Carteret County confirms 61st COVID-related death, 131 new cases Monday

This map of Carteret County organized by zip code shows the number of active COVID-19 cases in each zip code as of Monday afternoon. (Carteret County map)

CARTERET COUNTY — The Carteret County Health Department announced Monday it received confirmation of another death of a resident due to COVID-19, bringing the number of COVID-related deaths in Carteret County to 61.

According to a release Monday afternoon from the health department, the person who died was in their 70s and had been hospitalized. The release does not state whether the person was vaccinated against COVID-19.

The health department also reported 131 new confirmed cases Monday, bringing the overall number to 6,320 known cases since March 2020. Of those, 342 are considered active as of Monday afternoon, compared to 354 active cases reported Friday.

In addition, Carteret Health Care in Morehead City reported having 20 COVID-related hospitalizations at the facility as of Monday afternoon, including four patients who are fully vaccinated and 16 who are not fully vaccinated. The hospital reported a record high of 24 COVID-positive patients Friday.

“We express our condolences to anyone who has lost a loved one during this pandemic,” County Health Director Nina Oliver said in the county’s release Monday. “The recent increase in cases are further reasons for everyone who is eligible for COVID-19 vaccination to get vaccinated as soon as possible.”

The health department encourages those who are not fully vaccinated against COVID-19 to continue taking precautions to reduce the spread of the virus, including by wearing a mask in indoor public settings, moving social activities outdoors as much as possible and washing hands or using hand sanitizer frequently when outside your home.

To make an appointment for the no-cost COVID-19 vaccine through the health department, contact 252-728-8550, option 2, or go to

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131 new cases and one death. The vaccine now has FDA approval. What more do the .... need to get them to have the vaccine or what will their latest excuse be.

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The real sickness is not so much the virus itself. The virus is really easily able to be contained. The real sickness that exists is more a mental illness. We have one group that fear the vaccine because they have the untrue fear that it is they have been used as test victims in the past and that they are being targeted again.

The other group has decided that emerged is under the spell of a cult leader. They actually decided that flying the flag of a demented person is more important than being a good and responsible American. I saw two members of this group on the beach this weekend with flags next to their beach chairs. Can you ever remember seeing American women a the beach with flags next to their chairs ever in your lives before. It turned my stomach to see this. By the way I’m not a democrat, far from it. How can so many Americans decide to do the wrong thing in the name of a horrible person. What is wrong with them. People are dying, people are getting sick needlessly. The spell they are under is simply the wrong way to be an American.


TDS is a strong drug. You do realize that person you call a cult leader has been pushing folks to get the jab? Let's not let facts get in the way of a good ole "orange man bAAADDDDDD!!!" bashing.


Trump was booed when he recommended vaccinations at his Saturday rally. Why are his legions booing? I recall Trump intentionally downplaying the severity of the virus. So-Trump logic dictates the vaccine is not needed. Trump even downplayed the severity of his own illness!


I’m never surprised when smokers get lung cancer 😉

David Collins

So. Mr. not so quick**** . Your evaluation of Trump logic is quite flawed . Your obsession with him is sad . You could move on to the real bugaboo in the room reserved for adults only . That is the real and present threat .


Mr trump did suggest vaccinations, and was booed. He moderated that by saying your rights a few times.

Mr trump also recently denigrated booster shots as just proft for drug companies. J use what his maga crowds needed to hear.

The orange man is bad, leading his own cult members into sickness.

In 25 yrs folks will look back and say " what were they thinking, following that con man"


No need for anybody to wait 25 years. The whole free world can say today, yesterday and if they really think about it long ago and say, "what were they thinking supporting one Leftist conman and conwoman after another since Leftists started running for office.


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