Swansboro, N.C.

June 24, 2019


The campaigns for the candidates seeking the Republican nomination for the N.C. Third Congressional District seat are nearing an end with just two weeks left before the actual run-off. We’ll all be thankful that the seemingly endless attack ads will finally cease. The content of these ads, produced and directed by big PACs with little to no factual authenticity, is a great distortion of truth and application of innuendo. Not only are they broadcast over the airwaves and our TVs but our mailboxes are regularly stuffed with their poisonous messages. Pay attention to the caveat that comes with each ad stating, “Not authorized by any candidate or candidate’s committee.” Eastern North Carolinians deserve better than this.  

The reality is both candidates are conservative minded, life-long Republicans so let’s put aside any notion that one or the other is actually a Democrat or a liberal in disguise. However, in its analysis of the candidates’ positions and records, ivoterguide has determined that Dr. Joan Perry is the more conservative of the two candidates.

Both candidates are Christian, pro-life advocates. Period, end of discussion. Both candidates are strong advocates for the Second Amendment rights of citizens, and all of the guaranteed rights of our constitutional amendments. Both candidates have taken the “no tax increase” pledge and both have stated they would not serve more than three terms in office if elected. Both advocate for a strong military, a balanced budget and limited governmental regulations. The reality of this run off is that both candidates are qualified to represent the people of eastern N.C. with conservative republican values.  

Perhaps the single most significant difference the two candidates have is over the issue of Medicaid expansion. Dr. Murphy has co-sponsored the Carolina Cares plan in the General Assembly which does, in fact, create a new tax that hospitals will have to pay. Funds for this plan require approval under the laws governing Medicaid. This cost for Medicaid expansion will inevitably be passed on to all of us. Conversely, Dr. Perry prefers that the federal government give the state money in block grants, long a favored plan for Republicans. In its 2020 budget, the Trump administration proposed Medicaid block grants as a way to help set government healthcare spending on a sustainable fiscal path.

Unlike the endorsement by Rep. Mark Meadows of Greg Murphy that came with a commitment from Dr. Murphy to join Meadow’s Freedom Caucus if elected, Dr. Perry’s endorsements are unsolicited and come with no guarantees. She is beholding to no one but the people of eastern North Carolina.

At a June 11th GOP forum in Onslow County, both candidates were asked if they would continue their medical practices if elected. Dr. Murphy said he would, while Dr. Perry said she would not. I’m not sure a “part-time” representative is what eastern North Carolina wants or deserves.

N.C. House District 15 Rep. Phil Shepard, who has worked with Dr. Murphy in the General Assembly, put his full support and endorsement behind Joan Perry on June 21st saying, “She is the right choice to represent us in Congress.” Joe Anne Jones, Walter Jones’ widow, clarified that while Joan has her full support, her husband never endorsed any candidate during a primary election contrary to assertions made by Dr. Murphy’s campaign.

As the days dwindle until the actual run off, and as many head to the polls for early voting, take time to separate the wheat from the chaff. In doing so, Dr. Joan Perry becomes the clear choice for eastern North Carolina!


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David Collins

This term limit thing. Did we not hear that song 20 or so years ago? I believe it was from a guy named Walter. Both candidates will expand Medicare/Medicaid, call it what you wish. This will lead to more Govt. employees, more cost, more taxes and another bloated agency. Yeah, one is going to get the job. Just have to decide how you are going to take your poison. Plus, the same decision will have to be made again in a couple of years. Comforting! Thank you Walter.


There are several amendments to the Constitution. It is weird that that only one worth mentioning, according to Mr. Olmstead is the second, which he is actually dead wrong about. Freedom of speech or freedom of (or from) religion is not important, as long as one can be able to shoot someone.

David Collins

Shooting folks is important! There are those who need to be shot as well as those that feel the need to do the shooting. Must look after and be all inclusive these days. Don’t we?


Not sure exactly how I will cast my vote, but there is something manly about a woman who squats down in the woods to have a baby in the middle of a hunting trip!


... she;s in the baby delivery business, which is not uncommon for any Dr, to be doing activity during the day, and on duty that afternoon......

(Edited by staff.)

David Collins

Ha, ha, ha,. That’s a good one , Son. The mental picture of what you posted reminded me of the book The Good Earth by Pearl S Buck, I believe. Required reading for school boys and girls, back in the day . Not public but private schools. Public schools were just beginning their liberalism dumb down campaign back then.


So you think there's something manly about a woman having a baby? Try it. LOL. The closest you will ever come to having a baby is passing a kidney stone. You may need her opponent with that help. Not sure but believe she said she delivered third son after bagging deer and doves. Want to try that one too? Prove she didn't do it since you seem to think she did not. Once while I trying to pass a good size stone the nurse commented that she had had babies and kidney stones and she had rather have a baby any time. My wife occasionally comments that every man should have to have at least one baby. My response is always that I have had mine.

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