CHAPEL HILL — The Croatan athletic department received quite a surprise Tuesday with the release of the Wells Fargo Cup standings.

The Cougars became the first county program to ever win the N.C. High School Athletic Association state competition by taking the 2A division.

“We’re ecstatic,” Athletic Director Dave Boal said. “We just couldn’t believe it. It’s big for our school.”


CHAPEL HILL — Croatan and West Carteret each captured Wells Fargo Conference Cups for the 2018-2019 sports season.

Croatan won the 1/2A Coastal 8 Conference by capturing 14 of the league’s 18 titles this season, while West Carteret took the 3A Coastal Conference.


MOREHEAD CITY — The nine blue marlin brought to the 61st annual Big Rock Blue Marlin Tournament scales Monday and Tuesday were good news for the rest of the colossal billfish left offshore.

With Wolverine atop the leaderboard with a 588.9-pound blue marlin, the other anglers in the competition are more likely to release their fish rather than risk bringing in a fish that may not crack the podium.

That was evident Tuesday with 49 total releases to bring the week total to 96. On a rainy Wednesday, anglers released six billfish to up the total to 112. After three days of competition, there have been 63 blue marlin releases, 26 white marlin releases and 13 sailfish releases.

With two strong days of fishing to start the tournament, this year’s Big Rock has a chance to set a new release record. That watermark is 172, set in 2007. There were 124 releases last year, 160 in 2017, 107 in 2016, 88 in 2015, 131 in 2014 and 119 in 2013.


BEAUFORT — The seventh annual Billy Stanley Golf Tournament on June 1 was a great day while honoring the memory of the event’s namesake.

The golf tournament this year raised over $5,500 for the youth of Ann Street and to support their summer mission trip.

The winning foursome consisted of Woody Warred, Lisa Warren, Nathan Gregg and Cameron Guthrie.


ATLANTIC BEACH — The Beach Run of the Carteret County Parks and Recreation Department 2019 series saw its numbers hold steady at 94 last week in the third set of races this season.

Ninety-four participants showed up for the longtime annual family in the second set of races after 75 arrived for the first event of the year.


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