Newport, N.C.

July 9, 2019


I’m grieved that we have become a lawsuit happy society in which we easily claim discrimination when we don’t get something we want. This causes me to question if wealthy Americans can’t do the same, as they are the primary target Democrats intend to use to fund their ever increasing government programs. The 1% richest Americans are despised by them.

My debt requires me to cut back my expenditures and it seems irresponsible for Democrat presidential contenders to pledge to give even more when our national debt is already soaring.

I saw a recent graph that showed America currently owes 78% of its gross domestic produce (GDP) to our national debt (GDP is what we export from America, money belonging to private industry) and it’s projected to be 148% of our GDP in 2040 (everything and more would be needed to cover our debt alone).

Wouldn’t the 2020 election be best served to talk about ways to reduce our debt rather than unique ways to add to it? Contemplating government run healthcare — is there anyone who truly believes government is fiscally efficient at providing services, that their takeover of the healthcare system will improve it? The best solution to lower cost healthcare is more low income clinics for the struggling and the poor, while the wealthy continue with the benefit of private insurance. Government will immediately improve healthcare just by getting its overreaching regulations out of it.

To control our debt, government should cease paying anyone’s insurance premiums and put that money into community clinics using the latest tele-health technology, communing with semi-retired doctors through video (the VA successfully uses this and we veterans appreciate it).

Ronald Regan’s past words are truer that ever, showing we have not learned: “Government is not just part of the problem; government is the problem.”

Putting evermore control in government is a bad idea and the initial dividing point between conservatives and liberals. This issue decides our next election determining whether to keep government in balance with private industry capitalism or moving us into socialism. American capitalism has been the envy of the world. Yes, let’s fix what’s broken (fraud and greed), not replace our entire system inviting government bureaucracy and inefficiency. Remember Venezuela once thrived capitalistically, but fatally choose to enact socialism. America has too much debt to go this same route.

Stay our economic course and equip more health clinics, renting the buildings and staffing them with nurses (an initial economic boom for nursing and training in community colleges, plus Medicare pays so little to doctors, it frees them from this burden).

The Morehead City VA and Broad Street Clinics have the favor of us who use them, so note that this could be practical nationwide. This should be the Democrat contribution for health care and us being a nation that takes care of its citizens.

Let us also refrain from excessive criticisms of the American system. Be thankful; we are a good nation that offers benefits to those in need. All of us have flaws that need attention so let us and America simply try to be better and more efficient at everything we do.


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David Collins

Thought you wanted to cut excessive spending ? Guess you actually meant redirect that excessive spending . Oh, I think I get it.


People who don’t know what they are talking about should really not talk. Garry Culpepper is a prime example. GDP has nothing to do with export, and it is not owned by anyone. GDP (Gross Domestic Product) is the total value of goods and services produced, including various government spending, and it is usually calculated on an annual basis. The Reagan administration increased the number of federal employees by 10%. The Reagan administration increased the debt by 186%. Reaganomics was a total failure, but republicans just won’t accept it. The Broad Street Clinic is a non-profit staffed with volunteer Doctors and Nurses. They are doing a great job, but it is a disgrace that people in this county (and country) should rely on volunteers and charities to get basic health care. More places like the Broad Street Clinic is not the solution; they are the visible evidence of how disastrous the health care industry is. The republicans with their tax cuts to the rich are stealing from our children and grandchildren at a massive scale. It will only get worse.


Exactly why the door is open for anyone to leave, and take advantage of all the GREAT UTOPIA country's there are! What a grand idea. Just remember, there may be no food for ya, but great health pay freebies, oh, no toilet paper either.

Core Sounder

Evidently you have never been sick as a dog and then asked to see a doctor at the local VA clinic just outside of Morehead. And if you are lucky enough to finally see the dr within a week or 2 you can plan on spending the entire day there. I am a Viet Nam vet but had to give up on the VA several years ago. Maybe its gotten better but am not going back. As far as our debt, our gov will never try and pay it off because our politicians love to spend so much and in fact they must spend in order to keep most Americans working. If it wasn't for gov jobs which were created mostly to give people a pay check or gov regulations which are also made to create more jobs the Country would be in one heck of a mess. The bad side is the fact that our dollar keeps getting more worthless each year along with the fact that less than 1 % of the people in this Country control 95% of its wealth. Have never understood why an individual finds it necessary to hoard billions of dollars while at the same time doing everything possible to accumulate another billion or so.

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