Gloucester, N.C.

Aug. 23, 2019


The 8th Annual “Wet” and Wild Caught Local Seafood and Music Festival was successful despite rain — boots were worn by all!

Big thanks to our generous sponsors: shrimp was purchased from B&J Seafood, who also donated jumping mullet. Full Circle Crab Co. donated blue catfish to draw attention to this invasive species of Albemarle Sound. Brown Seafood provided the fish truck.

Also thanks to Hooper Family Seafood, Luther Lewis and Son, Willis Farm, Carteret Local Food Network, Simpson’s Greenhouse, Amos Mosquitos Restaurant, Kinetico Advance Water Systems (for their Blue Green water machine), Coastal Canvas, Chadwick Marine, Lookout Grocery, Edgewater Gardens, Chadwick Tire, Steve Garrity, Gail Cannon, the Bartees, the Doubledays, Kevin Ferguson, John Day, Andrew Porter, Margie Misenheimer, and fiddle festival friends Tom and Glenda.

 Dan McDonald designed our T-shirt, and 110% Screen Printing printed them. Huge thanks to the crew who helped set up and tear down: Tom Mann, Joe Lee, Jessica Wright, Aren Blake, Steve Garrity, Bill Brown, Dianne Freund, Margie Misenheimer, Lida Burney, Tom Parker, and Marsha Harris.

Kevin Keeler was head cook, turning out an amazing shrimp boil. Helping him was Joe Lee, Wade Keeler, Matt and Pete Miller, Luther Mason, and Dave Hansen. Bob Heist, David Burney, and apprentice Rebecca Cole charcoaled the mullets. Annie Keeler and Nancy Merriner made slaw. Angela Andrews, Anita Williams, and Janet Harriman worked the merchandise tent.  

Rockin’ thanks to all the musicians who volunteered their time and talents: Marsha Harris, Lost Girls, Marsh Hens, Christina Bland, Common Interest, Nuttbred, Chupacabras, YOSE, Unknown Tongues, Kudubai, and Gary Dudley and the Maxxtones!  

Thanks one and all for your contributions to Wild Caught and for coming out to support our local fishermen, farmers, and musicians, no matter what the weather!


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I never heard of this event. It sounds like a good one. I did not realize that blue channel catfish were invasive.

David Collins

I did not realize they could live in a salt water environment.

David Collins

The wild caught logo and phraseology has caught on up and down the east coast. Yup, have born witness to that. Sure it was wild caught but when was it caught? You don’t always get a definitive reply on that one.


Wild Caught is cool when it comes to local fisherman.

Farm Raised is cool when it comes to sustainability

All liberal labels are cool when used in context of supporting an agenda


I like catfish. Wish it was available more around here.


So there are tame caught fish?? WOW who knew!!

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