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Oct. 29, 2019


So, Trump announces that he removed our troops from Syria, as I understand it there were about 50, and the godless Democrat Party in Congress and their propaganda generators, aka mainstream media, go bonkers.

Then it turns out that while these disciples of Satan were foaming at the mouth and salivating over Trump’s newest impeachable offense, he had given orders to take out the most sought after despot in the world. And the very efficient U.S. military team succeeded. The “austere religious leader” took a one-way ticket to hell. One of the reasons this little party succeeded is because Trump did not enlighten Pelosi and most particularly “Pencil Neck,” the clueless congressional leaker.

These soulless people are obsessed with taking down the Trump administration, regardless of the lies and trumped up charges it takes to do it. No pun intended. They would rather America become a Third World country, like “Californication,” than to see this president succeed. Too bad, they have quite a while yet to commiserate with each other. Five more years of crying and denying.

Nancy says she is praying for the president. That shows how much she hates him because I believe her prayers are to the Prince of Darkness. She is like the Koran-believing Islamic Muslims she protects; I think the god she worships is not the God of Abraham. The main reason I can say this is because of the “fruit” she and the party she represents display, i.e., her stance on abortion, gender swapping, homosexuality, and the absence of truth in her and the other lunatic liberals. These pathetic liberals are without integrity, without honor, have no self respect and care only for their warped social agenda. They are lost.

The Democrat Party of today is not what it used to be when I was a young man. I was a Democrat back then; I supported Jim Hunt and his political machine to the hilt. The Democrat Party of John Kennedy, and even Lyndon Johnson, was not the radical socialist ideology of today’s dying godless Democrat Party. God help this nation when they get total control of the three branches of government.

Thank God, I began thinking outside the Democrat machine propaganda. I started looking at the other view, which so many of the current liberals do not do by any stretch of the imagination. I believe most people who follow the likes of MSNBC, CNN, ABC, etc., do not watch or read any opposing views. I know I have friends and family who are guilty of this. Therefore, they don’t have a clue of what is really going on. And yes, I see and read more than I like of these liberal sewage traps. That is how I KNOW they are lying to their sheep.

Should liberals actually be informed of both sides of an issue they could not help having a more conservative outlook. For example, how can you not be pleased with the economy as it is today? The unemployment numbers are historically low for everyone, not just the supreme white (a sarcastic jab at the “white supremacy”) population. How can they be unhappy with this?

America has finally become energy independent, producing more oil than anyone. This is good, isn’t it? How can you logically be against reducing our dependence on another country for resources? America has finally gotten the opportunity to redo NAFTA, which is so unfair to the United States. Why is this a bad thing? It is not. Even extreme left liberals should be happy with this.

Also, China is being called out as the international thief and human rights abuser that it is. Everyone should be supporting this effort, right and left. Let’s not forget about how Mexico is now helping with the border crisis. They must be doing a great job. I don’t think I have seen or read a paragraph on this from the MSM in many weeks now. Mexico’s involvement is due to Trump’s influence, like it or not. In my way of thinking truth is fact and vice versa. Not as Biden would have you believe. A lie doesn’t become truth just because it is repeated often. Although, the Democrats certainly think it does.

There are many other instances that could be stated, but you get the point. These things are good for black, brown, white and the blended variety of people. We should come together as a people and celebrate the obviously good things happening and berate and protest the bad.

Trump does and says a lot of things that make me cringe, truly. But I can let those things slide. He at least is not selling uranium to Russia or buying “likes” from Iran or jobs from Ukraine. It is my prayer that my God, an awesome God, will see this nation put Him first once again as it was from the foundation. And I pray that this nation will begin doing so now.


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Hey Harry, where was all the Republican accolades back when Osama Bin Laden was finally dealt with? Yeah, that's right, your political blindness wouldn't let that be celebrated at the time, now would it? Not one acknowledgement to Obama for giving the order. So please don't post foolish commentary begging everyone to get behind our most embarrassing president, bar none.

David Collins

JohnnyR , embarrassment is in the eye of the beholder. Remember that! With all the political spin blowing about , who knows what is real and that is scary.


It is official:

The trumpies have elevated their hero to a god.


00rolf and all the brethren, acolytes, and followers of the "editor" and the "dear leader" are in lock step.


Simply love watching lunatic liberals congregate and stew over losing! TRUMP FOR 2020! [beam]


"as I understand there were about 50"....just like Trump, only tell half the story. **Pentagon to withdraw 1,000 troops from Syria within weeks, pulling back in fight against ISIS.**

You should understand BEFORE you post.

About 1,000 U.S. soldiers who had partnered with Kurdish forces will be flown or driven from Syria, leaving behind a small garrison at Al Tanf, near the border with Jordan, according to a U.S. official who was not authorized to speak publicly about troop movements.

Since 2014, the U.S.-led coalition fighting ISIS has relied on Kurdish forces on the ground to recapture ground from the militants.

Last week President Trump agreed in a phone call with Turkey's president Recep Tayyip Erdogan to remove about 50 U.S. troops near Syria's border region with Turkey, paving the way for Turkey's incursion. Turkey is targeting the same Kurdish fighters, known as Syrian Democratic Forces, which it considers terrorists.

The 50 was only half the story, just like trump tells them.


Oh, wait , now i remember that tremendous ATTACK on the Kurds, which was filmed at a gun range in Kentucky? ahhhahahahahahahahahahahahahah And that was from ABC news! Not Trump................ you may find this interesting though, enjoy........ [ ] [wink]

David Collins

Don’t know if that is factual or not Yankee . You see my flag flies on a much shorter pole and have no need to know. Sounds plausible and sensible to me . Even if that was released in it’s entirety and I hope not , the media would have edited that part out with these .......... . Makes the story fit the goal . Criticize and try to embarrass Trump . Purposely leaking in order to make Trump look inept , no matter how many troops perish , is a what you could say is The Holly Grail ? No doubt in my mind based on what I have observed over the past years . A true Game of Thrones .

Always A Teacher

Trump Voter Challenge:

1. Go to work tomorrow and tell a person of color that you work with to "go back to where they came from."

2. Find a co-worker with disabilities and mock them for it.

3. Grab a co-worker "by the p_s_y."

4. Call a less attractive co-worker "a horse face" and "a dog".

5. See if you can make until lunch before you're fired.

If you're not willing to do this, you obviously realize this is NOT acceptable behavior to adults (or anyone for that matter!)

So WHY would you elect as president a person who has done each of these things on camera?


Please post your links of these events going on at a workplace. (or else it may just be fake , spun , garbage?) Love how the liberals like to twist the story though. Lastly, sorry if your feelings are hurt, guess you just have to live with it.


...Teacher has not said that this has taken place at a specific workplace.

Teacher has challenged trumpies to do the things that their backstabber-in-chief has done, in public and on camera, while the trumpies have been cheering. ....

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David Collins

Gosh, teacher or whatever you really are, after some reflection I do believe that I have resembled some or all of that challenge, at some point in life. Not necessarily at work , although I have observed some of those actions and not only by males but often enough over the years. Guess I’ll never be President. Darn, that was my next challenge. You know, some of those actions were aimed at me for whatever reason. I also shrugged it off and got over it. Honestly, how about you? Are you Lilly White? In case you haven’t noticed it is a tough world out there and getting tougher. Advice, don’t go to any weddings in Mexico, at least not in your SUV. I know, tasteless but not a crime. Seriously, politics has Always been a dirty business and is made up of strange bedfellows. Not for those of thin skin of any color or shade. What really matters is security and prosperity. Without those, what do you have? What is left other than fluff?


"What really matters is security and prosperity."

I dunno, maybe being a decent human being matters a little too? ...

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After what Trump has had thrown at him for no reason, ok............

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The dirty democrats are done.

David Collins

What makes a decent human being varies depending where you are on this world. It is not a constant value. That is one of the challenging aspects of being the leader of the free world. The average Joe can not imagine the difficulties in dealing with all the different cultures. That is why there are ambassadors but even they may have their own private agendas. Trust but verify. So there! Your lucky day for you have learned something.


Thanks to the editors for editing my non-vulgar, non-confrontational response. Why doesn't this ultra-conservative site/paper simply block any comments/opinions that doesn't agree with your views? All the free speech you want as long as it agrees with you, right?

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So, how many voted for Bill & Hill and how many times? If you did you really are not in a position to preach morals. Bubba started the modern day morality test for the WH & his hanger-on queen bee is really no better. JFK & LBJ were protected by your favorite left wing media sources just like they continue protecting all your favorite elitist "career" politicians up to this very second. So, find a subject a little more to your benefit. And, it seems both male & female "teachers" keep popping up in the news with what seems to be unprecedented morality issues involving under age students. Maybe that is an even more important issue than the scandalous "career" politicians excepting, of course, the BO scandal-free period right? What a joke! Any concern about morals in the liberal leftist socialist world that owns education? Nah, that's a minor thing huh? Let's just focus blame on our president because a great economy, trying to protect our southern border, backing out of endless wars and vastly fewer military casualties, and the list goes on without D help is just what the country needs right?


On camera? Wow, that's terrible. Can you imagine if JFK, LBJ, Bill, the "newsworthy" teachers, the queen bee shenanigans, BO & cronies weaponizing the world against our president, and the list goes on were on camera? Talking about a reality show! And, to think our deplorable president has the audacity to actually be upfront with his audience while his enemies try their best to hide, distract, fool, destroy, & accuse. There must be a few other choice words to describe those fine upstanding "great patriotic Anericans" that are nothing like our president. Again, what a joke!


BTW my teacher wife just reminded me that your favorite Ds actually have done plenty "on camera". As we all know, however, the Ds are held to a much lower standard. Two tiers of justice for certain.


Oh, one more thing. Our president entertains & simultaneously actually gets important work accomplished free of charge while the others take the green and run to their next money grubbing show whether on or off camera along with trying to destroy him & our great country.


I get it editors, when I drop a great big ol' dose of reality on y'all, it stings and you need to censor it. I understand, this is not the place for free speech and you'd rather not have the cult members think.

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