Trump ‘caravan’ travels from Swansboro to Cape Carteret

A vehicle caravan in support of President Donald Trump’s reelection organized Saturday in the Food Lion parking lot in Swansboro, then proceeded along Highway 24 through Cape Carteret and back to Onslow County. (Brad Rich photo)

CAPE CARTERET — A vehicle caravan to support the reelection effort of President Donald Trump organized Saturday around noon in the parking lot of the Food Lion grocery store in Swansboro.

Participants said they planned to drive through Swansboro and Cape Carteret on Highway 24, then return to Onslow County and stop at The Office, a bar on Queen’s Creek Road in Hubert, just west of Swansboro.

Trump campaign merchandise was sold for the event.

Vehicles that participated were festooned with American flags and Trump flags, and participants were dressed in red, white and blue.

One participant said weekly caravans are planned in the area until the election.


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David Collins

Oh great . Can’t you just vote rather than being disruptive ? Everyone knows all this caravan stuff , by land or sea , is just making climate change worse . Or so I was told . 😜


tRump Talibanners!


....ah, the poorly educated....


Thank goodness, no Antifa there.

Noble Rot

How embarrassing

Sleepwalker molotov cocktails, tearing down statues, vulgarity ...clearly not a left thing


That photo rather looks like one of those ISIS caravans; just different colored bits of cloth to show religious/political affiliation. One could argue that there are similarities in mindset as well. Not entirely, to be sure, but still ...

Big Fat Drunk Republican


I wanna get going in one of these caravans. Where do I sign up? Wait til you see my flag. It’s bigger than my car. I hope is doesn’t drape my car or another at a stop light. I would hate to cause an accident flying my flag.

I mean, I mean I want people to see my Trump flag, I want people to know I’m a Trump guy. I’m all in, I’m down with all of it!

When you see me and my Trump flag flying bigley, you will know it’s me coming, you will know know

Trump is my guy. I mean, I mean here in Carteret County we vote 90% republican. So I get fired up flying my flag and selling Trump to those threatening to turn Carteret blue, nope! Not in my house!

So fly them flags boys! Don’t forget your confederate flag while your at at it. Nothing chaps my hide more than them people kneeling during the anthem, are you hearing me? Kneeling during the national anthem is So disrespectful to our flag and country, so I’m gonna fight to make sure we can fly out confederate flags, the confederate flag isn’t disrespectful to the USA at all.

So my stars and bars will look so pretty next to my Trump flag, although the Trump flag is much bigger.

My Trump flag will look fantastic up above the American flag, and when I raise my confederate flag and me and the boys get to hootin and a hollerin you are gonna know Trump is my guy!

David Collins

No , the poorly educated normally don’t drive expensive vehicles , just skateboards .


Based on the yard signs around here, it looks like obiden will come in third, behind President Trump and garage sale.


Now that's funny stuff, movin.

David Collins

Noticed the same thing . Definitely have seen one and perhaps another in town . Know there are way more bed wetters about than that .

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