Beaufort, N.C.

Dec. 1, 2019


Normally, one of Ken Humphrey’s basically unreadable, myopic, hate filled diatribes against President Trump deserves no response. However, seeing as how he decided to poke his head out of his hate hole to insult the local political sentiment with more lying invectives with his Nov. 27 letter, I decided to reply.

Re: impeachment certainty. Perhaps Mr. Humphrey did not get the memo. The Pervert Party has boxed itself into a corner. If they vote for impeachment, they lose Dem representatives in the next election and the Senate gets to call the Bidens, Clinton, Schiff, the leaker blower, anybody else under oath, exposing even more graft and corruption. Ouch for the (D)egenerate party.

Don’t impeach and the foaming at the mouth (D)eranged base will go into apoplectic overload. What’s a Pelosi-never-held a-real-job, Botox-filled, political creature to do?

Mr. Humphrey expounds on impeachment witnesses Gordon Sondland, Fiona Hill and Masha Yonovitch to make his point of all the professional bureaucrat advisers that are so dismayed that Trump is upsetting all their carefully laid self-serving, self-important schemes of personal enrichment. He forgot to add Vindman, the leaker in chief, but I will add him to Mr. Humphrey’s list of arrogant, immigrants we have blessed to come into the USA.

That’s right, each of these deep state parasites is a foreign immigrant except Sondand, a first generation immigrant Jew whose parents escaped Nazi Germany to Canada, then the USA. They have been blessed with U.S. citizenship and worked themselves into positions of foreign policy political power. Are they grateful? No, they are upset that Trump exposed their un-American foreign policy globalist interagency collusions to protect political elites laundering taxpayer dollars to enrich themselves.

Finally, Mr. Humphrey goes after Trump for pardoning four Navy Seals and the firing of Navy Secretary Richard Spenser. Spenser was disappointed in the verdict that exonerated Seal Eddie Gallagher on all but a lesser charge and was attempting to go around Trump’s pardon of that charge, by stripping Gallagher of the Navy Seal Trident Pin, effectively demoting him. Trump caught on and took decisive action removing another deep state obstructionist trying to implement his own policy rather than acknowledge the chain of command.

The first thing to take from each of these situations, is that unelected, deep state bureaucrats are actively, deliberately, and determinately seeking to undermine the policies of the president, elected by the American people to thwart the very things we are seeing unfold.

Secondly, we are witnessing the exposing of corrupt political elites who have been using our tax dollars, and given as foreign aid, to enrich themselves in shady business deals. In desperation, they have weaponized U.S. government intelligence agencies against anyone who calls them out.

The real story of the fake Russian collusion, the fake whistleblower, the fake Mueller report, the fake impeachment hearings, and the fake news media is that war is being waged by politically connected elites and intelligence agency spooks against us, the regular hardworking American citizen.

I truly feel sorry for Mr Humphrey and my other Democrat friends who cannot see the truth and are like I was for 35 adult years before my eyes were opened. For them it is all about blind hatred for one man. For people like me, it has nothing to do with Trump. He was simply the one man brave enough and in a position address to the concerns I and millions of others have had about secure borders, American values, the economy, judicial activism, and the undermining of the God-inspired U.S. Constitution. So far, I think he has done a job beyond expectations. I pray that he has the fortitude to continue the battle.


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Excellent letter.

David Collins

What a shame it has to be that way. Actually, it doesn’t but it is. Sad!


This letter should go viral.

David Collins

Should Trump be expelled from office, would that mean that Pelosi would be the VP under Pence? Could this be part of the grand plan? Talk about a true recipe for disaster. Comforting!


So True !!


it is very sad that anyone thinks this way. "Eyes are opened"? I think not.


This may have been an insightful letter but I doubt it. When you use outlandish statements like Perverted Party I cant take anything contained in the letter seriously. You lose all credibility with such nonsense. Grow up and write something factual. Without the childish hyperbole.


Ok, how about the truth about the party, the party of the KKK, JIM CROW and Slavery. ( there, a renewed sense of fact!) ps. IMO, all three of these facts are in fact 'perverted' ideals by a perverted group/ party. [wink]

David Collins

Hey there ex-pat. We are talking about Ken Humphrey, aren’t we? Same old stuff, different day. Anything is possible in liberal land.


Excellent post boroexpat but unfortunately the more outlandish the letters to the "editor" are the more likely it will bring out the right wingnuts and their bizarre comments.


Soooooo you are for slavery, jim crow and the KKK?????????? Thats the Democrats. No, no right wing nuts, just morale decent people pointing out your mis guided history lesson. [wink]


The term "Perverted Party" nails the democrat party so exactly, it cannot be improved. It precisely describes that party of degenerates. This letter was on point to the letter. Our president is exactly what we needed. I can only regret that he can only do two terms. It took many years for the degenerates to bring us to where we are now; it will take many more years to repair the damage. One thing is certain; if democrats ever gain power again, we are doomed as a nation.


It took many years for it to reach its current state but 8 years of a radical socialist at the helm pushed it past the point of no return. Funny, now the tune has changed since they're among the rich & famous. Ah, the air on Cape Cod does wonders one's attitude.

David Collins

Ah yes, Cape Cod. The bedroom community for Boston. Boston, the mothership of Elizabeth Warren. Our 11 million dollar Indian princess. Not too bad for a professor. Now, just how’d she do that? Is there a Biden or two in that woodpile?

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