The panel is faced with an equal schedule of high school, college and NFL games this week with four games at those levels making their way on to the slate.

The Florida State and N.C. State matchup cause the most disagreement among the nine with a 5-4 split.

Billy Weaver (WITN-7), J.J. Smith (News-Times), Dennis Thomason (News-Times), Deana King ( and Tim Hower ( like Florida State while Brian North (WCTI-12), Brian Bailey (WNCT-9), Zack Nally (News-Times) and Brian Barnes ( go with N.C. State.

Three panelists go with Duke over Virginia Tech including North, Bailey and Hower. North and Bailey are the only two who pick Boston College over Wake Forest.

The entire panel takes Notre Dame over Virginia.

Three of the four high school games are unanimous picks.

The entire panel goes with West Carteret over Farmville Central, Croatan over Lejeune and Swansboro over Union.

Nally, King and Hower select East Carteret over Pender.

On the NFL side of things, the entire panel grabs Atlanta over Tennessee.

Nally goes for a huge upset pick by taking Buffalo over New England. Smith is the only one to take New Orleans over Dallas.

North, Weaver and King believe in Washington over the N.Y. Giants.

The online editors and the TV sports anchors tied last week with 279 records followed by Carteret Publishing at 24-12.

Hower and North were knotted atop the individual standings with 10-2 marks followed by Barnes, Weaver and Nally at 9-3 apiece. Bailey, Smith and King each went 8-4 and Thomason went 7-5.

The entire panel correctly picked D.H. Conley over West Carteret, Southwest Onslow over Croatan, Wallace-Rose Hill over Northside-Jacksonville, East Carolina over William & Mary, Kansas City over Baltimore and San Francisco over Pittsburgh.

The entire panel missed on New Bern’s win over Jacksonville.

Barnes was the lone member to miss on Havelock’s win over West Craven.

North was the only one to hit on Appalachian State’s victory over North Carolina.

Smith and Thomason failed to take Carolina over Arizona.

Hower and Barnes were the only two who rightly went with North Brunswick over Swansboro.

Bailey, Thomason and King missed on Dixon’s win over White Oak.

The online editors pushed their one-game lead in the overall team standings to four last week and now have a 125-49 record. Carteret Publishing is second at 121-53 followed by the TV sports anchors with a 119-55 mark.

Bailey now stands alone in the individual overall standings at 43-15. Thomason fell back into a tie for second with Barnes and Hower with each posting 42-16 records. Smith and King have 41-17 marks apiece followed by Weaver at 40-18. Nally has a 38-20 record with North bringing up the rear at 36-22.

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