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May 27, 2019


Our system of justice in the United States consists of a police force, a contingent of prosecuting or district attorneys and a court system with both elected and appointed judges. The police are there to protect the public and to detain or arrest (or charge) those individuals that supposedly have violated our laws.

The prosecuting or district attorney’s job is to determine if there is proper evidence to prosecute those individuals in a court of law that have been accused of violating. The judges, along with a jury, are there to determine if you are guilty or innocent of the charges and to impose the proper sentence for those that are found guilty by the court.

The symbol of justice in the U.S. is the blindfolded lady liberty holding a set of scales. The blindfolded lady liberty is supposed to symbolize that justice is to be blind to a person’s position in life, thus equal to all people. The set of scales symbolizes that guilt or innocence will be determined fairly by the weight or preponderance of evidence or fact. Our system of justice is not by all means perfect, but it is the best we have when people of integrity are in charge of the system.

How would you react if you held an elected political position and party leaders of the opposite political party somehow convinced someone in our justice system to put a prosecuting attorney in place to investigate you and your family? Remember, you have not been accused or charged with any specific crime by any police officials.

This prosecuting attorney then hires 18 attorneys with staff, utilizes 48 FBI investigators and two dozen accountants, interviews 500 witnesses, spends 22 months and $25 million, and in the end comes up with not one recommendation to prosecute you on any charge. But the nightmare is far from over due to the fact that the opposing political leaders are not satisfied with the result of the 22-month investigation. They decide to continue the investigation on their own.

Have we all but forgotten that many of the early settlers came to this land to flee political and religious prosecution from the kings, queens, political leaders and church officials in their homelands? These early leaders believed they should decide who would and wouldn’t own land, who would be arrested and go to jail, who would eat and who would starve, and what faith you would be able to practice.

It is a sad day in America for Republicans, Democrats and Independents when we chose to allow our political leaders to make the decision as to who will and who will not be prosecuted in our justice system. If I remember correctly, we have three separate and distinct branches in our government: legislative, judicial and executive. I believe we would best be served if our legislative branch (the politicians) would stick to writing and passing our laws. It’s surely not hard to see that they haven’t quite got a hold on this part of their job yet.


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Well said.


Wonder what the writer's views were during the Nixon and Clinton years.


RMN's own did not support him. With BC specific offenses were clearly enumerated by the special counsel and the House took action. He was disbarred.


"Robert Mueller is a Sleazy, Shameful, Partisan Hack". By Patricia McCarthy.


"Mueller offers sly impeachment bait". By Thomas Lifson.


"Trump Finally Has the Wind at his Back". By Brian C. Joondeph.


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Dirty utopatarians, posing as DEMOCRATS, with Democrat help of course.

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