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BEAUFORT — Health officials announced Friday afternoon the first case of COVID-19 has been confirmed in Carteret County.

According to a release from the Carteret County Health Department, the individual who tested positive for COVID-19 recently returned from international travel and began showing symptoms after returning to North Carolina. The individual was tested for COVID-19 March 18 and confirmation of a positive COVID-19 test result was received at the health department Friday from the N.C. State Laboratory of Public Health.

This individual is in isolation at home at this time, according to officials. Carteret County Health Department’s Communicable Disease staff is working at this time to conduct contact tracing to make sure everyone who came into close contact with this individual is quarantined. Close contact is defined as anyone who was within 6 feet of the individual for 10 minutes or more.       

To protect individual privacy, no further information will be released.

“There is nothing to indicate this was a community-acquired transmission,” Carteret County Health Director Stephanie Cannon said. “All indications are this was travel-related. We are following all state protocols for contact tracing.”

According to the N.C. Department of Health and Human Services, at this time there are no approved treatments and no vaccine to prevent COVID-19. However, there are known methods to reduce and slow the spread of infection.

Individuals can practice everyday prevention measures like frequent hand washing, staying home when sick, disinfecting surfaces and covering coughs and sneezes. Community-based interventions can also slow the spread of COVID-19. This includes measures collectively known as social distancing.

Social distancing measures aim to reduce the frequency of contact and increase physical distance between persons, thereby reducing the risks of person-to-person transmission. Implementation of these measures can slow the spread of this disease, according to health officials.

For more information on Carteret County specific information regarding COVID-19, call the inquiry line at 252-726-7060.

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Did this person keep isolated after arriving from an international flight or did they go to any locations in Carteret county?

Even if you can’t give names, please give places visited so we can self-quarantine further from our family members in our homes if necessary.

I think we should all act as though we have it already to protect everyone, but we can’t convince everyone so we do what we can personally.

Are you contacting those on the flight as we


They could at least say the town even if they don't give the persons name.


I would like to know if they did the 14 day quarantine after travel and just tested positive or if they visited places here. We should be given that info without names so we can take proper precautions.

K. Jack Schidt

Apparently Cuba has an anti-viral that has been shown to be effective against COVID-19. The Chinese government has selected it for use there but, unfortunately, the trump administration is blocking its use in the US.


Trump is allowing anything the CDC will and it sounds like open to more- and expediting everything. Just listened to him speak today.

Carteret Native 01

Sorry, Bill, but you're spreading misinformation. In the US Interferon 2b is marketed as Intron, and is very widely available. So far there is no confirmation that Intron is effective against his bug. Researchers are working on it. Keep to the way of the truth. There are alerady far too many lies and exaggerations coming out of the White House.


quarantine anyone coming from international travel.




EI Bill curious of your source Trump is blocking Alpha 2 ?

the secret life of man

Shut down route 70, 101 ferry from Oriental cedar island ferry.. it's time to defend ourselves from this invisible enemy. I've seen people come into my neighborhood from Wake county to visit their vacation houses in months to escape possibly the Wake county coronavirus episode. They should know better then to come to a place like this and bring a possible virus from a known area of the state.

David Collins

There are always magical mystical cures for any and all things that the “government” is secretly holding back from the public for whatever reason . Secret until now and for a small fee the secret can by yours . Profits are unlimited if you act NOW . Conveniently shipped to your door in discreet brown paper packaging with no return address visible . Remember , you must act now . Start by calling BR-549 .


Restricted travel, social distancing, washing hands often, etc. seems to help prevent the spread. "Unnecessary" traveling in CONUS would seem to be as important as international travel. If not restricted voluntarily then what?


OK on a more realistic line you cant shut down 70 or stop traffic from coming into Carteret County. How do you think we get supplies here? We do not have any dairy farms, or processing plants for meats, or gas, Water, medical supplies. well to be honest all we have is seafood. And you need gas to cook, And oil. Over 90% of the things we have here is trucked in. So all the immature thoughts about stopping everything from coming in is almost as crazy as the other counties saying don't send our food to there county or our medicals supplies to them. as for a person who has a home here why cant he or she come and check there home? If you stay out of there yard and house and business then you should be ok. But i know it is hard for for some to not try to tell everyone else what to do, just as long as they can do whatever they want to do. if you look out for you and stay out of all the masses you will be good. But it is hard to not be noise and go everywhere and complain about everything. For a County that has only 2 thing to offer ( Beaches and Seafood ) Oh and where do you think all the money came from to dredge the beaches? From just the people in Carteret County! What about all the money that was sent after Florence? And what about all the help from people from all over the state, and other states that came here to help restore power. And being in supplies and equipment to help people remove trees. So quick to tell other to stay out when you are not in need but the first to cry want help when something goes wrong for you! Some of the people in this county are the most selfish people i have ever seen. You dont own this county, you own or rent your car,truck,or home. So just stay in them and then you have nothing to complain about.


Quite possibly you have overlooked the 1 aspect you mention first, which is exactly 'supply's' . If , in fact these 'folk's' are coming from a resource rich place, like Raleigh, or the likes. , well, it stands to reason they have plenty of resources, and we are on the very end of the supply line. hence the loss of food, etc. ie: this place, full of 'selfish' people, as described by 'folk's' such as yourself overlook that aspect. They can easily go home 2-3 hrs away, and not worry about their store in Raleigh not having toilet paper, or MEAT, as bot of our stores ran out of! Pray tell, are they going to do a 3 hour grocery run for us? (one way?) Doubtful. So, from me, here in Bft, the town with 1 gas station, and real estate thats well overpriced for no beach, or enough seafood markets, i would say, our supply is running dry! So, maybe its a great time to go throw the old crabpot in the water, and drop a hook Don't worry though, because i do not need gas to cook either! (nor a prep to clean the fish) [yawn]


Aren't essential supplies of basically most types probably exempted? Aren't individuals after hurricanes restricted until it's deemed safe? Is there a need for people from the so-called "hot spots" to come unless there's some kind of an emergency? Not sure what the emergency would be but maybe somebody can think of one. This goal is about less unnecessary contact isn't it? Otherwise what is it we're trying to accomplish?


"Moving at Trump Speed" by William Noel. Our president is trying his best to solve the health-related shutdown problem & then get the economy moving again. It'd be great if folks would cooperate. He's fighting for us while the Left has all along & continues to even in time of national crisis to eliminate him to the country's detriment.


"What did Dr. Fauci have to say in 2009 about the deadly H1N1 pandemic?" By M. Catharine Evans.


"Stop slow-walking synthetic vaccines! Our bureaucracy is killing us!" By Howard Richman and Jesse Richman.


"For those trying to make sense of COVID-19's statistical noise, there's help" by Andrea Widberg.


Correct spelling last name: Widburg.


Deadbolt The point i made you just made better! The people that come here from other places is what keeps it going. First Bft, Has dried up because its own people do not support its business. If the people do stop you will not have one gas station! The only part of Bft that is doing ok is the water front where all the people go that visits there. I don't think anyone drive here just to go to the grocery store here. And just to be honest with you Bft has been drying up for years. Because it is a very snobby town. The only thing it has going for it is the water front. Its people of the town cant support the business there like i said. So stopping the people may just help shut down the last gas station for you. DC the first thing we do is get all the cameras and news people from everywhere and let them have free rains here to go and look and film all the damage. And get footage of all the locals walking around looking at all the damage too so they can get on the news and say ( We need help everything we have is destroyed ) But we allow supplies to come in as soon as the delivery drivers will bring them. And lets face it like i said 90% of our supplies are shipped in by people who DO NOT LIVE HERE! So we are back to square one again. This county is supported mostly on outsiders to keep it going.


Call either grocery store in Bft, or the gas station, and ask them if they could shut down when the tourists go home, then make your comments. Remember, trust but verify. Please verify to me where this big bad wolf is? ps... yes we are aware that Bft sold out, some of us more so then others, this is what make this , well, lets say, Karma staring at some folks.

sick and tired

Beaufort businesses died, as well as Beaufort when the LOCALS died out. Now, that there are only a tiny, tiny fraction of LOCALS left the businesses have died, and will continue to do so. It makes more room for the houses to be built that the LOCALS can't and never could afford. So, when you want to point the finger at why Beaufort business died, point to the ones who moved here and wanted "change" Beaufort use to be a paradise. We all knew each other. You never went over the bridge. We stayed on our side. We had everything we needed. Maybe, just maybe once a year we'd go to New Bern to the mall. Change, progress it sure is all we thought it would be. The death of a WHOLE community. RIP Beaufort.


Yesterday the stream of traffic going over EI bridge from 58 was not much different than summer. Maybe they're coming to make sure it's still here or escaping the pandemic hot spots or bringing supplies the trucks can't handle. The Left would like to see our president gone & really don't care about the country but had rather have total socialism with total govt control. Anyone not falling in that group needs to back the president & listen to what he's advocating until we can turn the corner of a national emergency whether real or pushed by those trying to defeat him.


John, please stop it. I read your words this morning and deliberately have waited to reply until I could do so with patience and prayer. The vast majority of people in this county are pulling together and helping each other. Calmly. Which is pretty much what we do when we face hurricanes, etc. Speaking as a lifelong resident, and speaking for the eastern part of the county which I know better than the rest, I don't know a single person who has ever been, “the first to to cry want help when something goes wrong for you!” That was a terribly rude blanket statement and as unkind as it was untrue. Believe me, most of us here learned decades ago that we need to take care of each other together and “ourselves” as a group, as long as possible, in times of crisis. Obviously, shutting down highways and supply lines is unrealistic and foolish. But there is NOTHING wrong with asking, ASKING, those who are in areas with many cases to please not hasten the spread. This place was kept afloat, affordable, AND far more affluent for the average resident BEFORE tourism became the end-all/be-all, NOT because of it. To attempt to state otherwise is a slap in the face to those who have lived here for generations of self-sufficiency through crises both environmental and health, only to have that resilience and survival (let alone joy) violently taken away by higher taxes to fund tourism concerns, restricted commerical fishing to curry tourism concerns, and deliberate sabotage and undermining a truly beautiful place to make changes that tourists who decided to stay had the money and the bullying attitudes to push through. Your words are divisive and frankly they do NOT speak for anyone I know. You’re causing a problem where none should exist just to rant and there is NO place for that in this nation’s current situation. Your own final two sentences in your original post were the only ones that made sense. And they are just as good a suggestion for the people heading here who shouldn’t be right now as what you tried to say to locals, “You dont own this county, you own or rent your car,truck,or home. So just stay in them and then you have nothing to complain about.”


Trump's Policies Have Been Vindicated And The Fake News Narrative Proven To Be LIES [ ] [thumbup]


Perspective First let me say my words where to to put down all in this county it was addressing those who want to tell others what to do. Now i to have lived here for a lot of years, and i served my country and i am proud of doing so. That it why it hit a nerve when i see people telling other they do not need to come here and check there home even if it is a summer home they have every right to do so! Now NO not all here pulls together in troubled time we have people here that do just the opposite they rob steel price gouge and loot, But not all do that. So the words i spoke was pointed to the ones it was referring to. If by chance it offended you because you thought it was to hard or to blunt i am sorry, but life is better lived bluntly than tip toeing around and not make a stand for all. I served my country for Everyone not just for the Carteret County residents. So in short yes i do have a problem when i here a person tell other they are not welcomed here or stay away, I actually know 2 people who trucks in our supplies weekly. I am so grateful they do not read these peoples comments and decide to stop because a few idiots saying dumb things, ( Like stay out of this county, or you are not wanted here or welcomed here! ) I do notice you stated you waited to answer (with patience and prayer ) If you believe in the same God i do did he not say that we all are brothers and sisters? And where in the bible did he say do not love they neighbor? In my bible in Mathews 22: (39) states Thou shalt love thy neighbor as thyself! I may be a hard and cold man but i believe that God loves the men and women in Raleigh, Durham, and all the other cities just as much as he does men and women who are Commercial Fishermen or live in Harkers Island, Marshallberg, Stacy, or Cedar Island !


Thank you for your response, John. I think you're missing the majority of my point, and I maintain that you make assumptions that you shouldn't, specifically about my own intentions and reactions, but that's to be expected in this sort of communication venue where it can be so hard to assess tone. Makes it all the more important to be specific and intentional with words. We see some things differently, no doubt, but I very much respect and approve of blunt, plain speech. I do NOT approve of broad, blanket statements, particularly when people are already stressed and trying to do their best. And speaking bluntly, I find them damaging - all the more so when you state that you're referring to a small portion of the populace. Thus my choice to respond. Personally, thank you for your service. That is important and valuable. And yes, I am well aware of Bible teachings and what we're supposed to do as Christians. Please read my response again before you feel the need to catechize me. At no point did I promote being anything but loving. Ironically enough, I think we're probably on the same side of this matter (to a large degree) but we're definitely approaching it from two different directions. For the record, the unkind, ugly-talking, especially threatening, idiocy-contingent wanting to block supply chains and barricade borders doesn't speak for me, either. But there is NOTHING wrong with asking people in a "hot zone" to please stay home rather than come here to relax- the same as I will expect all of us here to do as we become one ourselves - the same as we really should be doing so already. Nor will I ever appreciate the opinion that this place exists to cater to those who only sojourn here. Peace be with you. May you and yours be safe throughout this time.


Great post Perespective ...  my reactions are knee jerk, reflecting on the past 60 plus years, however, i think the dream of 'tourism' , (and a few other dreams), are smashed, for a small time. IMO... Its very fulfilling to smell the KARMA, but alas, watch over the fence for the greener pastures, they may not be an easy target. .. I grew up when the times you speak of were in fact REALITY. It was not so long ago, and , well, as for my seeds, they stretch all the way to the very end of Hwy 70, where there are no more bridges, end of ride, etc. Yup, the EAST side, as you mentioned. Currently, i think its time to show the last 'GUEST' THE door. They have lost their noodle! [wink]

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Perspective First let me say at no point was i catechizing you in any way, my statement was to say i too believe and know the bible and also a Christians. And thank you as well for the communication. And i would not tell my brother or my sister or my child they where not welcomed here and go away. And my point was only this if a person OWNS PROPERTY here why cant the come to there home? ( not saying go door to door and talk to everyone but if they are in there home it hurts no one.) They paid or are paying for there home just like everyone else in this county did. And they have a right to go check or even go stay in there home. So my statement was not blank if you own a place her you have every right to come here, with out the peanut gallery shouting go home leave, or you are not welcomed here. If the residents is so dead against people coming here then why do the residents sell there property to people not from here? Next i have lived here for 65 years also now. So yes i have seen all the same changes happen for years. Some are awful and some are good. But the ONLY thing that stays the same in life is constant change. We don't have to like it, or even agree with it, or want it. It is still going to happen. AND all who owns here should be able to come here. With out a snowflake crying about what someone else is doing. After all all that has happened to this county is the results of the people living here selling to people who don't live here. So most of the change has been self inflected.


And then there's knowing when it's time to walk away from a pointless, circular discussion. I'm done.

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