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Jan. 8, 2020


Ever since I can remember, politicians running for office would use established economic indicators to point out a bad economy that their opponent was responsible for creating or a good economy that came from their own hard work. The indicators used were GNP growth, wage growth, interest rates, unemployment rates, stock market performance and the polling done to reflect the consumer’s confidence in the economy.

   The year 2020 may be the first Presidential election where a large group of politicians running for office will blatantly ignore these commonly used indicators to appraise the state of our economy. And you can assure yourself that all of these politicians are Democrats.

   I guess one fundamental characteristic of a good politician is one that can call a spade a club and get away with it.

These Democrats are certainly unified in their message about the state of the U.S. economy. Their general message is: “the economy is not working for everyone.” And we all must agree that their message has some truth to it.

   If you are living in a tent on the sidewalk in San Francisco, the economy is not working for you. If you are completing your sentence in one of our State or Federal penal institutions, the economy is not working for you. If you just crossed the Rio Grande illegally and are being held in a U.S. detention center, the economy is not working for you.

   You see, you must be in some way be vested in the economy for it to work for you in the first place. The economy does not just drop gifts (“public goods”) from the sky, only Democrats do that.


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Big Fat Drunk Republican

You are so right, the economy likes to drop gifts on big biz. Why worry about ma and pa when you can continue stepping on them while hiding behind big words like socialism. No need to let innovation continue to drive capitalism, it’s all about protecting the big boys and the old way!

David Collins

My , my . Our wealth envy is showing a bit . While tent living is not something I aspire to , it does appeal to some . No taxes , insurance or utility bills for them . Food , drink , clean needles and all the drugs one can stand . All that and a lovely climate at no charge . Did I mention that your toilet facilities are regularly cleaned as well ? It really doesn’t get any better . Does it ?

These prison folks chose to commit crimes . The grateful taxpayers provide them with shelter , food and drink , entertainment , exercise and plenty of company at no charge . Did I mention free security as well ? It is so good that some actually work hard to return . What a deal !

The illegal chap has it just as well . Full taxpayer benefits for the entire duration of his stay . No wonder so many chose to wet their backs and willingly surrender . They have never had it so good and the best part is no bill to pay . Died and gone to heaven , they have .

Yup , this strong economy does help many more than you would think . Only in America as the song goes .


Carteret gives taxpayer money to boat builders, ignores other businesses. You can't make this up. Who says money doesn't grow on trees.


well said, Big Fat Drunk Republican.


"Smelling blood in the water, Bernie and his supporters attack Warren" by Andrea Widburg.

Walter Sobchak

The Economy does not work well for the hourly employee working for Wal-Mart and other huge corporations, who rake in Billions and don't share. No one is paid a living wage, not even a school teacher. Apparently unless your lucky or very talented, you have to lie, cheat and steal for a piece of the pie,

Like your führer.


Uncle & son is now being called fuhrer by his own ilk. Figures.


This is about the best they got......... [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=BsUAvh_PCWA ] And here's part 2... [ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=P3PWDNkLliE ] Yea, fairly sobering. Lastly this chap and cohorts made specific threats against several US Law Enforcement Agencies, and civilian's population. Democrats ARE DONE! YOU WILL NEVER , EVER SURVIVE THE WRATH YOU HAVE ALONE BROUGHT UPON YOURSELF. (SLEEP WITH BOTH EYES OPEN) [wink]

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