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Jan. 21, 2020


A mere 50 years ago this month, then President Richard Nixon rolled out a design for new uniforms for the secret service guards at the White House.  The uniforms included double breasted white tunics and hats with peaked fronts that made them look like marching band drum majors.

The idea was short lived.  One critic said the new uniforms made the secret service “look like extras from a Lithuanian movie.”  My apologies to the Lithuanian movie industry.  The proposed design was based on what Nixon had seen “palace guards” wearing in other countries.  He obviously forgot the White House is not a palace but the “people’s house.”  Or at least it used to be, before the current occupant.

In his 1973 book, “The Imperial Presidency,” Arthur Schlesinger, Jr. wrote about what he saw as US Presidents who were way over the front of their skies, far exceeding their constitutional authority.  Schlesinger issued that warning well ahead of Trump, but any new edition would have a Trump picture on the cover.  Of course, Trump would love the publicity. Today we have a monarch-want-to-be who does not believe Article II of the US Constitution even exists.  You know, the one that sets limits on the power of the presidency.

The current president continually ignores Congressional subpoenas, spends money not allocated by Congress (the wall), delays spending money for his own political purposes (Ukraine) and disregards The War Powers Act.   With the lapdogs from his party controlling the Senate and ever attentive to his needs, the Democrats in the House are left with a strategy best described in a joke by the late Robin Williams, “Stop, or we will yell Stop, again.”

That such a person as Trump would win election is not surprising.  It is more surprising that in the 233 years since the constitution was ratified, we have not had more elected.  What is also surprising about this presidency is the total capitulation of the Republican party to the cult of Trump.  Just look at a December survey which indicated a majority of Republicans polled believe #45 to be a greater leader than president #16.  By the way, #16 is Abraham Lincoln.  

Ironic, at a time when the dictator in Russia is consolidating his power to insure he will not be giving up the real authority in his country when his six-year term is up in 2024, the current US President looks longingly towards Mother Russia and his best bud, the former head of the KGB, for a governmental model more to his liking.

Meanwhile, the GOP lapdogs in the Senate are getting ready for a show trial and #45 is looking to outsource the manufacturing of those white tunics overseas, like so many other items that carry the Trump brand.


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David Collins

My , my . TDS personification in print . Unhappy your socialist candidate lost are you ?

The laws that portray what the prez can or can not do are deliberately rather vague . Must be a reason for it . Just because one doesn’t like something does not make it are crime .

Tunics made overseas , well , what clothing is not sourced overseas these days . Even Mike Lindell , the pillow guy , might assemble his pillows in Michigan , his materials are mostly sourced overseas . Giza is not in Kansas .

What December survey ? Surveys are taken pretty much daily and mean little to nothing . They are often crafted to achieve desired results . When was the last time you or I have been part of a survey . Heck , anyone you know ? My answer is a big NO .

Calm down , the next 5 years will pass .


What a joke! Were you blinded after those 8 years of BO and others? So there is no history of disregard or claim of executive privilege with subpoenas, spending $ not allocated by congress, delaying spending for own political purposes, disregarding the War Powers Act, etc. by his predecessors? Think hard now. No, it matters not if his predecessor(s) did all of this & much more. If anyone challenged one of those times they must be a racist or some other name befitting of anyone but a D. Tell Vlad I can be more flexible after the election, giving speeches to ex-KGBs for hundreds of thousands in fees ring any bells? Finally a leader who is all about the freedoms of life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness for everyone. Problem is those who don't want anyone but themselves to have it. Leftists all. They are the ones who love the Russian model & we know who all of them are.

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Well said!!


Where was the author during the Clinton years? The Obama years?

David Collins

Spending his days in his pajamas playing with toys ? Perhaps still is ?

Big Fat Drunk Republican

The author clearly doesn’t watch Sean Hannity or listen conservative radio, shake on you. If you were a fan of conservative radio, you would live Trump.

Trump says what Hannity says, don’t you get it?

Fall in line or get out of the way! I mean, I mean he talks like me and you. What’s not to like about Trump?

I gotta go, got some some slum loarding to do and some contractors to not pay. I don’t know why my tenants think they need heat and why I should pay my labor, Trump yeah!


You mean, you mean what? No, he doesn't talk like you. Didn't BO & his whisperer represent &/or act as slum lords? Who's created more than govt jobs? Don't forget the linen on your way.

David Collins

Hmmmmm , “ shake on you “. “ live Trump “ . A few too many sundowners on the old island , me thinks . Don’t let Hannity get to you . Everything will be OK . By the way , it’s the Russians . Heck , everyone knows that .

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