Active cases of COVID-19 in Carteret County increase to 305 Wednesday

This map of Carteret County shows active cases of COVID-19, organized by zip code, as of Wednesday afternoon. (Carteret County map)

CARTERET COUNTY — Active cases of COVID-19 in Carteret County increased by nearly 50 since Tuesday to stand at 305 as of Wednesday afternoon.

The Carteret County Health Department reported 49 new confirmed cases in its Wednesday coronavirus update. Active cases went from 257 reported Tuesday to 305 Wednesday, and the overall total stands at 6,899 cases documented in Carteret County since March 2020.

According to the update, 64 Carteret County residents have died from complications directly arising from COVID-19, and 6,530 have recovered.

Also Wednesday, Carteret Health Care in Morehead City reported 23 COVID-related hospitalizations, down by one from the previous day. The majority of the patients, 20, are reportedly not fully vaccinated, while the remaining three patients are fully vaccinated.

Carteret County hosts a weekly COVID-19 vaccination clinic Fridays at the health department, located on Bridges Street. To make an appointment for an upcoming clinic, call 252-728-8550, option 2.

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Biden’s promise while running for president: “I will shut down the virus.” Hmm


Hmm…did you do your part? Vaccinated-or complaining about masks?


Well he is trying which is more than the prvious president. BTW did you get your bleach vaccine yet?


Yes, let's blame biden for the unprecedented number of anti vaxxers and ppl who refuse to wear masks.

Meanwhile, trump has publicly said he will not get a booster, meaning his merry band of followers will not either.

If you read the local paper you should be alarmed. Local hosp full, local hospitals not accepting transfers, local hosp making plans for overflow.

Biden was mocked in this forum and on certain media outlets for wearing a mask, while trump was lauded for not.

By all means blame biden that this is spinning out of control again.

****Laughs sadly****

Always A Teacher

It is not Biden's fault. You can not put blame on him. Put it on the people who do not get vaccinated when Biden made it readily available to all people at different age levels at a time. Put the blame on people who refuse to wear a mask (it's no big deal - it's not like being shackled to an oxygen tank). Put the blame on people who continue to congregate in large numbers and refuse to look at their social circle. Biden and the CDC have made the guidelines available, set a good example by stating that people should get vaccinated, and beefed up the production of the vaccine at no charge to people. Again, you can lead a horse to water but you can't make him drink. It is the people's fault, not one man. Biden has set a good example. Stupid, yes, stupid people have refused to follow it. Look at the obituary listings. They are upticking with people dying from COVID. Not his fault but the stupid people in this county and our country. The researchers came up with an effective vaccine and Biden ramped up production with ready availability. Obviously, many do not understand the science but choose to listen to rumors.


I suppose that he thought people would rally behind him and be true Patriots and that Americans would understand the importance of think about the health of themselves and families. For a lot of this country people quickly got the shots. But guess what Carteret County, we have a very poor turnout of people that respect there moms, dads, friends, relatives, workmates, drinking buddies, club members and so on. Almost half of this county has true care for the people in their bubble.

It seems as though being disk and even death or long term damage is not worth all that trouble and pain it takes to get the shot. 50 percent for gods sake. The fear of that needle being jabbed into the arm and the anguish it causes is overwhelming to many. But the other 50% did it. All it take is that you decide to do the right thing to your bubble people and Americans in general. Then yes this should be behind us now, but you 50 percenters are above that, your excuses are more important. Just do it! Uh BTW. It doesn’t really hurt these needles are so much thinner now. Not like you were a child and your moms did the right thing for you. You will make it thru ok. You don’t even have to tell your friends, sneak over to a pharmacy in New Bern, go have a beer and come home.

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