Skate park closed as lawsuit defended

Swansboro has closed the skateboard facility at Municipal Park following injuries to small children, one of which has resulted in a lawsuit. For the latest information purchase a copy of the Sept. 18, 2019, Tideland News. (Williams photo)

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David Collins

Now that we are living in a period of time in where no one is responsible for anything they do. With this in mind, why would the town leave an attraction , that is inherently dangerous, unsupervised? Did any of the recreational employees or even the town commissioners Not see this coming? Especially in the light of a prior lawsuit about a metal slide being dangerously hot. In the sunshine, during hot weather and all that. Just wait until some child gets sick or injured on the splash pad, that you just had to have. Sadly, everyone needs a babysitter to hover about where ever they go and whatever they do. Even this would not stand up to an eager beaver Personal Injury Attorney that really wants to win one for you.

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