It is time.

“For everything there is a season, and a time for every purpose.” (Ecclesiastes 3:1)

Now is the time we can no longer wait. The future of our form of government is at risk.

The law has been broken. Transcript of a wrong doing phone call from July 25, 2019, was hidden in a vault. Because of a whistleblower that phone call became public.

Then a form of the transcript was released by the White House to the public. In discussing releasing funds for assistance, President Trump asked President Zelensky for “a favor though.” He wanted information on Vice President Joe Biden and his son Hunter, which would help President Trump’s 2020 campaign.

Then the law was broken again in public. Trump suggested China help with his political agenda by investigating the Bidens.

What does it matter? “So what,” you say. Here is the problem. When other governments become involved with our election process, they become players in our government itself. They can make demands and try to manipulate our government and elections. We lose our freedom to choose and govern ourselves. They can conjure up false information for “favors.”

What happens if we do not impeach any president who enlists other country leaders to profit his own political agenda? Then future presidents will also expand their political campaigns across the globe, opening themselves to bribery and blackmail. This corruption is what our founding fathers designed to avoid in formulating our constitution.

It is time for the Republican Party, from local precincts to Congress, to face the reality that they cannot oppose this impeachment without opposing our form of government.

This president has attacked his political opponents or prospective opponents verbally and childishly since he began seeking elected office. That is rude, immature, repugnant, but not illegal. We have freedom of speech guaranteed in our Constitution. However, our Constitution does not allow a president to withhold monetary aid already approved by our government to ask a foreign power for “a favor though” which would be useful in his political campaign (or for any other quid pro quo, which is Latin for “a thing for a thing,” or, if you do this, then I will do that). That is illegal – and a threat to our national security since protection of Ukraine from Russian attack is protecting us. To condone this action would jeopardize the sanctity of future elections.

What was tried to be kept secret was now public in a written document put out by the White House. Shocking scandal.

Then the president publicly announced he wants China to do the same thing: dig up dirt on his political opponent for his political gain.

Now the situation has become critically dangerous. President Trump has made other offenses during his time in office, but the most recent proves that he has gone rogue. Single handedly he has withdrawn our troops from the border between Syria and Turkey after a phone call to the president of Turkey. He did this without any consultation with his advisors. This resulted in a predictable offensive military attack against the Kurds who were our allies who fought side-by-side with us against ISIS. Why would he do this? Because he wanted to prove his campaign promise to bring our troops home? This is a disgrace to our country and our honor.

The “cease fire” or “pause” negotiated by Vice President Pence and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo gave Turkey everything it wanted including a chance to “clean out” the Kurds along its border. Disgrace upon disgrace.

Trump must be removed from office as quickly as possible before he can do more damage – to our independent elections and to our commitments to other countries.

This impeachment is very sad, very inconvenient, and very bad timing, but to turn our back on these flagrant violations of what we stand for as a nation of honor would be selling our soul.

“When we’re dancing with the angels, the question we’ll be asked: In 2019, what did we do to make sure we kept our democracy intact? Did we stand on the sidelines and say nothing?” Elijah Cummings

Ann vonHoorn lives in Cape Carteret. She is a Tideland News contributor. Email her at

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David Collins

Yup, she is frustrated and her opinion shows it. Yup, coming from a person that has shown the desire to ban everything she does not like or agree with does show frustration. We are also frustrated. The whole world is frustrated about something. Take out your frustrations in the privacy of the ballot box. I will.


Sure, Mr. Trump has done some questionable things.

However, aren't you just a bit curious as to why the grown children of politicians named Biden, Pelosi, Kerry, and others were all being paid quite large sums to sit on boards of companies in Ukraine?

Aren't you a bit curious why Joe Biden's boast that he force Ukraine to fire the prosecutor investigating corruption (and Biden's son) by threatening to withhold over $1 billion?

Do you think it is reasonable for a president to insist that recipients of US aid demonstrate some system of accountability for those funds?

Is it reasonable for the US government to want to know more about the people who have been convicted in Ukraine of corruption centered on helping the Clinton campaign in 2016?

Should we ask why the US ambassador to Ukraine refused to permit Ukraine investigators to travel to the US, and why the US Dept. of "Justice" seemed totally disinterested in this?

I will agree with you that a serious crime has been committed. Let's dig a little deeper and learn what really happened here.

David Collins

Sure, I am a bit curious but not about the fact that the spawn of political families are given a shortcut to prosperity. Has always been that way. It’s called entitlement? Just now, with the internet , things get out in the blink on an eye as well as to a vastly larger audience. No longer can families conceal less than honorable events behind a stiff upper lip. Doesn’t mean anything has changed other than the degree of culpability. Was asked, when a student back in the 1960s, if I believed there was a ruling class here in the USA? Replied , not sure but probably not. In light of past and more current events , may well have to modify that answer. Such is life!


Note that no one denies the president violated our Constitution, and in doing so endangered the safety of our nation and it's people.

When will some of us get our heads out of the sand and see the truth?


Prediction: President Trump will not be impeached. President Trump will win re-election. And we will have four more years of whining about it from the liberals. Wish a stiff upper lip rendered permanent voice paralysis to those spewing constant anecdotal nonsense.


To Kenwood: Plenty of us are smart enough to know that you cannot prove a negative. We also are aware that very few actual facts have been made public.

Considering that it has now been reported that the second hand "whistle-blower" worked closely with Joe Biden (and his alleged efforts to fight corruption in Ukraine), it may be a good idea to withhold judgement on this one. It just may be the case that Ukraine is run by corrupt officials, and Mr. Trump was right to poke around a bit before sending another truck load of my tax money to them.

It may even be the case that the only criminal activity was committed by the Obama administration. What to do then?

David Collins

I do not know, Kenwood. Perhaps any lifting of heads and casting aside the blinding sand should start with you?

Always A Teacher

I read trump's comments (does not deserve a capital T) about Beto O'Rourke. My grandson then asked why the president can name call and it is wrong for him? Answer that question for me trump-lovers! By the way - how is Melania's anti-bullying campaign coming along? Must not be successful if her husband is one of the bullies. he is an absolute DISGRACE (deserves these caps) to our country - an overgrown bully with his name-calling, lying, cheating (taxes not released - wonder WHY?), NEVER will admit he did anything wrong, etc, etc. How can people go to church, say they are Christian or anything else, and endorse this "person"? I still want a legitimate answer for my grandson - I can't think of one because there isn't any.

David Collins

Teacher, try freedom of speech. Everyone else has it, why not him? Don’t make another snowflake out of your son or grandson. Allow him the opportunity to grow a set and move on with life. Sticks and stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me . Remember that one? Geeeese , give it a rest already!

David Collins

Just a thought, brought on by those quite younger than me but a bit wiser,. So much negativity is brought upon our president by those that have other ideas. That’s all, just other ways to invent the light bulb, for we do now have LED lights, don’t we? Why all the hatred ? |That’s all.

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