CARTERET COUNTY — A Carteret County resident died April 2 from COVID-19-related complications, the county said in a Monday release.

The resident was in their 80s and had several underlying medical conditions, according to officials, who said no further information about the individual would be released.

“At the time of death, (the) Carteret County Health Department had not yet received the positive COVID-19 test results from the testing laboratory,” the county said in the release.

Late last month, another COVID-19 death was reported in Carteret County, though the individual was a Virginia resident.

“We extend our deepest sympathies to the family and loved ones during this difficult time,” County Health Director Stephanie Cannon said in the Monday release. “As of April 6, 2020, Carteret County has had 18 confirmed COVID-19 cases. COVID-19 is present in our community.

“Over the next several weeks, it is really important for all community members to stay home to the extent possible, practice social distancing when conducting essential business, and employ preventive measures such as cleaning/disinfecting surfaces frequently and washing your hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds. At this time, this is the best way to fight the spread of this virus,” Ms. Cannon added.

For more information on COVID-19 in North Carolina, visit or call the Citizens Inquiry Hotline at 252-728-7060. Call 2-1-1, or 888-892-1162, for general questions or for help finding human services resources in the community.

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Sure they can't give out personal information and they shouldn't...but they could at least provide information on the location(s) in the county that were involved. That would help all of us in our efforts to avoid areas were COVID-19 is known to exist in addition to social separation and other CDC safety precautions. It just seems like it would be heath wise and safety sensible to have this information. Why does it appear to be a secret?


UM, had 'related' symptoms, well , may the person rest with the Lord , i'm sure they did not want to be known as the first with this affliction described .


Since test results are taking so long, the spread of COVID19 must be challenging. With North Carolina limiting testing to high risk people, healthcare workers and people showing signs, along with probable false negatives, how can there possibly be an accurate count? It makes one wonder how many possible cases are in Carteret County and other areas that haven't exhibited symptoms.


It would be interesting to compare the viral positive rate with the death rate at Carteret. In fact, compare the admission rate to the death rate as well.


Carolina East Medical Center announced today there are 6 cases hospitalized there. Has anyone seen if Carteret Healthcare is reporting their hospitalized cases?


Oh, YES, to the Beaufort Bloat and Blight on the people , IT WOULD BE HELPFUL IF THE FOLKS KNEW WHERE NOT TO GO?????? (as someone else mentioned in another comment!) Please do not cite retribution, because if this is going to do additional damage after 2 weeks, well YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR INEPT BEHAVIOR. I think we can sort out the who-dun-it thing later ok? Just shut them down , they had no clue, and be SMART HERE!?! If not, well one would think you are asking for repeat trouble. (or maybe its just me? anyone? WONDERING WHY WE ARE NOT INFORMED AS TO THE TRAILS OF THESE FOLKS? ) Yea, think about it. DB

Always A Teacher

Why so long for the test results? What about the rapid test? Our "president" has had two tests. Why are people being sent home with symptoms and can only be tested if they reach the point of breathing difficulty?


Suppose to be 16K or more of the toaster size rapid test machines with obviously more coming. Probably are currently taken up for high risk people & areas.

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