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Oct. 2, 2019


According to information from “Policy Basics: Where Do Our Federal Tax Dollars Go?” an article updated in January this year by a public charity called Center on Budget and Policy Priorities, the United States spent $4 trillion in fiscal 2017. The revenue was $3.3 trillion.

The budget could be broken into roughly four types of expenditures:

Spending for “defense and international security assistance.”

Paying interest on the country’s debt.

Infrastructure and research.

Safety net programs.


Defense was allocated around $611 billion.

$263 billion was allocated to the debt.

Infrastructure and research ate up $160 billion, split evenly between the two.


After those expenditures, social programs totaled approximately $2.95 trillion.

$120 billion went toward education.

Benefits for retirees and veterans cost about $320 billion.

Social Security came in at $960 billion.

$597 billion was for Medicare, which around 59 million people use. (For the record, that’s about $10,000 annually per person.)

$48 billion subsidizes the Affordable Care Act.

Medicaid and CHIP, which require state matches and cover about 69 million people, came out to $355 billion.

Other safety net programs like food stamps, the child tax credit, energy assistance and more cost $357 billion.


Finally, non-security international spending and “all other” came in at $200 billion.


This seems wildly inefficient. The only programs that literally everyone in the country benefits from are infrastructure, research, defense, paying the national debt and probably whatever all that “other” spending is, which I’m sure includes Congress’ salaries.

The bulk of the spending goes toward what I would call personal expenses that won’t be valuable to everyone at every point during their lives.

For instance, you won’t have children in the public school system for longer than about 22 years per child. Some wealthier parents never put their children in public school. Assuming you live to be 95, only 35 years will be spent drawing Social Security and Medicare. Many people cycle in and out of the welfare and safety net programs, including Medicaid — but not all. Some may never see a dime of those expenditures while others might see a net profit.

Rather than allowing the government to decide how to fund these things that should largely be personal or charitable responsibilities, why doesn’t the government allow us to have the money directly?

Without borrowing of any sort — while keeping spending and taxation where they are except for a slight increase to actually start paying down the debt (think, paying more than the minimum payment on your credit card) — there would be about $2 trillion in the country’s kitty.

In our current system, government attempts managing that money because they believe they need to treat us like children who don’t know how to budget (for the record, my budget is balanced … unlike the deficit the government runs year after year). What’s worse is that the result seems to always be underfunded programs that are poorly run and cost more just from the necessity of administering them.

The administration costs of simply issuing a check would be far cheaper than trying to make sure everyone applying for money is eligible.

For the record, our population was at about 327.2 million in 2018 according to U.S. Census Bureau data. So, if you divide that $2 trillion equally among the population, each person would receive about $6,200 annually.

It may not sound like much, but remember there would be some years when you wouldn’t need much or maybe any of that amount.

People who are in worse shape financially and don’t pay as much in taxes would still be subsidized by those who are to some degree.

Furthermore, if children’s money were locked away, each child would have about $100,000 when they turn 18.

After all, it ought to be the parent’s responsibility to figure out how to take care of their children until those children become adults. Many parents already do that now … whether that means sacrificing a new pair of shoes for themselves in order to get a new pair for their children, or sacrificing their pride to seek out charity.

Additionally, required financial literacy training could help children understand how to spend their savings responsibly.

Final point: There’s an interesting candidate in the Democratic Party who would actually love to give each citizen $12,000 a year and who has a plan to tax big tech. to get the extra $2 trillion necessary to make it happen. He even has a policy recommendation of financial literacy education for all students.

His name is Andrew Yang, and this Republican will be switching to unaffiliated to vote Yang in the Democrat Party primary in February 2020.

I don’t agree with all of his ideas. I’m not even sure if his plan to raise an additional $2 trillion can work, but I do believe more money in our pockets from someone who trusts us to be responsible with it takes us in the right direction as a country.

I’m tired of being treated like a child.

How about you?


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Waste of a vote, but ok. (and, depending on your age, you have been living under this system for quite a bit , so i would say, there are other countries you can move to because we do not hold you here like them). I'm just not convinced that their intentions are to welcome you to their checkbook though? [yawn]


Hey, I get it. This must be a joke, this candidate is nobody, where's this money gonna come from. All I ask is for you to take some time to listen to Andrew Yang speak. Check out the Ben Shapiro podcast. I did. This is another Trump voter who changed his mind.

We live in a democracy. The day we think any vote is a waste is the day democracy dies. There are no wasted votes.


What I see is that yang does not see that education is an asset that pays for itself and then some.


15 of the 100+ policies on his website are about Education.


I was pointing out the facts that despite a democracy , the moment we lose our free market system, our country dies, hence the comment about the person trying by way of moving to a 'more socialist' country, before changing OUR ENTIRE COUNTRY'S FINANCIAL STRUCTURE. Nothing more, ps... and really, if you want to get down to brass tacks, Yang is not going to be the nominee, just watch. From THE TRUMP TEAM......... [wink]


Andrew Yang is PRO-free market. He is proposing in the richest, most innovative nation in the history of the world, that our capitalist system evolve to one in which income starts above zero.

His background as an entrepreneur has taught him that we have to measure the right things and have the right incentives, or the free market will lead us off a cliff. Great companies know that you invest in your people, and the Freedom Dividend is the same idea. It's better that the wealth of this nation go directly into its people's hands and put to good use serving our families and communities needs, rather than get sucked up into government bureaucracies. Our standards of living will improve, and many more Americans will be better empowered to achieve their full potential with a little bit of financial security this provides.

As for whether he can win the nomination, he's 1 of only 2 candidates who have been rising consistently this year. He raised $2.8M in Q2 and $10M in Q3. His momentum is growing across the political spectrum, and for good reason.


He doesn't want to stop free market. Country grew on capitalism. What he is saying that great big companies are profiting from your data. Every time they gather and sell your data it generates money. That's all good. But did you get paid for it? He's not giving you free money he is giving you your share. Nothing in life is free. So if your selling my info you should give Me my cut. They shouldn't get freebies either.


Oh, um jcp... WE LIVE IN A REPUBLIC, that simply chose democracy at the time of our finding. Do not confuse the 2 or which order they come. At this time in history IT'S THE BEST THING GOING , so, you don't have to like it, you just have to get used to it, or as i suggested to the first response, find another country. Last i checked, there are several to choose from, and once again, we let people out if they simply can't wrap their head around our system. Either way , like it or lump it.


You're right, we do live in a democracy. That's our political system (not to be confused with our economic system free-market capitalism).

Andrew Yang wants to strengthen our democracy, check out some of these policies


Great article. Thank you! #HumanityFirst #TheFreedomDividend #AndrewYang2020


The title alone disqualifies any validation to this campaign. This is a millennial pipe dream.


Our femocracy is a Republic of the People. We have the right to vote if we want change. Andrew Yang has really solid plans. I heard him on Shapiro as well. With a Freedon+VAT(Value Added Tax) we would have enough for that $1000 if over 18. I know that I know what me and mine need more that the government.

His Democracy Dollars to get lobbyists out of DC is a step on right direction. He has over 100 policies that make sense. This Republican is voting for Yang.


I am tired of having to defend our basic Constitutional Rights. If the jerks in government would leave our rights alone, then maybe something could get done.

David Collins

If Mr. Yang secures the nomination, sure, lots of folks will vote for him. That pesky nomination is the real problem. Totally realize that the country must move on and get with the program but an experiment like that is going to be a tough swallow. Way too many chances of things going off the rails due to the vagaries of human nature. Something for nothing is still something for nothing no matter what amount of lipstick goes on the pig. Still a pig. Wish to try this in 2050, fine. If there is anything left, give it a go. Just not now.


Thank you all for helping Trump win, by your votes! (which we all know who they are going to prop up in the election, etc), hahahahahahahaa they slid old bertie last time! (now, it seems like he had a heart attack, must be all the stress? so, he's not fit to be president. ) ps. Yang is a commie , simply hiding in the mix.


Trump Sets Presidential Record Raising 125M in Q3, Nearly DOUBLING Obama In 2011 [ ] Loving this GREEN NEW DEAL!


Government is a business and most professional politicians know they can manipulate at their whim. There are enough of the idle minded around to keep them in office. They have set up America for failure. Trump has put a kink in their agenda.


Well, there is this also. [ ]


The D socialists plan to bring the country down one way or another. Will they destroy the country or will they destroy themselves?


Why is Yang a D? Is he a socialist or as Deadbolt said a commie? Guess it doesn't matter because like David said since his chances of beating the machine that stomped Socialist/Commie Bernie are not promising.


Yang, Biden, Sanders, Warren and all the other socialists or whatever they are won't much matter unless and until we get to the bottom of this "spy" operation against a duly elected president that started long ago and continues with no end in sight. Until ALL of those involved in this so-called "soft" coup are identified and charged this problem will fester on. The video that Deadbolt posted gives scenario/insight as to what we will likely witness to distract from the IG and/or other reports release revealing at least some of the "spy" operation. That scenario will include similar rioting thugs like we've seen in the past from the BO/SOROS, Antifa, etc. gangs posing as SJW.


China and Russia are happy to watch the demise of America, from within. thanks to the socialist/communist democrats in our political system. Instead of watching network garbage television, Americans should tune into C-Span and Book Notes. Real time current events.


POTUS invited Russia and China into our backyard.


Trump is my President. As such, they are attacking me, as well.

I will not stand for my President to be impeached. We tolerated Clinton and Obama. Pull up your liberal panties, mature, and deal with it. Leave my President alone. MAGA.


For once I agree with JUSTICEFORALL.


Best post ever [beam]


Watch, i'll bet Trump gets an additional 4 years. after he wins 2020. look it up .

David Collins

So what if Trump did invite China and Russia into our back yard Yesram. All the better to keep an eye on them. Their societies are a bit different than ours and getting to know them better is a good thing. Keeps one from making stupid mistakes that can quickly escalate. Also makes one appreciate living in a country like ours. Not perfect, for sure but the best thing going today. Of course, the price we pay is eternal vigilance along with repelling all enemies , foreign and most importantly in today’s America, Domestic. Quite a few bad actors have been revealed buried deep in the bowels of our alphabet agencies. That is what happens when folks are promoted to high level positions and fail to take things seriously. Isn’t that right, Hillary. BENGHAZI, never forget, never repeat.


Just remember, DTA. (that's Trump's game, always has been). I tend to side with him in his current location! AMERICA IS WATCHING TOO! [beam]

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