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Aug. 26, 2019


Liberals have again resurrected the call for banning modern sporting rifles (aka assault weapons). Of course true “assault weapons” are select fire (meaning full, semi, and/or burst fire) rifles. Typically, these use rifle class cartridges, as opposed to submachine guns that use pistol cartridges.

Semi-automatic means one round fired per trigger pull; full automatic means multiple rounds fired per single trigger pull. Burst fire means a preset number of cartridges fired per pull (usually three). Full automatic and burst fire weapons are tightly regulated by the federal government, and none made after 1986 can be owned by private citizens. There is not a presence of full or burst fire legal arms involved in crime. Additionally, pre-1986 automatics, aka class III arms, are extremely expensive. Of course, criminals can alter or steal these arms as well.

Liberals also want to ban magazines that hold more than 10 cartridges. Cartridges are also called rounds; thus one cartridge is one round. Most modern handguns carry magazines with more than 10 rounds, and this dates back to around the 1930s. The early Savage .32-caliber used a double stack magazine, then we had the 1935 Browning 9 mm pistol. So the plus 10 round magazine is not new.

Then the liberals decry the speed of fire delivery of these so called high capacity arms (high capacity defined as over 10 rounds). This is a red herring.

For example: The old U.S. service pistol the 1911 .45-caliber, holds 8 rounds in its magazine, plus one in the chamber. This platform has been used in one form or another in competition for generations, and some hold up to 29 rounds.

A dedicated competitor can (from the draw), engage six targets at 15 yards, with two rounds each, reload, and six rounds again (two each), in around 6 seconds. (Faster by some professional competitors). This with a high degree of accuracy. Thus, the magazine capacity is not really the issue, as any detachable magazine can be quickly changed.

There are defensive situations where the ability to fire many rounds would be needed. This is why law enforcement uses these magazines. Most law enforcement pistols carry around 15-17 rounds depending on caliber (less with the .45-caliber or .40-caliber, more with the 9 mm).

The use of revolvers is mostly extinct among law enforcement today. Similarly, the citizen needs modern arms to defend against all manner of threats present today.

The point here is that the modern defensive arm among civilians, are not the assault weapons used by the military. The standard capacity magazine (aka high capacity magazine), has been with us since early in the 1900s. Allowing the liberal gun ban crowd to ban either will not accomplish crime reduction. It will limit citizens’ rights and freedoms. Let us not fall for this false ruse given the name of “gun control.”


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People panic and/or reach inaccurate conclusions when they are not informed or interested enough to do the research. Look at the source. Verify. “Gun control is like trying to reduce drunk driving by making it tougher for sober people to own cars.”


Nice article. It's important to remember an armed group of citizens can't be fully controlled. Our founding fathers were quite wise knowing the need and God given right we all have as humans to be able to defend ourselves and loved ones at any cost necessary. We have power hungry politicians that are crazed and willing to do anything to get the votes nowadays! The 1st, the 4th, and of course the 2nd amendments are under HEAVY ATTACK. We as a nation cannot sit idly by and watch these 3 amendments get shredded. Else, our nation will fundamentally change into something that it was never intended to be.


The entire gun control argument is ignorant period. These SJW's just need a decent spanking . Possibly they had better not infringe on anyone's rights, it may prove harmful . And, as always, they are welcome to not purchase anything they do not want. [wink]


I reckon the biggest problem is the NRA giving firearms to mentally ill people.


Please link these give away sources of the NRA. Or retract the comment.


I have contacted the NRA and asked for my gun from the NRA. The response was the NRA does not give guns to anyone. It is the liberals that want to give away free all manner of things. Those things will kill our economy and our country. In the end, the liberals will kill us. The manner is in debate.


The NRA gives away guns?


Nativeson states the NRA gives away guns. See above.


All i got was a calender, and i wanted a hat!?! So i am waiting for these links, i deserve to know since i'm paying for membership! I'm going to call them and give them a piece of my mind, and this article, and demand my equality to own a gun, free from them! (2 days later, um, they didn't call me back, so, idk.)


If you cannot hunt with a bolt action rifle, then you should holster your weapon permanently. Shooting with semiautomatics is not a sport; it is a proof that you are a bad shot.

AR-15 and similar rifles are not sporting rifles, they are war rifles. The US Army have used AR-15s. There is only one difference, the Army has selective fire. The rest of the weapon is the same, including caliber and ammunition.


The argument has never been and never has been about hunting, rolf.

It is about defense, and a bolt action is not always adequate.

Finally, it is about choice, mine is not your business.


Historically, going back as recently as the present, the bolt action rifle is being used as a military weapon. In fact, most all designs have at one time or another been a military weapon. That fact is meaningless. And my choice is nobody else's business.

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