Incumbents sweep Carteret County commission races


BEAUFORT — All four incumbent candidates running for the Carteret County Board of Commissioners retained their seats in Tuesday’s contest.

Three of the commissioners, all Republicans, overcame Democratic challengers, while Chris Chadwick, representing District 6, went unchallenged in his first-ever bid for the county commission. Mr. Chadwick, also a Republican, took over the seat left vacant by former long-time Commissioner Jonathan Robinson, who died in May.

In the race for District 3, Bob Cavanaugh beat out Democrat Kathleen Colbert with 70.82% of the vote, or 28,130 ballots. Ms. Colbert had 11,588 votes cast in her favor, 29.18% of the total.

Jimmy Farrington also handily won his race against Democrat Rosalie Ruegg in District 4. He garnered 28,254 votes, 72.09% of the total, to Ms. Ruegg’s 10,940 votes, or 27.91%.

Probably the most visible Democratic challenger this year was Liz Ponder, running against District 5 incumbent representative Eddie Wheatly. However, she wasn’t able to pull out a win with only 30.27% of votes cast in favor, or 11,975 ballots. Mr. Wheatly got 27,589 votes, 69.73% of the total.

With 30,748 votes and no challengers, 100% of votes in the District 6 race went to Mr. Chadwick.


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It is hard to believe, watching the presidential election results, that there are so many ignorant citizens among us. Those who would elect a mentally impaired, socialist idiot like Biden. Sad.


We agree on that 100% corrupt. I'm amazed at the ignorance.


It looks like biden is going to have won the popular vote by about 4 million. Biden and trump are both roughly the same age. trump is in much worse physical shape. Both have " senior moments" Anyone who casts doubt on the election process without proof, is in my mind guilty of sedition and a traitor. A few isolated incidents, if and when proven do not show widespread fraud, certainly no where near enough to influence the election outcome. Patriots support the process. What do you say to a child who throws a fit when their team loses? Seems to me like we might need to put a woodshed in the rose garden?

David Collins

Do not think that it is about electing Biden per se . He is just the kindly old white guy wrapper for the far deeper social changes the left has planned . Harris is pure giddy with anticipation of a socialist dream coming to fruition with she leading the charge and waving the banner . Thankfully it looks like the senate will hold , at this point in time , but even kookier members of the house have been elected and are projected to align with “ the squad “ adding additional pressure for radical change of all manner of things . Anyone that thinks with Trump gone things will return to normal are sorely delusional . Let the games begin anew .


The Biden agenda to rape the Second Amendment is now reality. "Yes, we are going to take your ________(fill in the blank), is coming soon. The time is near for patriots to rise up. It worked so well for BLM, let the games begin.


I am now ashamed to be American. We have thrown away our freedoms and greatness among nations. Enjoy the high taxes, tyranny and corruption. This is what you wanted, you will get it, in spades.

David Collins

Those that support tyranny and corruption think it is just fine as long as it works out in their favor . The purpose of allowing the 18yr old vote and the suggestion of reducing it further to 16 yrs of age has come to pass . Drivers license = responsibility and that muck . Statically they don’t vote much but are eligible . Might be a source of bogus votes and they will never know it . All seems fair in today’s elections it seems . I digress, when after a few months these impatient Biden voters see that the words spoken by the new administration are just that , words not firm specific promises , are meaningless , look for the poop to hit the fan again . This time there will be no one to come to the rescue . I certainly hope I am dead wrong on this and peace / harmony will come to pass .


Sigh, again the sky is not falling. The voting age was lowered by nixon in 1970, not as a dem plot to provide false voter registrations for 2020, but because Americans agreed if you could be drafted and die in Vietnam at 18, perhaps you should also be able to vote. The melodramatic hyperbole is or should be embarrassing to those promoting it.


Lets see: Opposed to having to identify yourself to vote, support illegals voting, support obstruction of observation of vote counting, support last minute election rule changes, without lawful legislature passage, support mail in voting without measures to protect security of the vote, have control of the media, obstruct or block conservative communications in the media, Blue states have all manner of voting problems, the list goes on. No, this election is bogus. That is why the millions who voted for the legitimate president will never accept Biden or Harris as president. We will hold our noses, and our powder, until we cannot.

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