Morehead City, N.C.

Oct. 23, 2019


The Morehead City election is almost here and questions need to be asked, otherwise it will be the same ole promises, lies and closed door meetings where decisions are made and then the present politicians, meaning Bill Taylor, Harvey Walker and Diane Warrender, will join together and pass laws with no say so from the public. This has been going on too long.

A perfect example was the Oct. 13 letter to the editor from Dennis Goodwin, “Questioning the use of city dollars,” that exposed them for throwing residents under the bus when 28 property owners/residents opposed rezoning the access through Oak Street off Arendell Street. It was strange that Harvey Walker opposed this but never went public about this before the meeting, but again when you play both sides of the wind blowing this is normal for politicians.

Bill Taylor and Diane Warrender have spent taxpayers’ money like high rollers or wannabee millionaires since they were elected in 2011. Their voting records confirm this. They need to be voted out of office, otherwise tax increases are coming to you and me.

Harvey Walker should confirm that he is a resident of Morehead City, that he pays utilities and taxes because he can vote to raise our taxes. Rumors have been circulating for the last four years and it’s time to clear the air as an elected official that wants keys to all the town’s offices. He should show the taxpayers his record for the past four years to confirm that he is eligible to run for local office and pass laws that affect the rest of us. This is a simple solution to address the rumors.

I am a taxpayer that pays thousands of dollars to Morehead City, but I cannot vote because I am not a resident

Voters should remember the BS that a lady threw out during the last election when another business owner wanted to run for mayor and hell was played due to her living outside town limits. She also pays thousands in taxes. If we have to play by the rules, others should also.

Dennis Goodwin and David Horton would make excellent council members as they play by the rules, have ethics and would refuse play games behind closed doors, and they care about taxpayers being shafted.


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GO VOTE! [yawn]


Believe Me I will not be VOTING for him and encourage others to do the same.


Harvey Walker should be held accountable. Does anyone know where he actually lives? It appears many know where he doesn’t live, but where does he actually live? It would be ideal if Mr. Waller would confirm his residency, but I don’t see him doing that given his track record. It is going to take individuals with first hand knowledge to expose Mr. Walker. This forum would be a great place for them to do so.


Thank You and I totally AGREE!


Thank you Mr Hill for bringing this up again. His blatant show of disrespect to Voters and Council Members is something that needs to be addressed on Election Day. VOTE HIM OUT!!!!


Mr Walker talks a good talk ,but that's about all .Where does he live in Morehead ?

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