Glenn Henry, former Beaufort resident, has requested the Air Force Thunderbirds to perform a flyover in honor of Beaufort leaders who established a checkpoint entry system to keep out non-residents as a result of the of the COVID-19 pandemic. Here is his petition:

Dear Vice Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff Gen. John Hyten, Secretary of the Air Force Honorable Madam Barbara Barrett, Chief of Staff Air Force Gen. David Goldfein, Chief of Space Operations Gen. Jay Raymond, and Honorable Gov. Roy Cooper,

I’m respectfully writing to let you know, about some of the most highly outstanding management, and selfless leadership, I have ever seen conducted by a Mayor, and City Commissioners, in support of our Great Nation, Democracy and Republic, in the midst of COVID-19, coronavirus.

Recently, in the Eastern Coast, seaport town of Beaufort, (Carteret County) North Carolina; Honorable Mayor “Rett” Newton, and Honorable City Commissioners, Ann Carter, John Hagle, Sharon Harker, Marianna Hollinshed and Charles McDonald; correctly did the unthinkable.

These innovative thinkers, devised, and implemented, an awesome, and well-thought-out checkpoint entry system, in which all Beaufort residents were mailed a residential COVID-19 entry pass. All drivers had to show their North Carolina driver’s license, or military identification, with a Carteret County address. Persons living outside the county, without the required documents, were turned away. Special Circumstances passes were developed, that could be approved, or denied. Such as medical appointments, essential workers, and employee passes. Some workers could show pay check stubs.

Second Home-owners not sheltered in place, prior to March 31 were denied access in the town, along with persons without essential paper work documentation. The checkpoint entry system was recently relaxed. City officials may bring it back if necessary.

These Top-Notch Beaufort City elected officials, stood -up tall, and firmly as trusted agents, and as our most reliable brokers and fiduciaries, on behalf of our Nation, Democracy and Republic; by making highly difficult, and the correct decisions, in protecting the Health and Safety of our great United States of America citizens.

They made critical, and paramount decisions, at the lowest elected level form of government, the city municipality, in which averted issues, which would have had a negative impact on our Country.

Due to their timely actions, new initiatives, correct innovations; seamless information to the public; critical implementations and appropriate enforcements; untold amount of lives were potentially saved, and the invisible COVID-19, coronavirus; wasn’t allowed to further spread from numerous tourists, visitors, beachcombers, second-home residents, during the beginning of busiest traveler season.

This is what outstanding leadership and exemplary management looks like. They did the right thing, vice group-think.

In honor of the outstanding leadership of Mayor Newton, Commissioners Carter, Hagle, Harker, Hollinshed, and McDonald; in the support of, and in the defense of, our Great Nation, Democracy and Republic, against the invisible enemy COVID-19, coronavirus.

To express to the town of Beaufort, North Carolina how proud we are of them; I respectfully, highly recommend, nominate, and request that our Top Air Force, and our Top Space Force leaders consider sending our Air Force Thunderbirds, aerial demonstration team to perform over the skies of Beaufort; through the recently established program by our service leaders.

A great point is there is a lot air space, and the awesome town is on the Atlantic Ocean, surrounded by waterways. The residents are the friendliest people in the world. They are “Sierra Hotel” and they are the “Salt of the Earth.”

Although, I currently live in Montgomery, Alabama, and I no longer live in Beaufort, my heart will always be there. Just like our Air Force and our Space Force wingmen. I will walk through Hell for the citizens of Beaufort and the Carteret County residents.

In closing, I hope a favorable consideration is rendered.


Glenn Henry


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Recognition for what? A blind shot in the dark. More taxpayer waste indeed.


After Attorney General Barrs remarks; I would wait until the lawsuits are over before a flyover. It might be quite embarrassing.


What for breaking the Constitution give me a break .. the mayor should resign at best..


Airstrike Approved.


Are you serious? Is this a late April Fool’s joke? The Mayor’s “innovative” barricade and designs for entry into town only lasted ten days before succumbing to common sense. Perhaps the writer could petition an Air Force environmental cleanup team instead to come clean the egg off the Mayor’s face.


Lol I love it!

David Collins

More un-necessary expense .


This will make the best movie. [unsure][yawn]


What a joke. He is kissing someone's posterior. What makes Beaufort,NC more special than any other place in the US that has been hit by Covid 19? Not a dang thing! The Thunderbirds are not gonna do it. Waste of time fuel and money. Sorry buddy dream on in that liberal land you live in. And it's not Alabama my family is from there and they dont ask stupid requests like that. But that's just like all the other snobs from Beaufort think they are better than anyone else. NOT ALL PEOPLE FROM BEAUFORT AR RE SNOBS . This is directed to the 50 cent millionaire type. God bless the true residents and nice people of Beaufort.

Paulo the coast

Unbelievable. They really think too highly of themselves. No one else is patting them on the back.


A president died & is being laid to rest in Fish Town? Gullee!


What a novel idea. I guess it takes someone’s perspective from more than 650 miles outside the checkpoint to remind those of us actually living under irrational executive fiat in Beaufort how good we have it. Perhaps we should pay a little extra to expedite delivery of our almost new non-pandemic essential fire truck that they borrowed just shy of 1 million dollars for during a pandemic while simultaneously shutting down our economy, raising our taxes and forcibly excluding a large number of home owners that make up our tax base from their properties, so the truck will be here in time for the flyover. We could then have an appropriately social distanced parade, with the mayor and all of the commissioners riding the new truck as they fly over. Mr. Henry could attend and participate, walking in front of the truck scattering rose pedals. The Town could fund his travel and participation by just passing the expense through on our water bills. This has epic potential. If this fly over were actually to occur, the missing man formation would be appropriate in recognition of the businesses lost and economic devastation incurred as a result of the irrational actions imposed by the “innovative thinkers”.


Nero, that was a great posting. Well done!

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