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Oct. 28, 2019


Apparently, our president has decided to work his way through the alphabet saying nasty things about cities in our country when he is supposed to be the leader of all Americans.

We start with the A’s: Atlanta, where he attacked civil rights icon and United States Congressman, John Lewis, saying the “capital” of the South is “falling apart and crime infested.”

Next up were the B’s, as #45 went after Baltimore and the late Congressman Elijah Cummings, calling Baltimore a “rat infected mess.”

Now he has made it to the C’s, Chicago, which he just attacked, along with their Police Superintendent Eddie Johnson, who snubbed Mr. Trump when the president visited. Mr. Trump said Afghanistan was safer than Chicago. Never one to let facts get in his way, the murder rate and gun violence records, which have been horrendous in the windy city over the years, are in fact down. While still high, they are at least moving in the right direction under the leadership of their African-American police superintendent.

Next? D for Denver maybe?  I think not. I wonder why?

I guess we should applaud #45 for at least not saying the same thing about Atlanta, Baltimore, and Chicago as he did about countries in Africa!

Do these large American cities have problems? Without a doubt, as do many of our large metropolitan areas. Infrastructure is old and needs modernization, crime and unemployment are high, jobs too scares, schools are underfunded and homelessness is rampant. But these cities and others need a president who is actually concerned about their welfare. Mr. Trump slams African-American led cities for one reason: it is red meat for the faithful.

Meanwhile, #45 never looks smaller than when true American patriots are eulogized. The stark contrast between the lives of service and dedication to their country of the late Sen. John McCain and U.S. Congressman Elijah Cummings and the current president could not be more startling.

In complete and coherent sentences, which in itself is a brutal attack on #45, former President Obama praised Cummings commenting, “There is nothing weak about kindness and compassion.” He added, “You are not a sucker to have integrity and treat others with respect.”

Meanwhile, the Republicans in Congress are more interested in keeping their jobs than doing their constitutional duty; thus, none but a few will say what they all know to be true about #45.

Courage and integrity? Eleanor Roosevelt put it this way, “In the final analysis, a democratic government represents the sum total of the courage and the integrity of its individuals. It can’t be better than they are.”  At this point, I can only pray that is not actually the case.


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David Collins

While what he said is unpleasant, it is certainly quite truthful. The said municipalities are ... holes and have been for many years . The common thread in their governance has not gone unnoticed. Pretty much the same world wide . Not a put down, just hard facts of reality.

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Truly laughable! Ds have controlled these major cities for how long? It's always "some" thing ot "some" body that is the problem other than the REAL problems. It's about time some real "leader" tells it like it is. Denver might work with you "D" but capital "D" and capital "C" would be good.


"Democrats ignore mass shootings of blacks in Chicago" by Tom Trinko.


"Trump unloads on Chicago's top cop and his pal 'wise-guy' Jussie Smollett" by M. Catharine Evans.


We are at a point in our society where the division of culture has culminated. Each side unbending to the other, each demanding their version of what makes the society best. Happens as part of evolution. May the better species win.


Dirty Democrat policy in all of the mentioned locations have caused these places to choke on wasted programs that keep the folks down, FACTS DO NOT CARE ABOUT YOUR FEELINGS.

Core Sounder

The main problem for Trump is he is quick to say what most of us are hesitant to say in public. This president tells it like it is unlike 95% of our other politicians.

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