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Sheriff Ed Brown's advertisement is defended

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Posted: Wednesday, February 19, 2014 9:29 am

To the editor:

This letter is in response to “Sheriff Brown’s Announcement” (which appeared in the Tideland News on Jan. 29). Also, it is my reply to the negative comments this advertisement has generated.

Sheriff Brown is a dedicated and professional law enforcement individual who has served for the distinct purpose of protecting citizens of Onslow County. We, as citizens of Onslow County, should be proud and feel at ease to have such a high caliber man protecting us from harm. A couple of times I have dropped into his office without an appointment and found no matter how busy he is, he can find a minute or two to answer a question and render his help. A most gracious man who, when you are in his office, makes you feel his concern is for you as a person in need.

I think Sheriff Brown’s statement in the paper is who he really is. I read a recent letter from Mike Plenis in the Feb. 9 Daily News. He was ranting about if we are law-abiding citizens, “do we owe everything we are or will become to those in the law enforcement profession?” I believe Ed Brown would be the first to say, ‘no.’ An earlier letter alluded to Sheriff Brown’s statements as ludicrous in nature. I suggest Mr. Plenis redirect his remarks to President Obama and his staff. They deserve it.

Mr. Plenis, consider this scenario. You are at your bank, and a heist occurs. The sheriff and his men arrive and the culprits are trapped in the bank. You then become a hostage. Who would you put your trust with regarding your freedom? The sheriff and his staff or the hostage takers? Even though the sheriff and his men read your comments they will not forsake you. They will do their sworn duty. This is where your life is in the power of the sheriff and his staff. The sheriff and his staff will risk their life and limb to protect your most precious Constitutional Right … your right to life.

Now do you understand the power of the sheriff and his staff?

All this because Sheriff Brown commented “Those in Law Enforcement Profession have complete Power and Authority over: You, Your Life, Your Family, Your Loved Ones, Your Rights, Your Freedom, Your Future, and Everything Precious to Life.” In some direct and some indirect, peripheral ways, they certainly do. An officer of the law can stop, detain, search, arrest, and use lethal force. All of these require certain direction and application as decreed by laws established for our protection, and ultimately the protection of law enforcement.

It does appear that Sheriff Brown has dismissed from his staff nine officers who have ignored the rules of law and departmental rules. One of Sheriff Brown’s main duties is to maintain a staff who apply the law equally and properly, following the law, without prejudice, to uphold the rights of all under the Constitution.

It is my belief that Sheriff Ed Brown does administer his duties properly, mainly always for the protection of the citizens.

I do not vote for a party, I vote for the man. May God bless Sheriff Ed Brown.

Gerald Theriault


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1 comment:

  • Jeffrey Dorian posted at 6:31 am on Thu, Feb 20, 2014.

    Jeffrey Dorian Posts: 1

    Mr. Theriault,

    You Sir are completely misinformed about what really goes on at the Sheriffs Office. I know several deputies who have told me some awful stories about the mistreatment of employees, corruption, unfair promotion policies, unfair distribution of training and professional classes just to name a few. Did you know that the 9 officers that Ed Brown fired all work for other agencies in the county because the accusations by Ed Brown were unfounded. They were fired because they stood up to him and some of his people that do his dirty work. That is why the majority of them were fired. Only one out of the 9 were charged with any crime and his charges from what I understand are being dismissed. I work for an agency in this state and I can tell you the stories you hear about the mismanagement, low morale and basic lack of leadership at the Sheriffs Office is all true.

    You talk about the Sheriff and his men will not forsake the man who wrote the original letter. You are half right, The deputies will not because they know the truth and feel the same as many in Onslow County do. The Sheriff however will and has many times. DID you know that there are still deputies that have committed acts of Domestic Violence and theft and are still working at the Sheriffs office only because that are cronies of Ed's. You base your support of Ed Brown because he talked to you when you came in his office. Really? He is an elected official of course he is going to talk to you. No sir you and many others in this county are wrong about Ed Brown he has pulled the wool over so many peoples eyes that allot of people in Onslow County are blind to the truth and that is sad because every time you and others vote for him you are doing the deputies, those that really are the ones that keep us safe and not Ed a disfavor. Do me a favor find a deputy that you can trust and talk to him. You will be enlightened as long as he is not cared of you and trusts you enough to tell the truth.


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