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Regular readers of this column, those two or three of you out there, may remember my Mother’s Day piece a couple of months ago that focused on mothers-in-law and how mine – both of them – were blessings to me. That they were blessings doesn’t necessarily comply with the traditional view of t…

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In 2010 Hammocks Beach State Park launched an end-of-season event to say “Thank You” to the community for its support of the park. It was intended to provide an opportunity for folks to come together for an afternoon of fellowship, fun, and a celebration of all the good things we share.

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The Trump Administration continues to pursue a trade war with China, a war that it is losing. The usual results appear: trade relationships are exacerbated, production suffers and labor resources are allocated inefficiently. Instead of trading productively, relative productive disadvantages …

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North Carolinians are determined, tough people. For generations, our families have weathered brutal hurricanes. But recent history tells us there’s a new normal when it comes to these storms, and if we don’t rise to the challenge, then rising water will get the best of us.

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Merriam-Webster defines community as, “the people living in a certain place (as a village or city) the area itself. Google Dictionary defines community as, “1. A group of people living in the same place or having a particular characteristic in common. 2. A feeling of fellowship with others, …

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