Carteret County Schools will not offer virtual option for pre-K to eighth grades for 2021-22 academic year

Morehead City Middle School student Cydney Fulcher attends classes online in her home last August. The Carteret County school system announced Monday it will not offer a virtual option to pre-K to eighth-grade students for the 2021-22 academic year. (Cheryl Burke photo)

BEAUFORT — Carteret County school system Superintendent Dr. Rob Jackson announced on Facebook Monday public schools will not offer a virtual learning option to students for the beginning of the 2021-22 academic year.

“Unfortunately, following a survey of current Carteret County Public Schools parents and parents with students in private or homeschools, the number of potential virtual students is insufficient to make a virtual program viable at this time for students in grades Pre-Kindergarten through Eighth Grade,” Dr. Jackson said in the post. “Online coursework will be available for high school students. School administrators will be reaching out directly to those who had expressed interest in virtual learning.”

Dr. Jackson continued that the district plans to open the school year with face-to-face learning in all grades and “will be working hard to continue to provide a safe and successful learning environment for all students.”

Of the parents surveyed, 117 expressed interest in the virtual option.

One parent, Jamie Griffin of Newport, expressed concern about the decision in the comment section of the post.

“What if the new virus comes here worse,” she said, adding that she was considering pulling her children from the school system.

Parent Cheryl Smith of Morehead City, who has a student going into the ninth grade at West Carteret High School, said she had already planned to send her daughter back into the classroom because her daughter is vaccinated.

“I understand and support the school system’s decision to not offer virtual schooling for the coming year given that those who wish to be protected have been vaccinated,” she said Wednesday morning. “In addition, if folks really don’t want their kids in the classroom, there are a variety of options available — homeschooling, NC Virtual Academy, NC Virtual Public School just to name a few.”

Dr. Jackson said they are still waiting for further guidance from the state regarding students and staff wearing masks. Currently, students and employees are required to wear masks while inside school buildings.


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Good deal...finally folks not following Political Science and the liar Fauci.


Voice if the people was heard and acted on. There is light at the end of the tunnel.


Washington Post columnist Josh Rogin said that Dr. Anthony Fauci was Wrong to deny the National Institutes of Health that he overseas, ever funded "gain of function" research in Wuhan.


Senator Rand Paul exposed him with the truth in direct testimony. Fauci is a disgrace.


Strangely enough words have meanings, phrases can have quite specific definitions.

So the question becomes who is more credible, Rand Paul, a known nut job, or Dr Anthony Fauchi. Quoting the mainstream media ( the post) when you agree, and denying them when you don't ?

I don't remember seeing in the news where Dr fauchis neighbor gave him a good beating, Rand Paul on the other hand has a long and checkered history. Kinda like taking Jim Jordan seriously when he mentions integrity, what is it that draws people to liars and nut jobs?


Rand is a known nut job


Rand is a nut job??? Fauci is hero?. This entire covid crisis is a self aggrandizing circus.with Fauci as ring master. And it still is not over.

Consider that 75 million pe3ople have died from aides and to date only three virus free, documented complete cures. - source is Science magazine World Health Org. So I am now included in your definition of a nut case. Covid may well go the same way. CDC has NO cure.for AIDS and only a vaccine that Trump provided. Masks are chewing gun for the media eyes and are stupid when UV light surrounds us and is ignored. Who is the real nut case? It is us. It is you and me who still buy in to the magic of media while the world falls around us.falls apart

relax at Shack

CCPS does not need to reinvent the wheel in offering their "own" Carteret Academy. Too many kids fell through the cracks this year when parents would not send them back to school; despite all the safety measures in place. If we are ever in a situation like this again, there needs to be more accountability ( on the parents' end) when teachers don't see a child online for 9+ weeks, work not being turned in, and not seeing growth to promote to the next level. It's a double-edge sword; how can you "force" a parent to send their child to school when we're in the middle of a pandemic and they see this as a health risk? Very challenging for all involved...

David Collins

Rand Paul is a colorful character that speaks his mind . By the way , we seem to have an abundance of those types in the WOKE halls of Congress these days . Not all working for the best interests of our country . He was asking questions others would fear to voice . The label “nut job” shows your preconceived views . Others do not feel that way but so what . Fauci an expert , there are no experts for this is a new thing apparently constantly mutating . Fauci is reported to be the highest paid appointed , not elected , civil servant in our govt. . No mention of the fringe benefits . Not a bad gig if you can get it and certainly worthy of maintaining . Ok , I said it without saying it .


If you objectively review RP's statements and actions since he arrived on his fathers coattails, I think "nut job" sums it up pretty well.

(Edited by staff.)


Paul just might have the facts on his side.


Fauci has been "shading" the truth about Covid from the very beginning.


Words have meaning alright. Have some ice cream it's good for dementia, D's have always been for voter ID right? Who wants to defund who? 1984 anyone?


Neighbor gave him a "good" beating? What bad meaning do those words have?


In that context "good" means severe.


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