Carteret County reports 28 new COVID-19 cases heading into weekend

This graph using data from the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services shows the percent positivity rate of COVID-19 tests in Carteret County over time through July 24. (NCDHHS graphic)

CARTERET COUNTY — The Carteret County Health Department Friday reported one of the sharpest increases in COVID-19 cases seen in several weeks, adding 28 new confirmed cases since Wednesday.

The increase brings the county to 78 active COVID-19 cases as of Friday afternoon, up from 61 active cases reported Wednesday. In total, the county has recorded 5,404 positive cases since the onset of the pandemic in March 2020, including 59 known deaths and 5,267 recoveries.

COVID-related hospitalizations at Carteret Health Care in Morehead City declined for the first time in two weeks, going from seven to five as of Friday afternoon.

Also Friday, the health department announced it is changing how it reports confirmed cases by zip code. Rather than report the total number confirmed cases associated with each zip code, the department will only report active cases, along with total deaths.

“In the event that there is an active case in a zip code with a population less than 500, it will not be reflected in the zip code breakdown but will be reported in the total active case number at the top of the graphic,” the county said.

According to the data released Friday, the Newport zip code, 28570, leads the county in number of active cases with 24, followed by Morehead City, zip code 28557, with 19 cases.

The health department offers the COVID-19 vaccine free of charge to anyone 12 years and older. To make an appointment, call 252-728-8550, option 2, or view other provider options by going online to

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Simple answer to the increased Covid-19 cases. GET VACCINATED.

It may not be 100% effective but its better than the alternative.

Also if you are vaccinated and you test positive then your chances of being hospitalized is below 5%.

If you want that tube shoved down your throat to assist you to breath the just carry on as one of the ... un- vaccinated minority.

(Edited by staff.)


Dang Bob, that made very good sense, plus it’s a simple solution.


Remasking in the house made the Trump wing of the GOP HOWL and demand Dr. Fauchi come explain why if the vaccine works masks should be required.

Vaccines do not prevent infection, they prepare your body to fight the infection. thus vaccinated people are better able to fight an infection off, in many cases you can have the infection but not even be aware. In that case you are shedding virus putting others at risk. The as yet un greek lettered Lambda variant is spreading in miami, Virus mutation will continue until this thing burns itself out. Herd immunity will happen eventually, via vaccination or the natural immunity provided by recovering from an infection. I guess we are just going to let natural selection play out. Or perhaps wrap the vaccine in cheese?


Better if you wrap the vaccine in bacon rather than cheese.


How many previously vaccinated cases admitted? I assume none.


Fl just broke its previous record from a yr ago for most covid hospitalizations, just a few days after their gov announced no mask mandates, no shut downs.

Wonder how those 10000+ folks many in 20's and 30's feel about their right not to get vaccinated, wear masks, or use common sense right about now?


The Governor of Florida is not going to change now after 15 or so months. It would make his previous views and statements on the subject look really stupid. Also he does not want to make such a statement against the views of his lord and master agent orange otherwise he will get his wrath up and turn the base against him.


About 99.999% of fully vaccinated Americans have not had a deadly COVID-19 breakthrough case: CDC


Wonderful news for the vaccinated, sadly half the country has declined to be vaccinated. THANKS MAGA MEDIA!

Meanwhile what do you suppose a week in icu costs? Co pay ? uninsured? Nothing like being sued, then having your wages garnished for a 6 figure hospital bill.


I have often asked when they say that the person who died had prior conditions but they never respond. What are these prior conditions, a heart attack, diabetes, liver or kidney problems those would be serious and getting covid 19 on top not good. However, if the prior condition was something less challenging then they should say. Perhaps this newspapers investigative reports could find out the answers for us instead of just taking the issuing statement and repeating it.

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