Atlantic, N.C.

Sept. 2, 2019


I voted today. I will be 68 years old in December and I started voting when I was 18 years old. The first time that I voted I went with my parents. My parents and I were registered to a political party. but I learned early on through my parents to vote for the person who seemed to be the best for the job that would help all people not just one political party. As an unaffiliated N.C. voter, I voted for Allen Thomas today who is running for the N.C. 3rd District Congress position.

Through the years I voted for Walter Jones Sr. and also Walter Jones Jr. I voted for these men who were both Democrat and Republican because they both reached out to all parties for the better of eastern N.C. people, all the people!

Allen Thomas got my vote for I have been around him enough that I believe that he has all the people of eastern N.C. in his best interest. Allen Thomas is an eastern N.C. man, born locally, worked on farms as a young man (like me), has been around our commercial fishermen and is trying to reach the everyday working person (like me) throughout eastern N.C.

I believe that although he is a young man, he has the values of the older politicians who truly cared for all of us and not just a select few or who can help him become richer. I ask today for you the N.C. voter to consider voting for Allen Thomas for Congress, but most importantly I beg you to vote!


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