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Dec. 23, 2019


The impeachment of President Trump is nothing but a partisan farce. According to Wikipedia, “Immediately after his inauguration, the Independent and The Washington Post reported on efforts already underway to impeach Trump.” It has been an almost non-stop effort by many Democrats to impeach the president and undo the 2016 election.

Reps. Green, Waters, Cohen, Sherman, etc., have been calling for the removal of the president almost constantly. The Dems were “sure” the Mueller Report would provide them all the goods they needed to proceed with the impeachment. Mr. Schiff lied about having firm and convincing evidence of collusion, etc., but of course he never delivered on his promises.

 Rep. Nunes prepared a letter about issues with the FISA application including the use of the Steele dossier for surveillance on Carter Page. The Dems’ “wonderful” Mr. Schiff disputed the contents of the Nunes’ memo and his denouncement was celebrated by Democrats, the mainstream media and the Never Trumpers. Of course, just as in the hard evidence he had on collusion, Mr. Schiff was proven to be full of “it” by the Horowitz report, and his opinion was further proven to be a line of bull by the FISA Court requirements for responses from the FBI for their misrepresentations in the FISA application.

The IG identified 17 discrepancies in the application. Mr. Schiff was once again proven to be anything but truthful. He owes Mr. Nunes and the American public a huge apology.  Where has Mr. Schiff been concerning the oversight of the Intelligence Committee during the FISA fiasco?

 Mr. Schiff, Mr. Nadler and Ms. Pelosi have all said the evidence for the impeachment is very strong and based on that the Articles of Impeachment were prepared and passed by the House. Remember that Ms. Pelosi had said a few months ago that any impeachment efforts must be very strong and the vote must be bi-partisan. Guess what? Once again we get the Dem leaders caught in their own lies as she did not get one Republican vote for either of the two articles. In fact, she had two Dem no votes on one article and three on the other. It was a bi-partisan vote, but for the no votes rather than the yes votes.

 The Dem leaders kept saying it was a very sad and somber occasion, but they forgot to get the message to their fellow representatives. There was applause as the articles passed and their wonderful new representative Rep. Rashida Tlaib, D-Mich., provided a video of herself being very happy on her way to vote.  Remember she is the leader that said “impeach the mother-----” in her early days in the House.  What would they do if it was a joyous occasion?

 The House rushed through the impeachment process and now have the articles being held by Ms. Pelosi. They said it was urgent and an emergency to proceed quickly. They could not use the normal method to enforce their subpoenas. Since the legislative branch and the executive branch were at odds over several of the requests, the House could not wait to use the third branch of government, the judicial, to enforce their subpoenas. They had to rush through the efforts and did not even let the minority party have a minority hearing day which was requested more than once.

Now it seems the Dems do not feel their case is very strong as they are now wanting the Senate to do their (the House’s) job and call the witnesses they would not wait to hear using the judicial branch to support their requests. What makes them believe the president will not claim executive privilege and refuse to let the witnesses the Dems want appear? The only way to resolve the issue will still be to use the judicial branch to resolve it. If the House Dems would not wait for the courts to rule for them, what do they expect to do if the same witnesses do not appear before the Senate?

This whole impeachment proceeding has been nothing but a political sham. The Dems could not stick with any of the charges they mentioned as they kept changing the terminology they wanted to use in the impeachment proceedings. The Dems would not let the Republicans call witnesses they wanted to hear in the house, so what makes them think the Republican Senate will honor their requests? Remember what goes around, comes around.

Chairman Schiff had repeatedly said the whistle blower would testify, but then changed his mind. Why did he do that? My guess is that he or his staff coordinated with the whistle blower to prepare his/her complaint and he did not want to be caught in another nasty situation.

How many of you believe that Schiff does not know who the whistle blower is as he claims? The Republicans asked for the whistle blower to testify as Schiff had initially said had to happen, but he did an about face and once again appears to have been caught being less than straightforward and honest.

 During the impeachment proceedings, I heard many, many times from the Dems that “no one is above the law.” I wish they really believed that because if they did we would not be having the issues with sanctuary cities, etc., where illegal aliens are protected more that the taxpaying property owners and legal U.S. citizens that visit the sanctuary cities.  Also, we would have some former FBI, CIA, etc., officials who have misrepresented facts in their FISA applications and have displayed political bias that would not be walking our streets, but would be occupying some of our public housing — jails or prisons. Instead, we still have some of those characters on the government payroll.

I am anxiously awaiting the Durham results as I fully expect to see some charges brought against the people who have destroyed the confidence many of us have in our FBI, CIA, court system, etc.


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David Collins

No one is above the law . I think we all know that is not true . Laws are created by lawyers . Lawyers that leave gaps in the laws . Gaps that are available for argument and questioning . That is how they make their living , quite well by the way. Sooooooo , what appears to be obvious to the un-educated is often blurred in legalese . So goes the world and life as well . Happy New Year .


tRump has committed dozens of impeachable offenses. To ignore it would be to condone it.

David Collins

Dozens is it . Should be easy to name a few of these crimes . If in fact they are crimes . You know , actual written laws that have been broken and not just hurt feelings .


Yeah, the actual crime is what I'm struggling with and why I think this impeachment is a political farce. Even if Trump did ask the Ukraine president for evidence against Biden, (obviously for political gain), I don't see where there is an impeachable offence. If Biden was 100% innocent then there should be no worries from the Democrats, Trump didn't ask for evidence to be made up, (a true impeachable offence), just for the facts. Turns out the Bidens' did have things to be ashamed of, but the mainstream media would not acknowledge that at all. That was what bothered me the most.

David Collins

Johnny gets it . Perhaps we need a look into all the questionable actions of the Washington politicians of both parties . Bet that would hasten a multitude of sudden retirements . Retirements without lifetime federal benefits as well . Actions have been known to have consequences and that should apply to everyone . Can’t speak for anyone else but that would go a long way toward restoring faith in our government leaders . At least for me .

Core Sounder

Guess that JohnnyR pretty much summed it all up. Imagine that the democrats will be wanting to impeach him again for blowing up that terrorist general without formal permission from the democrats. Can you imagine the difficulty involved in getting this liberal bunch of democrats to approve military action against Iran considering that a large section of that party seems to be pro-Muslim?

David Collins

Already happened , Core Sounder . Shifty Shift announced it this afternoon . Can you imagine what would have happened if Trump shared the planned strike info with that looney bunch ? Bet they would have called Iran to warn them . Also heard that Warren and at least one other has already contacted Iran and apologized . No confirmation on that but it would be no surprise . Not at war so it is not illegal . Yeah , she is just what we need in office . Just gets crazier most every day .


Since he was evidently barred from leaving Iran if the UN were doing their job he would not have been in Iraq planning to kill more Americans. That's a joke because Iran now owns Iraq after BO/Biden brilliance. Just viewed a video by a journalist showing the evil of this terrorist. While supposedly fighting ISIS he was killing women & drilling holes through children's legs to keep people in line everywhere he had control & it was far reaching. He was as bad or worse than ISIS. Like Nikki Haley said the Iranian leadership are shaking in their boots & they now have to regroup after their master of evil has been eliminated and she said no country in the region or the world are upset he's gone but the D leadership is. Sickening to know we have people vying to lead our country that are not supportive but rather mourning the demise of this evil POS.

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