Morehead City, N.C.

Aug. 1, 2019


An article in the Aug. 1 Jacksonville Daily News (“He, she — or they?”) probably caught the eyes of every born-again Christian reader. This letter occupied half a page in which the writer explained the difficulties in determining the “correct” way to address men and women according to the gender of their choice.  

How far can we go with this nonsense? It would seem that there is no end to it. Let’s face it, God created man — including women — as the Bible states in Genesis 1:27: “Male and female he created them.” For those few of us who believe in the truth — God’s unchanged, unchanging, and unchangeable truth — that settles the matter.

You can remove body parts, apply makeup, wear whatever you want, it actually makes no difference because your God-given DNA does not lie. If you are born male, your DNA is male. God decided which gender you will be long before you were so much as a glint in your father’s eye.  

Use any words you want to describe yourself — gender fluid, gender neutral, gender queer, gender nonconforming or gender blender — those words mean nothing in the face of the DNA you received from God. He is in control of sexuality, not your ultra-liberal, politically correct, latest attention getting fad dictionary. Gender is a gift, not a choice.

To think that one may choose one’s gender is a sickness, a socio-cultural cancer that is eroding the fabric and the backbone of mankind. It needs to be treated as one would treat any other disease. It needs to be stopped before our children and grandchildren are forced to accept it as the norm.

Final question: if a mere 3% of our younger generation “identifies” as “gender neutral” (whatever that is), why does our media — including the media — devote so much space to them?  I suppose it’s news — like man bites dog. In the case of this idiocy, the dog is winning.


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We have been told in our school to refer to students as "they" instead of either he or she. It's a whole new world out there now.


Common sense has gone to the dogs for sure.


Like Johny Joey Jones says some here are fighting over non-binary bathrooms while Hong Kong is fighting for basic freedoms.


Wow! What a great letter. So perfectly worded. Those of us who do agree with the writer are, unfortunately, the minority right now. However, there is hope because guess what?? God doesn't make mistakes. I was watching Dr. Phil a while back and he is always saying how he believes in God and is a Christian well, he feel thru the crack on one of his shows. He had a transgender male marine who had turned into a "woman" and he was trying to convince that man's uncle to accept it. That was so wrong. You can't turn a banana into a peach and you can't turn a man into a woman or visa versa. Again, God doesn't make mistakes and one day all these weirdos will find out first hand.

Core Sounder

As a little boy I used to pretend that I was Superman, David Crockett , The Lone Ranger etc and my parents even bought me the costumes to wear. As I grew older I realized that it was all make believe and started living in the real world. Think that far too many of us are still living in the make believe world and have tried to convince us all that its normal to be weird . No, I don't dislike you for being weird but don't try telling my children that your lifestyle is normal human behavior either.


So what if someone who has a different religion than you asks you to speak words you are not comfortable with, just try to be polite. In America, everyone has the right to go to Hades in their own way. (I was cautioned on a more colloquial word for Hades.)


It befuddles me that so many narrow minded, who identify as Christian, support their opinions with quotes from the Old Testament, particularly Genesis, but never from the beatitudes, never the words of Jesus Christ. Never words of inclusiveness as Jesus preached.

David Collins

NO doubt you will figure that mystery out or failing that just ask .


So god created man and woman but didn't create the confusion?.Never blame the creator always blame the creation? I have forgiven god a long time ago and set it free so now it is just you and me!


Jere, It must be nice to know everything. You are saying that no one is born gay or has male equipment and female DNA, or vise versa. I wonder how you would act if you had a child who was gay? Gender is not always black or white. Some people are born grey, and you equating this to evilness shows an antiquated mindset.

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