most adults can "live and let live".....until you start messing with kids.


Correct, Mr. Barnes. There are two things you don't mess with: folks kids and money.


The ***real groomers**** are the so-called Godly pastors and church officials in your Southern Baptist and other fundie/evangelical churches, all of which have engaged in a decades-long endeavor to cover it up, to move pervy pastors from one assignment to the next, who have blamed victims, etc. etc., in The Name Of The Lord. BUT BY ALL MEANS, deflect from that log in your own eye by accusing supporters of LGBTQ+ of being "groomers."


if you dont like it move.


@Bluecollar: Truth deems that you are the weak, and Anna is the righteous in this matter. Thus, no matter who tells her to move, she is obligated to plant herself like a tree beside the river of truth and respond "No, *you* move."


We agree that harming kids is bad! So its messed up that intimidating a group that includes youth with death threats is messed up too right? its odd to put this much effort to make a statement and not name any names like they were implying anyone under that rainbow flag right ? =)


What strikes me as funny is that when people are protesting their beliefs they always do it the dark or behind masks. If you feel so strongly about something then OWN IT.


Uhhhh… more hate coming from the left/liberal/tolerant than anywhere else. Amnesia is the new pandemic.


Which one of us have been caught on camera making death threats against you?


Odd how folks calling out inappropriate behaviour( like leaving a millstone) is labeled as " hate". I guess that is all part of the mantra The left is the REAL haters, book burners, indoctrinators, race baiters, and durn commies to boot. meanwhile the right is god loving patriotic americans,who love guns, dogs, and Jesus. Some folks sure are easily lead by the same tied and true techniques.


A bar is no place for youth to find guidance of any kind.






These actions are the equivalent displaying noose or leaving a burning cross. There is no room in our community for hate.


This act was unnecessary and has plunged the community into chaos and dissent. The entire nation is in turmoil because boundaries are being pushed. People are afraid for future generations, they are afraid a club will escalate to something more extreme. It is not just the religious who are afraid either. What happened in front of Cru is not right, it is very wrong. However, support of a certain community does not mean support of everything said, promoted, etc. That being said, we should recognize the lack of support in our community for youth who identify as LBGT. Many of my peers struggled through HS and did not actually find out who they were until later in life. They were very unhappy for a long time. We need to all get along with each other, be civil, understand our differences, and be more accepting (which does not mean going along with events/ideas defying logic). If your religion does not support a certain group, tossing a symbol on their front lawn makes a statement but do you really think it is going to make people think twice about making a life choice? There is a lot of jacka$$ery going on and there is enough to go around on both sides of the argument.


What ever happened to live and let live? If you don't like or approve of Cru, then don't go there. If you don't like or approve of LGBTQIA+, then don't be one. Let others live the way they want to live - they aren't hurting anyone. I'm fine with my gray hair, but if someone wants to dye theirs green and get tattoos and piercings, it's their business - I'm not offended. I don't get it. Why are some people so afraid to let others live the way they want to live? Let your faith lead you, and let others' faiths lead them. Please don't push your values on me or others, including those at Cru. And yes, leaving a millstone in front of Cru is pushing your values.


John 8:7

David Collins

And I thought cru was a local takeoff of an oyster bar on Nantucket Island .


Jesus said something before he said " go thee and sin no more" what was it? Meanwhile a pleasant surprise that the vast majority of comments are in line with the message of Christ. 

(Edited by staff.)

David Collins

Would have to agree , ski .

Only to add that this kerfuffle was well planned , the millstone was neatly made without being obsessively gaudy , nicely placed for all to see rather than forced through the window as most , mostly peaceful protesters , are prone to do . The reactive firestorm that some surely predicted never showed up and no private / public property was sacrificed to the cause . The town did not overreact in any way and is to be commended . News coverage has jumped in a now the town has more good news to advertise to even more diverse groups of visitors . Some that will only visit while some that will want to stay . Especially now with all the up and coming Affoardable living units due to arrive soon .

Due to this unanticipated tempest in a teapot affair , Beaufort could be a serious challenger to province town or fire island as well .

The mystery of the millstone can be added to the existing mysteries of the inner banks . ( appropriate mystery music please ) .

So there ! What ya think .

Doc Epoch

Nailed it.

David Collins

You mean like Sodom and Gomorrah ?


I think you have confused the old and new testament. Jesus never condemned homosexulity, in fact never said a single word about it. He did however get quite angry about money changers in the temple. That suggests it would be way better to be gay then say Joel Osteen on judgement day. Real Christians do their flawed human best to emulate christ, by example. Fake Christians are judgemental and try to impose their beliefs on others.

No doubt in my mind Jesus will welcome the former..the latter group?

David Collins

Good ! Glad you feel that way .

Not going to open the Religion door , due to time and the editor’s patience level with such stuff . Can see the “topic closed” door starting to swing .


The man who said sodom and gomorrah is not going to open the religion door? Thats rich. I have never been to the establishment in question, I did check out their webpage. Wine, foodie items, lots of live music open mic nights, seems clean and well lighted. Their "crime" seems to be a pride flag. I hope the folks who made supportive comments make the effort to head down there and spend a few dollars. I may even have to pry open my wallet and take the family out for a well deserved evening " on the town".

David Collins

Nope , not gonna do it ! Made for a good movie back then but so was Titanic .


There is no hate like Christian love.

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