Beaufort, N.C.

January 25, 2020


The impeachment farce continues with lies, hearsay information, misleading information, and lack of due process.

The Dems claim that the President had every opportunity to have due process.  What they fail to disclose is that the President was not allowed representation at the first two rounds of hearings.  They say the Republicans could call witnesses, but what they fail to say is that the witnesses had to come from Schiff’s approved list of witnesses.  The one lawyer who everyone referred to as a Republican witness actually was not a Trump supporter.  He said he had not voted for Trump, but the Republicans chose him because they felt he was the most objective attorney on the list of attorneys permitted by “dictator” Schiff and his merry band of Dems.

As far as not responding to subpoenas for witnesses and documents, the President’s attorneys said they were not legitimate subpoenas since there had not been a vote by the full house to give the power to subpoena to Schiff and his crew.  He said that the Constitution requires the whole house to vote to give that power to a committee and that just the command of Pelosi to proceed with the impeachment was not sufficient.  

Since the Dems were not following the requirements of the Constitution, what right do they have to complain about their illegitimate documents not being honored?  Since Schiff controlled the list of potential witnesses in the House, does McConnell get to make the approved list if the Senate votes for more witnesses?  

Schiff should be the first witness to explain how the whole impeachment process was handled.  He also showed his lack of smarts when he said, “CBS News reported last night that a Trump confidant said that key senators were warned, ‘Vote against the president and your head will be on a pike.’  I don’t know if that’s true,” Schiff said; more of his anonymous sources, which he did not hesitate to pass along in the Senate trial.  Between him saying this and Nadler saying that if the Republicans did not vote for more witnesses and documents they were guilty of being a party to a cover up, I do not think they made any Republican friends.

The president’s attorneys showed many instances of where Schiff and Nadler had “cherry picked” information without giving a true picture of what the witnesses had said.  Remember this is the same Schiff who went on TV with Chuck Todd and said he had factual evidence of collusion, etc. in the Russia investigation.  Apparently he did not share it with Mueller since his report said there was no collusion.  The attorneys showed video after video that showed the information provided by the Dems was garbage.  

If I were one of the Republicans on the fence as to whether or not to vote for more witnesses, I would take the position opposite the desires of the liars pushing for it.  When I saw the CNN article by their contributor Scott Jennings entitled, “Adam Schiff is the one helping Vladimir Putin destabilize US democracy,” it put a great perspective on Schiff and the Dems in my opinion.    

The Dems are now complaining about the GAO report about the temporary withholding of the Ukrainian funds, but where were they when the Obama Administration was charged 7 times for breaking the law by this same GAO:  once in 2009, three times in 2014, once in 2015, and two times in 2016.  This whole impeachment farce/fraud is strictly partisan.  Remember when the “wonderful” Speaker said that she would not start impeachment proceedings without overwhelming evidence and bi-partisan support.  She is just as big of a liar as Schiff and Nadler in my opinion.

If you do not believe this is a farce, just remember the January 20th, 2017 front page headline of The Washington Post which read:  “The campaign to impeach President Trump has begun.”  The effort has not stopped since, with the likes of Maxine Waters, Rep. Green, etc. continuing to talk and even saying they might bring other impeachment efforts if this one fails.  

An article in the WAR Room says that “Schiff Should be Disqualified From Trump Impeachment,” with their reasoning being that if more witnesses are allowed he may be called as a witness since he and or his staff conspired with the whistleblower.  They say Schiff cannot be both a potential witness and lead manager.


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Repeating lies does not make them true, Turner.

Livin in Paradise

Mr. Pigford - What you fail to mention is this is the exact same procedures the Republicans used for Fast and Furious, Benghazi and Hillary's emails. These were the rules they created and the Dems continued. Please when writing a letter to the editor, disclose the full truth and all the full truth. Spinning for political advantage is unbecoming.


What happened to Holder & HRC?


Laughable! Spin for political advantage? You can bet Ds would never do such a thing right?


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA Here's a message from the Trump Team.......... [ ] Welcoming ANOTHER 4 , or more! [beam]


have you bought your tRumpybear yet? lol

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