Carteret County adds 120 new COVID-19 cases over Labor Day weekend

This map of Carteret County shows active cases as of Tuesday afternoon, organized by zip code. (Carteret County map)

CARTERET COUNTY — The Carteret County Health Department reported Tuesday it has confirmed 120 new cases of COVID-19 since Friday, though the number of active cases stayed relatively steady over the same time period.

There was no COVID-19 update Monday due to county offices being closed for the Labor Day holiday.

The new cases reported Tuesday bring Carteret County’s overall total to 6,850 confirmed cases of COVID-19 since March 2020. There were 257 active cases reported Tuesday, up slightly from the 252 active cases Friday.

Recovered cases increased as well, to stand at 6,529 as of Tuesday afternoon, while deaths remain at 64.

Meanwhile, COVID-related hospitalizations at Carteret Health Care are up again with 24 patients at the facility for treatment Tuesday. The hospital paused elective surgeries in response, a decision officials said it will revisit on a daily basis while trends continue to elevate case numbers and hospitalizations statewide.

Also Tuesday, the county reached 50% of the population fully vaccinated against COVID-19, and 54% of the population has at least one dose of the vaccine. To schedule an appointment to get the COVID-19, call the health department at 252-728-8550, option 2.

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Always A Teacher

50% is pathetic. What is wrong with people? How can they not understand the validity of a vaccine? The technology is much better today than in the 1950's when Jonas Salk came up with the polio vaccine. See anyone getting polio recently? Vaccines do work. Again, stupidity prevails.


Well, this is a total embarrassment to this county. Wow we have hit a 50 percent rate of fully vaccinated residents. So, 120 new cases this is beyond being rational. Hey folks if you still have not figured it out yet, please do you and your family a favor. Have some of the following traits, pride, dignity, rationality, care, compassion, plus many other positive things. Quit hiding behind all of the lame excuses. The reasons that y’all spout are not reasons they are lame poor excuses.

You fifty percenters are causing huge problems. Keep in mind you spout excuses not reasons. Like in the word reasonable. Get it?


It's frustrating. I understand personal responsibility, personal freedom, right to choose, concerns over how the vaccine was 'rushed'. However, this is a life or death situation for many. The vaccine started development after SARS ravaged Asia 20 years ago (and isn't that a blessing!) and the concentrated efforts of the global scientific community were able to figure out the last 'piece'. If you've ever played Plague, Inc. on your phone you can see this happen in the game when your plague starts to really spread and kill.

A lot could be said, and a lot is argued about. It's been almost two years since we first heard of Covid and I'm not going to kick the dead horses. I've had one cousin get Covid bad enough to be hospitalized and now this healthy guy in his 30s has heart problems from it. I've thankfully not lost anyone but I empathize with those who have. With so little information available about the long term effects of Covid (and seeing what happened to my cousin) we're trying to protect our toddler as best we can because she is our first concern. Please, get the shot. If not for your own sake then to protect those who cannot get it.


The good editor felt it appropriate to disregard my comment, so I’ll try again. My father has needed to wait for his heart procedure due to so many non-vaxxed Covid patients being hospitalized. Literally, selfishness on our neighbors’ part is effecting the quality of his life and his ability to receive adequate medical care. How are people supporting the hijacking of our medical system?


Anyone old enough to know someone who had polio, or the measles is aware of the importance of vaccines. To hear people say Covid is 99% survivable is appalling. They are basically saying the 1% doesn't matter to them as long as it is not their family. Most speakers did not seem to grasp the mask is for protection of others. Again the 1% mentality. What has gone wrong with our society ?

David Collins

Would really like to see a COMPLETE demographic breakdown of who is getting infected by the Covid Delta . Know the info is out there , filled out my share of hospital forms , so why is it such a big secret ? DO NOT SAY HIPPA . That is BS and you know it . Such info would answer volumes of questions .


You don't need more data, you just need the next excuse.

Always A Teacher

This is for quicksand. They need to start REFUSING unvaccinated patients at the hospital and let them go their merried or buried way. It is not fair to put people on hold for surgeries that could be potentially life-threatening in favor of people who are too STUPID to get vaccinated and pose a threat to EVERYONE. The sooner we reach 100% vaccinated, the sooner this will be over. There is NO polio or smallpox anymore in this country because people got vaccinated and it is now eradicated.

Always A Teacher

OSPREY - Well said. 1% of 328.2 million people in USA= 3, 282,000. 654,000 have already died in the USA so far. Will get there soon enough if we keep doing what we are doing. Protect the children. They REALLY have NO choice! Wear a mask (it's not hard!) and get vaccinated (it doesn't even hurt!)


This has now become an epidemic of the un vaccinated. Watching the news and reading the newspapers the only time that these un vaccinated people are asking to get the covid 19 is when they are in a hospital bed and just before the tube is being placed down their throats.

David Collins

Human nature ?


I was infected by an unvaccinated person even though I was vaccinated. So next time you hear someone bragging about not being vaccinated, stay clear and treat them as the SPECIAL person they think they are. Still trying to shake it after a week, but I can tell you that I wouldn't be here today if I had not been vaccinated.

David Collins

You are not alone , Pelican . I have been lucky so far but still have to live a life . All the best to you .

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