Carteret County adds 74 new COVID-19 cases Friday; CHC reports 20 hospitalizations

This graph using data from the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services shows the percentage positivity rate of COVID-19 tests conducted in Carteret County through the week that ended Aug. 7. (NCDHHS graph)

CARTERET COUNTY — The Carteret County Health Department has reported 74 new confirmed COVID-19 cases since Thursday, bringing the number of active cases in the county to 264 as of Friday afternoon.

With the latest positive cases added, Carteret County has had 5,819 total cases confirmed since March 2020. The majority of those cases, 5,494, have reportedly recovered, while 60 county residents have died from complications arising from COVID-19.

Carteret Health Care in Morehead City continues to see rising numbers of COVID-related hospitalizations, as well, with 20 reported as of Friday afternoon. There were 17 hospitalizations reported Thursday.

The percentage positivity rate of COVID-19 tests for the county also continues to rise, reaching around a 12% positivity rate for the week that ended Aug. 7, up from around 9% the previous week. The rate is the percentage of positive COVID-19 tests over the total number of tests conducted, and the state Department of Health and Human Services aims to keep it at 5% or below.

The health department encourages everyone 12 years of age and older to receive the free COVID-19 vaccine by calling to set up an appointment at 252-728-8550, option 2, or visit

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Ooof that escalated quickly. Be careful folks.

Get those jabs if you haven't already, it greatly increases your chances of avoiding this and reducing severity if you do get it.

Delta is so contagious, you're all likely to end up vaccinated one way or the other. By the jab that's been engineered not to kill you, or by catching delta (and surviving).


Having trouble wrapping my head around so many hospitalized. Does Carteret General normally even have twenty flu patients hospitalized during an average flu season?


Good question. Can we see the data?


Well another large number of unnecessary infections in the county. Visible and true proof that the Health Dept. posts regularly indicating the choice not to get a simple shot is not a good decision. It’s a wrong decision. The failure not to get the shot puts not only you in danger but those around you.

Some Americans have decided that their political views are more important than being rational. Some cite cultural views that tell them that historic events in the past give them fear. Some just listen to crazy internet posters spread more fear. Every one of these reasons is just simply a bad move. I can’t think of one event in the past history of diseases in this country has been as polarizing as COVID.

All of the reasons not to get the vaccines are excuses not real reasons, quit making excuses. Grow up. Do the right thing, much like Americans did in the good old days. Quit the lame fake excuses. Yes they are merely lame excuses. Grow up. Wise up.


Not taking a vaccine that doesn't even have FDA approval for something I have almost no chance of dying from.


Dying is not the only option. Long term lung heart and kidney damage, huge medical bills, providing a host for the virus to further mutate in, and possibly infecting others close to you. By the way emergency authorization is a form of FDA approval.


Have you had a shot against Polio? That was not approved by FDA until about 1938 even though the vaccine had been around since about 1800. The various vaccines have been approved by various authorities for emergency usage. Stop making excuses get the vaccine that is unless you like the idea of them putting a tube down your throat to assist your breathing.


Of course, the FDA has approved the vaccines. True, it is an emergency approval, but it *is* approval by the FDA.

Since the issuance of the emergency authorization, millions of people have received the vaccine, with very few 'issues' arising. Certainly, no more 'issues' than with any other vaccine. More importantly, the vaccines are working. We see this with the fact that vaccinated people are rarely becoming sick with COVID, while unvaccinated people are choking the nation's hospital systems and providing additional job security for mortuaries across the land.

As for 'almost no chance of dying from' it ... maybe so. But while you are lying there gasping for breath, drowning in pink snot, 'dying from it' might seem a blessing.


Again-there are twenty people in the hospital who probably felt the same way….


"Some Americans have decided that their political views are more important than being rational". Some Americans are confused by the policy changes that occur daily. Who can we trust.? I await your answer.


What policy changes about vaccines have confused you? I'm unaware of any policies around vaccines issued by the government besides encouraging people to get them, and requiring them on the cases they can ) employees, military, etc.)

All these policies seem pretty consistent in their core push of getting the vaccine for the good of everyone.


Some Governors as well as other politicians have painted themselves into the proverbial corner and cannot back down without making them look like an even bigger idiot than they already are. Their political stance has put thousands of fellow Americans at risk. As for your comment about policy change. They only change based upon the latest data and science available and of course these change daily. The increase in non vaccinated people being tested positive and hospitalized in just Carteret County only goes to show that getting vaccinated is the best way to go, that is unless you want to have a ventilation tube shoved down your throat.


"Have you had a shot against Polio? That was not approved by FDA until about 1938 even though the vaccine had been around since about 1800." Well. While I agree with your sentiment about vaccines in general and the COVID vax in particular ... I gotta say that there was no effective polio vaccine until Jonas Salk came up with his version of it, and that was approved in 1955. The trials began in 1953; resident children in institutions for the physically and intellectually disabled were used as lab rats for the test - as was the case in Koprowski's trials in 1950. One can only wonder how well that would go over today.


Our God has given the power to our scientists to provide us with a safe effective treatment for the pandemic. He saw the need to save us from the Chinese virus. Our all powerful and good God has given Americans the equalizer to give us protection against the foreign attempt to give us a chance of life that the Chinese tried to take from us.

Our Jesus loves us and the Holy Father gave our nation the ability to live through this foreign disease.

Please praise our God , because of His wisdom we can make it through this disease. Please pray that we all take advantage of his help granted to us. He loves us, and proves it every day.


SgtRock1968 - The FDA has only approved the vaccines for emergency usage. That is not the same as fully approving the various vaccines. They can at any time pull the emergency usage on any of the vaccines at any time. Whilst it is only a matter of time before they do give them the full approvals this "idiots" out there are using this as one of their many excuses not to have it done.


CREDIBILITY!! Not fully tested for one. Normal approvals were shuffled around for some reason - probably political. Masks that do not meet FDA specs. Kids thought to be safe. on and on. Safest alternative is to catch it and survive.


Lol! Carteret General is at the greatest hospitalizations now! “Safest alternative is to catch it….” Lol! That’s the craziest comment yet….we’re all gonna die-it might as well be today?

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