Jet slides off runway at airport; no damage, injuries reported

A HondaJet sits in the mud after sliding off the end of the runway at the Michael J. Smith Field Airport in Beaufort Thursday afternoon. No injuries were reported in the incident. (Contributed photo)

BEAUFORT — No injuries were reported after a jet slid off the runway at the Michael J. Smith Field Airport in Beaufort Thursday afternoon.

Interim Airport Manager Jesse Vinson told the News-Times the aircraft, a HondaJet, slid off the end of the runway after landing due to extremely slick conditions caused by heavy rain Thursday. The jet came to rest in the mud several feet in front of the runway.

Airport staff helped the owner move the aircraft out of the mud. No injuries were reported and Mr. Vinson said there was no damage to the aircraft.

Mr. Vinson said the incident underscores the need for a runway extension project at the airport. He said if mud hadn’t stopped the plane, it could have continued sliding onto Highway 101. 

“It’s a real safety issue,” Mr. Vinson said. “I think a runway extension is critical for the future of the airport facility.”


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More tax payer money?


Yeah, more runway to skid off. Rich folks and their toys, and we pay for the venue.

Capt Grumpy

Wouldn't do for that bunch to drive from New Bern when we could chip in and move the highway to lengthen the runway!!!!!

David Collins

Just came in a little too hot for existing conditions . Pilot error . Nice ride though !

sick and tired

They need to go ahead and close HWY 101. Every one won't mind driving the extra 20 minutes ALL around the new bypass. It's for public safety anyway, right? Safer for the rich folks to land. Safer for the drivers on HWY 101. Get out your check book folks, and chip in for these poor rich people hangers, runways, etc.


This airport has been a constant drain on our county taxpayers for years on end with many people attending commissioner meetings protesting such and writing letters to the editor all to no avail. Flyboys with their toys should be flying in and out of New Bern airport which is much more equipped to handle their needs and whims. It certainly would be more cost effective and not even an hour away. This money pit should close once and for all. I guess we need to protest again except this time in a more effective way than just wasting our time and efforts at commissioner meetings.


D Collins the Honda Jet is a lot to handle on wet runways. Hot was my first thought but did some research. They don't like really wet runways. Something to do with the small tire patch, brakes and lack of spoilers. This is not the first Honda Jet to leave the end of a wet runway.


That’s some big bucks buried in the mud!

David Collins

Come on guys . Pretty sure this jet owner paid dearly for this incident . Landing fees , that tug out followed by required inspection to determine air worthiness was no cheap date . Not to mention the fuel and storage bill . Hey , it costs the rich more to live than us po folks and most willingly pony up the cash . Because they can is the best reason . Pretty sure they did not have lunch at Hardee’s or spend the night at the local no tell motel . Wealth envy is seldom a beautiful thing .


No wealth envy here...I’m a capitalist. More power to them although some belong to the lucky birth club and get it the old fashioned way ... inheritance. But then again...good for them...lucky sons of guns.

David Collins

Thanks ! So glad you said something . Made me reconsider pressing the BUY button this morning . Guess at only 5+ million a pop one doesn’t get as much as we used to . Darn , one can not have too many Honda’s in the old garage these days or so I thought .


The airport brings back childhood memories of Earl Taylor & his son, Jessie, who took me & a childhood friend on one of his fish spotting flights & of course Mike Smith who was two years older.


When one of these rich toys crash on the highway and kill some folks going to or from work; then they will get it. The airport is a boondoggle that we just can't afford any longer.

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