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Aug. 7, 2019


In this difficult day, in this difficult time for the United States, it is perhaps well to ask what kind of a nation we are and what direction we want to move in. What we need in the United States is not division; what we need in the United States is not hatred; what we need in the United States is not violence or lawlessness; but love and wisdom, and compassion for one another, and a feeling of justice towards those who still suffer within our country, whether they be white or they be black.”

Excerpt from remarks by Robert F. Kennedy on the death of Martin Luther King Jr.

If Sen. Kennedy was alive today and given the recent gun violence and mass shootings of innocent people in Gilroy, Calif., El Paso, Texas, and Dayton, Ohio, he might have amended his comments regarding Dr. King to include Latinos, Asians, Christians, Muslims, Jews, gay and straight people and immigrants. It is time to make a real effort to address the problems of domestic terrorism and gun violence that are the root cause of what Kennedy called more than 50 years ago, “This stain of bloodshed that has spread across our land.” Our collective pain over this continuing American tragedy is palpable. My own children and grandchildren live within 30 minutes of Gilroy.

Addressing this issue will be incredibly hard, but we must act. As a retired Marine, I support the rights of responsible citizens who hunt and keep weapons for self-defense. A significant part of my 23-year Marine career involved running ranges and training Marines in the safe and responsible use of firearms —everything from small arms to machine guns. But with all that, how do we justify current laws which allowed the Dayton shooter access and ownership of firepower capable of murdering nine people in less than half a minute? Answer: We can’t.

We must set aside the BS for once. It will take a coalition of responsible gun owners and sportsmen, principled legislators with moral courage and sensible concerned citizens — patriots all, working together to end this deadly situation. If we do nothing — nothing will happen —except the continued slaughter of innocent people.


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Yes, but it will take more than the regulation of firearms to bring about the necessary changes. We nee influential people, politicians, writers 0f all stripes, businessmen, clergy ,editors, you and I, to step up, acknowledge where we are, and put forth positive, inclusive messages rather than what we are hearing today. Walk next door, say hello, and shake his or her hand. Whoever, whatever they be.


Id venture to say, about 99% of the FREE WORLD probably does not trust you to be their morale arbiter. ie: there are over 8 billion people on this planet, and one, or possibly two actually care what you think, or believe, sorry.


Fatherless homes, drugs, gaming industry, Internet, education, core values, etc might be a better place to start. Not all the shooters are young nor white. Older guy at concert in Vegas killed most didn't he? Bank robbing father was pretty much not in his life. He was a financial success but was lost otherwise. Young black Va Bch employee recent divorcee and other issues. Somebody mentioned Manson and that's about the time drugs and free love began. Society has been taking a dive since.


Almost forgot Hollywood. "The Hunt" is just one of hundreds if not thousands that have made a contribution to the decadence of society in general.

Core Sounder

lack of respect for anyone or everything. No moral values, I remember a well known Kennedy telling us to ask not what our Country can do for us but to ask what I can do for my Country. Now days a lot of us are demanding that they be paid for living in America. Far too many of us are content sitting on our behinds demanding that working taxpayers support our bad choices.


Blame the media for giving shooters the opportunity for publicity. Label them as nameless and faceless cowards. Take away the motivation they may have to be noted in history or remembered.

David Collins

The media uses these shooters as a tool to promote banning firearms . Actually pretty convincing with those that are weak in the knees and that is a whole bunch of people . The looney leftist candidates are in a feeding frenzy on this subject . Of course the cities with this problem are mostly , by far , those run by democrats but that never seems to make the light of day .


Lindsey Graham made a good point.


The National Republican Army is an unregulated militia calling the shots in Washington. They refuse to engage in meaningful dialog on weapon availability to unstable persons. The NRA will not be at the table when solutions are debated and enacted. They will end up miserable in a few years. Current lawsuits and debt may even bankrupt the NRA.


Actually that would have been a fitting name when it was first started by those Yankees like Burnside to improve their marksmanship. Evidently a thousand or so shots were fired by the Ysnkees to eliminate one Confederate. Burnside said his guys couldn't hit the broad side of a barn. Glad they were lousy shots or many of us may not be here today.


My great-great grandfather was shot in the leg in Fredricksburg, remained in the hospital for nearly a year. Walked with a limp for the rest of his long life. The story is he met the yankee who shot him and they reconciled in the same hospital. When he finally got home, he knew the war was not right and never complained about his wound but stood for reconciliation. Family never owned a slave.

David Collins

All the NRA is , is a pro 2nd Amendment political action group . A group of like thinkers that count in the millions . A group that is no worse than any other PAC . Sadly , those that do not share their beliefs have chosen to demonize and attack by any means possible this basically conservative leaning group. A group that can count many many democratic members in their ranks . I am not a member , by choice , but then I have never been much of a joiner . By choice . Personally , I have never agreed with the PAC concept . Puts way too much money ,$$$$ , in the hands of pandering politicians , of which there appears to be an endless supply of in our country . Politicians, not money that is . But , it appears that most of the folks feel the need to belong to something that advances what ever cause they have been told to believe in so life goes on . Well guided or misguided, time will tell .


The NRA only represents about 5% of all firearm owners.

David Collins

Ok , that would account for about 15,750,000 firearms . Quite a sizable number .


From all the fuss you'd think it controls 95% of all owners or at least all the deplorables.


Let's be clear. Banning AR-15's or any other semi-automatic rifle will not cause a reduction in this killing. Second Amendment aside, FBI statistics show that long arms are used in few crimes. However fast one can kill is not the issue. One major bomb blast can kill quite a few. The war on automatic firearms (semi) is an attack on our ability to resist our governments ever closer movement to tyranny. My semi automatic and full automatic firearms live in harmony with each other, committing no crimes. Neither do my suppressors. My standard capacity magazines remain quite peaceful, without evil intent. The real issue is the lefts fear of all things firearms. They care not what it is, they want it gone. Today it is automatics, tomorrow it will be flintlocks. It is this distrust of our citizenry that is at the heart of liberals. And they want us to trust that they will never attack or enslave us. That is a foolish thing to trust in them at all. Or in any government. The founders knew this well. It isn't about armament, it is about our freedom. Do we really want to live like the rest of the world, or do we want to remain free, in a world of tyranny. Choosing to enjoy all things firearms, I honor and respect those who choose to not have firearms. They should also respect my choices as well. Meanwhile, I look forward to the latest acquisition.


3.333 seconds per person killed, per the author. (3.333x9=29.99).

A 9 shot 1911 .45, from concealed draw, at 19 yards, one shot center mass on nine targets in 6.8 seconds. Excluding the draw time, it averages .7555 seconds per target. All lethal hits. This is common among practiced pistoleros. Far faster than in the article. This is NOT what is now considered a assault weapon, but in the future it will be, if the liberals have their way. Skill is far deadlier than mere equipment. Thus the end result will be the banning of skill sets or knowledge. This is the liberal mindset.

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