Beaufort, N.C.

Sept. 19, 2019


Why are our elected officials turning their backs on $1.4 billion? It’s just lying there with our name on it, waiting for us to pick it up, shove it into our economy and create a surge in our economic prosperity. The reason is our Republican legislators have gotten their backs up and absolutely refuse to expand Medicaid. Three hundred thirty-nine thousand of our fellow North Carolinians do not have health insurance now, but could get health insurance if we adopted ACA-style Medicaid expansion. Right now, 93% of the cost of this ACA-style Medicaid expansion would be paid directly to N.C. by the federal government, which translates into a $1.4 billion per year kickback, creating jobs, businesses and strengthening our economy.

Sure the feds will pay 90% of the cost of expansion in 2020 and beyond, but we’re still talking about billions of dollars our Republican legislators refuse to reach out and grab. Our only hope appears to be electing Democrats to the state House. Democrats will expand Medicaid and see to it that an additional 339,000 North Carolinians who don’t have health insurance, get health insurance, and in the process scoop up $1.4 billion dollars every year and put it to use building a stronger North Carolina.

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Hooray! BCBS of N.C. announced their intention to lower the Affordable Care Act (ObamaCare) health insurance premiums for individuals by an average of 5.2% effective January 2020. This is the second rate reduction in two years. BCBS of N.C. is quoted by the Charlotte Observer Aug. 1, 2019, as saying last year’s rate reduction would have been even greater if the Republicans hadn’t repealed the ACA’s individual mandate. The Observer, quoting BCBS of N.C., goes on to say that the rate decrease would mean $238 million of savings in health care costs for North Carolinians in 2020.

BCBS of N.C. serves more than 435,000 individual ACA members, so this is big news. I remember when I was getting socked with 10%, 15% even 20% annual health insurance premium increases year after year, mostly because my employer kept cutting back on how much they were willing to kick in and their reluctance to absorb premium price hikes, which came right out of their profits.

Then the owners started increasing the deductible and copays to cut their cost. Even though it was expensive, at least my employer offered a group health plan. Shockingly, only 41% of employers in N.C., offer health benefits to their employees. For the 59% of our fellow North Carolinians who work hard every day, but get no health insurance from their employers, the ACA is a lifesaver — literally.


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David Collins

First thing, Logan, nothing is free. Perhaps for you it may be but someone, or ones, will be on the hook paying for all this. What makes anyone think that this government largesse can not be withdrawn with the stroke of a pen? What makes you think that there are not a multitude of “strings” that accompany this free money? The healthcare industry would have little incentive to hold down costs if their products and services were paid for with “free” money. Sure, our system is not perfect but what is? Do Not muck up what we have by injecting government, with all the red tape that accompanies it, into the mix. Our legislators are wise to avoid ceding control to an agency that brought us the legendary VA healthcare system. As the saying goes, be careful of what you wish for.


Leftists do not understand 1 thing about economics. Or 'personal responsibility', period!

Livin in Paradise

Horse hockey Boltless. Every American has to budget their money. Every American has to exercise personal responsibility by going to work, taking care of their families,etc. When you call out people that believe a little differently, you're showing your inability to have a reasonable compromising discussion.

Please learn to tolerate and listen to others opinions.


Let me share a short story of folks not covered by the expansion of Medicaid. A liver failure patient needing a transplant, without insurance, and at Mayo Clinic must pony up $50,000.00 for pre-transplant screening tests. If deemed a candidate for transplant, then must pony up $500,000.00 prepaid for the surgery. This is for a live donor transplant. It does not cover the donor's costs. I am a donor, preparing to donate half of my liver to a needing patient. Fortunately, that patient DOES have insurance. Without it, they would die. Even though I stand ready to undergo the surgery. I am a conservative to the core. But when it comes to saving lives, I put that first over money. What is wrong with us?


To amend my previous statement: We need some sort of catastrophic coverage for severe health cases, those that involve life or death, or severe consequences. I am but a common person, I don't have all the answers. But I don't want someone to die due to not having the money to live.

David Collins

liP, wouldn’t it be nice if every American did as you described. Sadly, personal responsibility, along with accountability, is rapidly becoming a thing of the past. Many subscribe to the “live it up today and worry about tomorrow later on down the road” and it shows. See them all the time begging for gas money or rent money at the Hem of his Garment. Thousands of dollars in tattoos spread about their bodies but no money to live on. Priorities, priorities, priorities.

Who should live, who should die because of lack of personal funds to pay for transplant surgery and please do not forget a lifetime of anti rejection drugs amongst a host of other niceties you do not hear about. I would not elect for that horror show. Nor would I wish to take part in any decision making affecting life or death for others. One thing is crystal clear, we all die at sometime during our lives from a myriad of causes. What gives anyone the right to expect, or demand, other folks pony up the cash to pay for their maladies. Many of these, not all, are self inflicted if one were to give a close examination. I’ll bet if you spoke with an insurance agent, catastrophic health insurance is indeed available. Just have to decide how much it is worth. The large print gives , the fine print takes away but then everyone knows that. Don’t they?


You hit the nail on the head David. When one has all the information, things are not as they seem. Our society is riddled with those who can expound what seems like legitimate causes or concerns, but in reality it is self serving and manipulative.

Core Sounder

we are not able to afford to keep folks alive forever and thats a fact

David Collins

The Dems. absolutely can not stand to see money unspent . Causes them to spend countless hours on the potty contemplating useless ways to spend or redistribute said money . Build the wall and save us all some money .


Lip, i think you mean read other peoples ideas, and, yes, i have read your nonsense, and i simply do not care. I'm still waiting foe a link or info i have asked you to provide regarding the NRA selling , or giving away guns?!?

David Collins

That totally ignorant comment about the NRR giving away guns to anyone and then repeating it again, reminds me of what Harry Reid did to Romney. Reid claimed again and again that Romney paid no taxes for 10 years. After the election with Romney losing, he admitted it was all a lie but calmly said Romney lost, didn’t he? If that failed to enlighten folks to what the Democratic Party is all about, nothing will. Soooooo, with that in mind, what has changed?

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